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Chapter 335: The Night Before the Convention

Chapter 335: The Night Before the Convention

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The following days, Benjamin was occupied with visiting other mages all over the place.

Rayleigh was the center of mercenary activity, it naturally became the campsite for battlemages, tons of mages flocked to the place. Benjamin was clear that to potion mages, magical robes were not interesting to them at all.

The only customers they could find was those mages that wanted to improve their combat capabilities.

Before this, tons of mages came to visit Benjamin and managed to establish working relationships in Rayleigh because of that. Right now, it was Benjamin’s turn to visit them.

But, he was not about to deliver capes everywhere. You cannot blame Benjamin for being snobbish, but it would cost too much energy to do it too often. Thus, other than a few more well-known mages, other people were introduced by word of mouth.

Finally, this sort of advertising seemed to bring quite a positive effect.

"Yesterday, my friend from the Mages Freemasonry looked for me, he wants three invitations." Tony even found him personally, and asked expectantly, "We are counted as staff, right? We should…...be able to enter freely, right?"

Benjamin laughed: "Why? You want to join the convention too?"

Tony nodded: "Yes, many people want invitations. The few that knew that I joined under your influence comes looking for me every day, they want to know if those robes are really as powerful as they are said to be."

Hearing this, Benjamin was surprised.

The interest these mages had towards magical equipment was rather high, with just a bit of promoting, they were already this popular. If he knew of this earlier, he would not have done it by invitation, but just sold tickets, making even more money.

What a waste...

But, the more people they were, the more requirements the venue would need------he could not let a big bunch of mages squeeze into one small house, and the wine and snacks provided had to increase as well.

He could only say, luckily, the "Seven Days of Hell" made him a lot of money.

"Alright, I will not leave you three out of the invitations." Finally, Benjamin replied, "Even though the three of you are still trainees, if you want to participate, come along."

Hearing this, Tony left, satisfied.

As for Benjamin, he ran back to Varys to discuss problems like expanding the venue. After making the invitations, confirming the guest list, then discussing of the placement of table and chairs…...many small problems still remained, to host an event like this was not an easy thing to do.

Benjamin thought from the beginning that one month was enough to make preparations. But now, just one bloody month? It was like wanting to take a person’s life!

The preparations for the convention quickly entered a stage of fever-pitch.

At the North of Rayleigh, they spent around three hundred gold coins to rent a giant empty house. Renovations, decorations…...just to make this place seem a bit more proper, Benjamin had recruited a lot of people, even the mages under him joined in, everyone was busy like bees. They laid down the rented luxurious carpets, carefully decorated the tables, chairs, and lighting, then prepared first-aid equipment…..later on, Benjamin placed a mattress in this house, so when he was tired, he would just sleep there and continue after he woke up.

Benjamin felt as if he was giving his all.

He even wrote a letter to Aldrich in the city of Snow and invited him over. Even though he was prepared to go against him, luckily they were still not enemies. If Benjamin could borrow the opposition’s influence to allow him to spread the convention’s news all over the capital, that would be a great thing.

In simple words, in this busy process, the days passed quickly and meaningfully, not many incidents occurred. Slowly, it neared the day of the convention.

A day before, the preparations were all done.

"Even if the nobles judged us, this venue should be alright, right?" Standing at the entrance to the main hall, he looked at everything, Benjamin could not help but exclaim.

The wall that was a bit dull and grey previously, with just some paint, it was now white as snow. The smell of renovation has been blown out mostly using the Pillar of Steam, with some perfume, a fragrant scent drifted in the air, making everyone inhaling it feel refreshed.

In the main hall, the tables and chairs were arranged neatly, eighty-three magical equipment were displayed on top of them, and was covered by a glass layer. The dim yellow light shone out from the crystal balls on top, making the magical equipment look more elegant and luxurious.

Every piece of glass had a beautiful nameplate stuck to it, and on it, the starting price and a simple introduction were written on them. Benjamin planned to use a secret auction to sell all these magical equipment, whoever was interested in one, they could write down the number, and write their offer and hand it over to the reception. After totaling everything, whoever had the highest bid would win the right to buy the magical equipment.

At the center of the main hall, there was a giant round table with food platters and wine glasses placed on top, waiting to be filled with fresh food and grape wine ordered for tomorrow.

The house had two floors, the second floor’s layout was similar to the first, with magical equipment on display, and had more space to accommodate the mages.

"It’s quite rather well decorated. "Varys stood beside, saying with some worry, "But, aren’t the security guards a bit too few? What if there were more people, and some of them actually got away with stealing some items, we would never notice."

Benjamin laughed and said: "Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye out."

Security was not a problem, to him, the water elemental energy in the whole house was his security measure. He has made preparations already, he would cover every corner of the convention with the water element sensing technique. The sneaky ones would never have a chance.

"Well…...will there be a lot of new companions tomorrow? "Joanna suddenly ran over and asked.

Benjamin nodded and said: "I hope so."

"If there are new companions, can I be their leader?" Joanna chuckled, full of anticipation, "The two new ones are rather interesting, I have dueled with them a few times already, they have yet to win against me."

Hearing Joanna speak joyfully, Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

"We’ll talk about it afterward."

Whatever happens would be in the future. Right now, he could only hope that the convention tomorrow would end successfully without any accidents.

To him, tomorrow was a really important day.

With this, the time reached night, other mages all left to their homes to rest, Benjamin laid his mattress here and laid down. In the long night, the System was his best alarm, before this it even noticed thieves that wanted to break in to steal things.

"Tonight is the last night, it’s all up to you now." Benjamin tugged his blanket and said this to his heart.

"Sigh, how troublesome. "The System showed a bossy kind of manner, "Alright alright, I know you all can’t do without me, go to sleep, could you even find a System more useful than I?"

Benjamin was too lazy to retort, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.


After who knows how long.

"Wake up! Wake up, quickly!"

Quiet, I’m trying to sleep…..

"Quit sleeping! Wake up!"


Under the continuous beckoning of the voice, finally, Benjamin slowly regained consciousness.

"What happened?" He rubbed his eyes and asked his heart.

"There are people outside. "The System sounded rather serious, "Quite a number of people."