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Chapter 336: “Elders“

Chapter 336: "Elders"

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Suddenly, Benjamin sobered up.

What? He had better not mess anything up.

Being in the dark, he closed his eyes, activated the water element sensing technique to observe further. Then, he found a few sneaky guys behind the house.

They were wearing black clothes like thieves, their faces were covered with black cloth as they sneakily looked around and tiptoed towards the windows... ... he had never seen these four young men before and they were emitting a suspicious aura from head to toe.

Benjamin frowned.

Was it thieves again?

After all, there was a lot of money inside, so, it was normal for thieves to be tempted. However, if they were thieves, it was quite weird for four people to be in action together.

He watched them as they slowly moved towards the window and took out some strange tools. One of them carefully climbed the windowsill, used the tools and begin to fiddle with it. They seemed to be trying to pry the window open.

At this moment, Benjamin could have made a move and deal with the four of them easily. However, his intuition told him that there was something more to it. So, he did not act rashly, he held his breath in silence and observed their next move.

"The four of them are most probably not from the city of Rayleigh." The system said suddenly.

"How do you know?" Benjamin found it strange.

"I scanned through them." the system replied, "Since you have lived in the city of Rayleigh for so long and each time you passed by someone or every household you came across... ... their faces were recorded in the database. Occasionally, someone will be missed, but the odds of a group with more than three people and none of their faces matched the database, it’s a 0.031 percent error. "


Benjamin was left speechless.

The system said confusingly: "Yes?"

Benjamin shook his head and asked in his heart, "No, I'm just surprised, when did you become so enthusiastic?"

"I have always been this enthusiastic." The system replied with a straight face, "If it wasn’t for my outstanding performance, you would have died in a random corner a long time ago."

"...As long as you are happy."

Anyway, the information that the system provided sounded quite reliable, so Benjamin did not question it. Four thieves from another country came to the city of Rayleigh in the middle of the night to break into a house. Now, the whole story became even more strange.

Were they Aldrich’s men?

At that moment, a small clicking sound was heard as the window was being pried open by the group of people. They were being very cautious after they opened the windows, they hid far away, waited for a while and after they saw that there wasn’t any movement in the house, only then they got close again.

"There’s no one inside."

Benjamin vaguely heard their conversation.

Then, the four of them leaped through the window and entered the house. They looked around and the whole living room was pitch dark, therefore, they did not find out about the existence of Benjamin. So, they gradually moved toward the nearest exhibit.

...Were they really just thieves?

Up until here, Benjamin was a little disappointed.

However, he suddenly heard one of the thieves said. "Be careful, after switching the robes, we just need to pass it on to the elders."

He saw the group of people stopped and took a magical red robe out of their bag. That piece of robe seemed to be authentic, there was a touch of magic surrounding it, regardless of the shape or feeling, it looked exactly like the flame robe in the glass container!

Benjamin had a thought in his heart.

Regardless of how they got their robe, they were using an authentic robe to secretly replace another authentic robe. This was not a trick that ordinary thieves use.

And the ‘elder’ that they mentioned… ...

Which gang were they involved in?

"I can’t, this thing is locked, quickly open it." One of them touched the glass and whispered suddenly.

As a rare exhibit, the robe was being protected nicely, Benjamin specially ordered someone to build the lock above the glass container. Obviously, no one will be foolish enough to think that a layer of glass can protect this precious merchandise.

Benjamin hesitated, should he make a move now?

At the same time, the one who opened the window heard this, so he quickly took out a tool, came forward and prepared to open the lock hanging on top of the glass container.

However, probably because he was not skillful enough, he can’t seem to operate in complete darkness, therefore, the process of unlocking had not been very successful. His other companion saw that, so he immediately took out a small candle and a flint to light up his vision.

Accompanied by a light clicking sound, the candle was lit and it lighted up the hall slightly.

The man immediately picked up his tool and happily continued unlocking.


However, a lazy greeting suddenly came from a distance and interrupted them.

The four of them were shocked.

They saw Benjamin standing up, stretched his hands out and waved slowly as though he was greeting them. He had a fake smile on his face that was vaguely showing under the dim lights.


The four thieves looked at Benjamin and were stunned. They stared at him and was dumbfounded, as though someone pressed a pause button on them.

The atmosphere was very awkward.

The whole hall was so quiet, as though someone got caught red-handed.

"Hey... ..." Seeing that, Benjamin put away the smile on his face as he was about to speak and break the silence.


"Ghost ——!"

The four of them opposite of him was suddenly trembling in fear, they hugged each other and made noises like a death metal-style rock vocal quartette.


Benjamin was speechless, he summoned a soundproof water bubble to quiet down the four of them with just a clap of his hands.

This way, he quietly watched the four of them as they cried out loudly in the soundproof water bubble. Only after nearly ten seconds later, they began to quiet down. They had a frightened look on their faces while they tried to catch their breath and coughed to clear their throats.

Finally, they gradually calmed down, looked at Benjamin’s shadow and realized that he was not a ghost.

"Done with shouting?" Benjamin clapped his hands, used the water bubbles to form a water-based lock to keep the four of them in place and said," Who are you? Why did all of you sneak in here?"

The four of them panicked and tried to break free from the trap. But, how can the four of them fight against Benjamin’s magic? After trying for a long time, the trap became tighter instead and they looked like a bunch of Chinese dumplings hanging together in the air, unable to move.

"Big Brother, I was wrong!" Suddenly, one of them shouted in fear, "If you want to kill, kill them, please do not kill me!"

... …who the fuck was your big brother.

Benjamin shook his head and said coldly, "Who sent you here? Answer my question, or it will not be as simple as death."

Benjamin was very experienced in interrogating people now, once he lowered his eyebrows, he will radiate a psychotic killer aura. Subsequently, the four of them were shocked by this overwhelming aura, so they instantly quietened down and those meaningless whispers and complains finally stopped.

"Who.... who sent us over? I do, do not understand what you're saying?" A man answered while stuttering.

"Oh really?" Benjamin uttered a sneer, dozens of ice needles suddenly appeared and surrounded the four of them, "If no one ordered you, where did you get the flame robe? Also, you mentioned about the ‘elder’, who’s that?"

Suddenly, the four of them got even more nervous.

"So-sorry, we really did not do it on purpose." Eventually, a man said, "Elder ... ... the elder does not have any malicious intent, he just wanted to study the magic tools that you made and what is the difference between ours and yours."