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Chapter 337: Lost Clues

Chapter 337: Lost Clues

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Benjamin did not expect this answer.

Although he can’t figure out what was the reason behind them switching the robes secretly, however, based on what they have just said, he felt that the information that he got was far exceeded his imagination.

If he guessed correctly, the elder that they mentioned about can also make magical tools. Moreover, the quality of their magical tools was most possibly quite high. Therefore, this point alone was enough to shock Benjamin. After all, looking at how the other mages were so passionate about this exhibition, it was obvious that there weren’t any known mages who knew how to create magical tools in Ferelden.

Furthermore, they used the word "We".

They said "we" and "Elder", there was most likely a mysterious force behind this. To put it immodestly, perhaps there were many people who knew about this technique in that mysterious circle and magical tools might not be a rare thing to them.

How could it be?

Benjamin felt that there was more to it. If there was really such a force, why would Ferelden's magic standards stoop so low?

"What’s with the mysterious force behind you? Who is the Elder?" He continued.

"We... …we cannot say." The four of them had their tongue tangled and finally gave such an answer.

Ok… ... they were better than he imagined.

"That’s too bad." Benjamin had no choice but to put up a scarier look, uttered a few sneers and said, "Come, let me play a game with you."

"No… ... no, I beg you… ..."

They were struggling and their voice was shaking like a sieve. Benjamin did not care about their pleadings, he controlled the ice needles and moved it closer to the four of them who were being suspended in the air.

However, something that he did not expect happened.

The moment the ice needle touched them, there was a strange magic disturbance, suddenly coming out of their body. At that moment, Benjamin was extremely stunned to find that he was losing control of his magic.

Instantly, Benjamin's face changed.


He immediately realized what was happening.

The forces behind the four of them were able to create magical tools, and at the moment, they were risking their lives to sneak in here, how could they not have one or two magical defense items?

Seems like he underestimated his enemy.

At that moment, he quickly made a move and activated the water vapors to restrain them. However, that magic disturbance was really strange. Be it water-based chains or ice needle water vapors, they were both subjected to its interference and was avoiding it. Therefore, the four of them who were firmly restrained were also briefly released.

The moment they were released.

The pleading looks on their face vanished. They stretched out their hands together, reached into their pocket and seemed to have crushed something.

There was once again an unpredictable magic fluctuation.

Then, the four of them disappeared.

Benjamin was stunned.

What happened?

It looked like a magic live show, just with a blink of an eye, the four of them vanished out of thin air and abruptly disappeared in front of Benjamin’s eyes without a trace.

Soon, Benjamin recovered, he immediately activated the water element sensing technique and started looking around. However, within the range that he can sense, he cannot even find any traces, not to mention finding them.


"What did you find?" He asked in his heart.

"… …Nothing." the system replied, "you need to be careful, even I do not know how they vanished. The forces behind them are not simple."

Benjamin was still not satisfied. He used the sensing technique to scan back and forth, over and over again, he was trying to find clues about how they left. Unfortunately, he still could not find anything. There was nothing in the house and the streets looked so clean as though no one had stepped on it.

Where did they go?

Finally, after looking for a full fifteen minutes, Benjamin had no choice, he can only choose to give up.

They ran.

Benjamin was creeped out by how the four of them did that.

Because he could not figure it out.

Was it the power of spaces? The magic tools that they crushed together, it had the ability to break through spaces, like Benjamin's piece of ginkgo leaf, did it allow them to move through space?

If so, this will be a high-level magical tool, I am afraid it was as good as those of the church.


There was such force hiding in Ferelden?

Benjamin did not know what their purpose was. Were they trying to test things out? Or were they filled with hostility? What position do they stand? What will they do? These questions came one after another, Benjamin was restless.

Moreover, this may be a power that he had never been exposed to, it might be the Mages Freemasonry, Mage Guild, the king’s support, or even a church from as far as the Kingdom of Helius. In short, it was a complicated situation and he knew too little about them.

Other than an "elder", he did not know anything more, how was he supposed to judge?

This was a little difficult to handle...

Standing alone in the dark hall, Benjamin almost lost the mood to host the exhibition.

He unintentionally offended such a force, the enemy was in the dark, seems like he would be filled with anxiety from now on, he was afraid that he can’t even fall asleep peacefully.

Just like tonight, after what happened, he felt that he most probably could not fall asleep.

His head hurts.

"Why are you so worried about it?" The system had an unconcerned look, "You did not actually hurt the four of them, they might not necessarily want to take revenge on you. Moreover, they did not come to cause trouble, they even left the robe that they used to exchange. "

Benjamin heard this and helplessly sighed.

He hoped so.

He cheered up, slowly walked over and picked up the flame robe that the four of them left on the floor. Taking a closer look, the robe was made very finely, the magic was more condensed and the effect of the robe might be greater than his own robe.

This can be considered as a consolation prize.

Benjamin rolled the robe. Suddenly, something small fell out of the robe and it fell to the ground, making a ping-pong, ping-pong sound.

He could not help but frown.

It was just a bunch of small candles and flint rocks that the four of them used to start the fire.

Benjamin was expressionless, he picked them up and was ready to throw them away. However, at that moment, he suddenly thought of something, suddenly he became a little excited and held a piece of flint in front of his eyes.

"I think…... the people here no longer use flint to start a fire, right?"

The system replied, "Yes, although all of you used fire magic to start a fire but the people here still use matches to start a fire."

Suddenly, Benjamin’s eyes started to flash again.

He finally thought of something.

"Not bad." He took a deep breath and took a good look at the small rock then said excitingly, "Maybe, this thing can bring us to their base!"