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Chapter 334: Promoting like Gifts

Chapter 334: Promoting like Gifts

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Three days later.

In a small villa in Rayleigh.

In an elegant reception room, Benjamin sat opposite of another mage. Between the two, was a long wooden table.

"Regardless of the materials, or the design, it is undeniably exquisite and well-made." Benjamin lay a silver cape on the table, and said, "As for its usage, you can try it on yourself, Sir Hudson."

It was the Hurricane Cape he and the female boss made.

Hearing this, mage Hudson nodded and slowly lifted the cape.

He slowly moved his hand through the soft skin and fur. Benjamin could feel a sudden breeze, in the tightly sealed guest room. The breeze was like a spirit gently circling Hudson, like a tame shepherd’s dog.

Even though Benjamin could not sense any wind elemental energy, but he sure that it was a phenomenon caused by the summoning of wind elemental energy, thus proving the ability of the cape.

Hudson saw this and was filled with awe.

"Not bad at all." After inspecting it, he slowly put down the cape. Then looked at Benjamin again, "How much did you say this cape was again?"

Benjamin smiled and said, "It’s alright, for my first visit, I did not bring any gifts. This cape is a gift for you, Sir."

Hudson was surprised, "This…. how can I accept it?"

"It’s just a piece of clothing, please take it." Benjamin continued, "We have our own methods to create this kind of enchanted equipment; even though the process to the materials is troublesome, but if we put in the effort, we can still create another."

Hudson was even more surprised, "OH? Have you already gotten the hang of creating magical equipment?"

Benjamin smiled and nodded.

"I see." Hudson said with praise, "I’ve heard of your name before, I thought that you were just a prodigy that had been blessed with natural talent. Who would have thought that besides magic, you would have this sort of talent as well."

"You flatter me."

Hudson thought for a while and said, "It’s magical equipment that has been missing for a long time, I do not have the guts to receive it. How about this, name a price, and I’ll pay you - treat it as if I owe you a favor. If you need any help in the future, you can find me."

Benjamin still shook his head.

"It’s fine, please keep it sir." Saying this, Benjamin shifted the conversation back to the main topic, "We will be holding a convention soon, where there will be even more equipment on display. If you are interested, why not invite a few friends to come visit us?"

Their spoils from the "Seven Days of Hell" was enough. The preparations were getting on fine. Right now, the only thing they needed was a promotion.

But he could not print brochures to distribute all over the place, nor could he paste advertisements all over the streets. In this day and age, the most effective way method of promotion was word of mouth.

Hudson was the leader of a mercenary group with over a hundred mages; he had quite a lot of influence, if not Benjamin would not have visited him today. This Hurricane Cape was given in hopes of winning his support.

Hearing this, Hudson’s eyes flashed with realization.

"I see." His expression revealed that he understood the situation. He looked at the cape on the table, then took the item without hesitation, "If so, I’ll be taking this then. As for your convention, rest assured, my friends and I will not miss it."

Benjamin laughed and said, "That’s up to you, sir. After this, I will send my people over with invitations."

Hudson nodded and beckoned for his servant to store the Hurricane Cape somewhere. He stood up, smiled at Benjamin, and bid him farewell.

"A young man with a bright future ahead." He said, "Sadly, I was busy during the Vinci Mage Gathering. If not, I could have witnessed your ten-win streak with my own eyes."

"That’s alright, there will be plenty of opportunities for us to meet in the future."

"But, speaking of Vinci…" Hudson lowered his voice, "Even though he has the greatest influence in the mage circle, but I have to tell you, don’t bring any kinds of magical equipment to him and ask him to help you promote things."

… Oh?

Benjamin was surprised.


Hudson replied, "He’s been caught in a little bit of trouble recently, and there are tons of bad rumors circulating about him. As for you, since this convention is debuting, and reputation is important, it would be better for you to not have any connections with him right now."

Benjamin's eyes widened slightly.

The bad rumors must be the news about Vinci having relations secretly with Icor.

From the looks of it, the rumors that he had sought out the "Crow’s" help was spreading.

"Could someone be backstabbing Vinci?" Benjamin asked as if oblivious, "Are people spreading rumors?"

"No one really knows why." Hudson shook his head, "I’m not that close to Vinci. The rumors were being discussed by regular people, which slowly found its way into the mage circle. It’s hard to find the source."

Hearing this, Benjamin was relieved.

"Doesn’t Vinci plan to do something about the rumors?" He asked.

"Who knows what he will do?" Hudson shrugged and said, "From the start, many people did not believe it. But during this short period of time, he hasn’t done anything to prove his innocence, causing people to become skeptical of him. Nowadays, many mercenaries have stopped going to his store to buy potions, and so I advise you not to have anything to do with him now."

I see…

Hearing this, Benjamin felt a tinge of regret.

From the looks of it, the news that Mikel reported to him was accurate.

But, regardless of whether the rumors were true or not, how could Vinci not step out and defend his own name?

"Thanks for your advice, I will be careful. "Benjamin replied whilst smiling at Hudson, "Well, I’m sure you’re a busy man, so I shall take my leave now."

Hudson nodded and escorted Benjamin out of his villa.

Walking on the streets of Rayleigh….

"Vinci not saying anything to defend himself… was he secretly planning something?" Benjamin thought for a long while but could not figure it out.

"Why are you worrying about it?" The System asked nonchalantly, "They already said that they could not trace the source, no one knows it’s you who spread it."

"Unless…" Benjamin sighed and replied to the System.

Regardless, his retaliation toward Vinci was quite successful. Even without all the political implication, this kind of news about being treacherous to the country would always cause a decline in customers.

Benjamin had a relationship with the King. If he were to hear this news, Vinci would be in big trouble - even without solid proof.

Benjamin finally felt relieved.

There was no point overthinking. Right now, his focus should be on preparing for the convention, and creating a name for himself in Rayleigh – or more specifically, the mage’s circle in Ferelden.