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Chapter 338: Ordinary Ambition

Chapter 338: Ordinary Ambition

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This morning, the north side of Rayleigh City, the usual street with just a few people, at the moment, there was a large and elegant house being surrounded by a lot of people.

Among the crowd, a mage named Sean turned his head and looked around, he could not help but exclaimed: "There are so many people here, did all the mages in the city come?

He was at the side with his companion —— Mage Simon had an annoyed look, he softly complained: "This is bad, there’s a lot of rich people. Hey! If we can’t even get one robe, does that mean that we wasted money buying these two invitations? "

As he said, he had a pained expression.

Currently, one of the hottest thing in the City was the invitation to this exhibition.

These few days, in the black market of the City of Rayleigh, the price had increased to fifteen gold coins per invitation. Although it was not unaffordable, the invitations were something that the organizers had given out for free, people were supposed to get it without spending a penny!

But, when it comes to the organizers. In order to look at the whole exhibition, most mages were willing to spend the money.

The thing with robes, it had disappeared for many years, but it appeared again today —— which was a rare thing, as a mage, even if they do not have any desire to buy it, they would at least like to take a look at it. Not to mention, they heard that several big shots have already gotten themselves a robe, they were all praising it, which makes it even more desirable.

Just like the two of them, they were official combat mages with little savings, they were hoping that they can get one or two suitable robes, so they can increase their fighting skills.

But, just by looking at the crowd in front of them, they began to lose hope in their heart.

"There’s no choice. If we didn’t get to buy it, then treat this as a way to gain knowledge, let’s pay for the entrance ticket." Sean comforted.

"How can you have such low aspirations." Simon shook his head and said firmly, "With a robe, maybe I can explore the dark woods alone. How much money do you have, lend some of it to me. I have to get it today! "


Just when Simon wanted to borrow money, there was suddenly a commotion in the crowd.


They finally want to open the doors?

The two of them immediately got excited.

Accompanied by the squeaky sound of the door opening, everyone looked up, at the door, the mage in the City of Rayleigh who was in the limelight recently —— Benjamin. He was dressed in suits, looking calm and composed, with more than ten people trailing behind him, he slowly walked out of the door.

And those behind him, they were either mysterious mages, or tall and powerful mercenaries. They stood in two teams neatly behind Benjamin, their action revealed an unheard force.

Suddenly, most people had a surprised look.

"He looks so young."

"Look at them, when will I be able to reach their level?"

"I heard that his team of mages are very powerful, after forming a mercenary group for such a short time, they have already risen to two levels... ..."

Everyone was whispering to each other and rumors had spread among the crowd. As for the center of the discussion, at the moment he had a smile on his face and he nodded at the crowd.

"Sorry for the long wait." Probably because all the mages were impatient, Benjamin’s speech was very brief, "Being able to get so many people to come to our exhibition, we feel very honored. So, let’s stop the nonsense, everyone can enter now."

After saying that, he turned, and made way for people to enter. At the same time, two mercenaries who seemed to be the doormen stood up, went to the door and began checking the identity of the visitors —— the mages in front of the crowd handed their invitations to them, they nodded, confirmed that there was no problem then they allowed the mages to enter one by one.

This way, the exhibition started.

The mercenaries were very efficient, they seem to have rehearsed this many times, there were also several mages behind to support them. So, mages with an invitation respectfully got invited in, occasionally, there were few of them who wanted to sneak in but were politely "escorted" out of the scene.

Soon, Sean and Simon came to the door. Under the tremendous atmosphere, they looked a little reserved, they silently passed their invitation to the two mercenaries who were one head taller than them. The doormen bowed and they obediently followed the team into the door.

However, just when they got in, it looked like they stepped into a whole new world.

Unlike the crowded queues, the whole hall was more spacious than they thought, it was bright and clean and the air was filled with the aroma of food and wine. Not far from the door, there were tables and chairs being arranged in an overly tidy manner, many mages had already started wandering around the exhibition, admiring the robes being kept in glass containers.

The sight was something that the both of them had never imagined. At first, they even thought that they entered a high-class restaurant.

"Hi, do you need a drink?" Just as they thought, after a while, there was a waiter with a tray full of glasses of wine on it asked respectfully.

Simon was stunned: "Do I need... ...need to pay?"

The waiter shook his head and said, "All the food and drinks that we serve here are for free. Later if the two of you need anything, you can also get it on your own."

Hearing that, the two of them looked at each other, both looking shocked.

"Thank you, we do not need anything at the moment."

Finally, Sean said so and dismissed the waiter. Then, they looked at each other once again, they both coincidently have a bitter smile on their face.

"I think ... we will definitely not be able to get something."

Since they entered, this exhibition was written with a word —— "expensive" from head to toe. The organizer’s generosity frightened them. Since they put so much effort into this, they will certainly not go soft on the prices of the exhibits.

At that moment, they even felt that they accidentally got lost in another world.

They turned around, looked at the other mages in the hall who were talking about Benjamin, their eyes were filled with admiration.

With such a young age, if it was them, they were still following behind their teacher while doing chores. And looking at Benjamin, he already had his own influence as a mage and reached a level where they could hardly reach.

The gap between them, there was really no comparison.

"Their team... ... are they still recruiting?" After being dazed for a short while, Simon suddenly asked.

"I heard... they recruited a few people recently." Sean looked hesitant and then embarrassed. "But, what about people like us, will they be interested in recruiting us?"

Not that he was not confident, but, they were clear about where they stand."

Even though they coincidentally became a mage, they were not the talented ones. Having an ordinary teacher, ordinary talent, and ordinary opportunity... ... in all fairness, their days were still decent, they joined the mercenary group, got into the mage circle and they even had some savings. There were a lot of people who were more miserable than them, so they do not have anything to complain about.

However, just when they continue to aim higher, there are still those who stood above. Their gesture was something that they envied. Although at the moment, they were no different from every other ordinary mage, but in their heart, they still kept a little ambition to continue climbing higher step by step.

——They do not want to continue living an ordinary life just like everyone else until death. They wanted to stand higher.

Otherwise, they will not come here.

However, they once again faced the cruel reality. Having a dream was the root of all pain. An ordinary person should just continue living an ordinary life and stop dreaming for a special one. Even if they were to disappear from Ferelden, the sun will not rise a few minutes later tomorrow.

Why would Benjamin want them?

There were numerous mages like them, even if they were thrown together with a pile of mages, just by turning around and the both of them were nowhere to be found. Being so ordinary, why would such a menacing new force be interested in them?

"Hey! Can you have a little more ambition?" Simon shook his head, grabbed Sean's shoulders and said seriously, "Do you really want to live your life like this? No matter what, I will not continue to rot in that small team. "

Sean was a little surprised and quickly said: "Are you really leaving... ... after leaving a mercenary group, it would be difficult to find another one."

For mages like them, a stable mercenary team were their livelihoods and their life and death depended on it, so they can’t be callous.

However, Simon looked very determined.

"When they opened the door, you saw the mages behind Benjamin." He took a deep breath and said with a serious face, "Not to mention the mages, even those mercenaries, they had an incomparable stance as if they were irreplaceable in the world, they looked like they were well-known and had an important role.

"You mean… ..."

Simon nodded and said with determination: "I want to be that kind of person."