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Chapter 339: Successful or Unsuccessful Exhibition

Chapter 339: Successful or Unsuccessful Exhibition

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"Mage Hudson, thanks to you, there are so many people who came."

Being in the hall, Benjamin smiled and chatted with the mages. He looked as though he handled it well, but in fact, it was not as easy as it looked.

What he did not know was, many people were very envious of how busy he looked. However, he was already utterly exhausted from overworking as he was overloaded with the operation. He activated the water element sensing technique, covered every corner of the exhibition. He was trying to prevent accidents from happening, at the same time, he need to mingle and spend time with the big shot mages. While trying to multitask, he was under intense pressure.

Especially after what happened last night.

Last night, the flint that he found was a clue, but, the exhibition was about to begin and he needed to host. Therefore, the investigation of the mysterious forces had to be temporarily put aside and dealt with later.

At this moment, there was nothing more important than this exhibition.

"... …Hahahaha, that’s right. Mage Hudson, I will not bother you then. There are exhibits on the first floor and second floor, you can take your time to look."

In this way, he successfully dealt with one of the big shots, Benjamin could not help but sigh in relief.

But ... ... looking at the crowd, people were coming and going, hustling and buzzing, the whole event went on very smoothly. The effort that he put in during this period of time was being recognized, this made him feel a great sense of achievement.

Among those mages who participated, he saw how most of their faces were filled with admiration.

That was what he needed.

In fact, they were originally a group of mages who came to the City of Rayleigh not too long ago, they were scarce in number, had weak influence and their strengths was also not particularly strong. Through all these fancy packaging, he created a false impression——they were big shots who were already standing at the top of the circle, worthy of being admired by others and everyone had to treat them accordingly.

This was a form of propaganda. At the moment, the mages that come to the exhibition will definitely not believe that Benjamin and his team had only got involved with magic with an average length of less than two years.

This was the power of brand marketing.

With five parts of actual strength, ten parts of attitude and twelve parts of fine packaging. In the end, everyone will think you have ten parts of actual strength. So, you can also request for ten parts of benefits from others, gradually, they might actually develop into ten parts of actual strength.

Although it might look like a scam, but, if he wanted to grow quickly, he will certainly have to play a little trick, right?

He was not worried that he might be busted. After today, he can quickly expand his team. For this, he already had a well thought-out plan. When the time comes and they have grown stronger, it would be impossible for people to find out about their "Puffiness".

"You must be Master Benjamin, it’s my pleasure." A few unfamiliar mages came forward and said to him, "We are mages from the City of Snow. The Mages Freemasonry had been quite busy recently and the guild master could not take some time off, so he sent us here to participate, we hope that you won’t mind."

.... Aldrich did not come?

Benjamin heard this and was suddenly a little disappointed.

At first, he did not want to meet this guild master with bad intentions, but the situation the he was in now was different. After all, if Aldrich came, how amazing would the advertising effect be?

However, it was enough to have some representatives participating.

The mages freemasonry sending people here from their headquarters, this made some of the big shot mages change their opinion, their eyes clearly said: "This kid had such connections?" Then, they looked at Benjamin more cautiously.

Being able to fool everyone like a fox masquerading as a tiger, he was most likely one of a kind.

After a few words of greeting, the few mages from the city of snow started exploring on their own. Benjamin finally got some free time and he took a look at the time. The exhibition had gone on for more than two hours, everything was going smoothly and no one with bad intentions was looking for trouble. The mages came and went, they were all filled with interest, their response to the robes was also very good, and the hall was filled with a pleasant atmosphere.

From what he saw, so far, the exhibition was quite successful half way through.

There were still another batch in the afternoon session. In order to allow more people to attend, the invitation letter was divided into the morning and the afternoon. He was almost done dealing with the morning session batch, after dealing with the afternoon batch, their image should be stable.

Just when he was thinking about it.

However, at the moment, a small commotion suddenly started among the mages near the door.


Benjamin was stunned.

The water element quickly sent the whole picture of the scene over to Benjamin. He saw a familiar mage with two people following behind him, after getting through the guard’s checking, he entered the hall. Subsequently, the other mages started discussing about them.

It was the mage Vinci.

At that moment, Benjamin's face changed subtly.

Due to multiple reasons, he did not send an invitation to the mage Vinci. However, he still appeared here today, it means that he spent money and bought the ticket from the black market.

This can be considered as the first time that the mage Vinci showed himself in public after the rumors have spread. He still had great influence in the City of Rayleigh, but he did not come forward to explain himself and it gradually raised doubts in the heart of the mages.

Why would he choose to make an appearance here?

Inside the hall, there were all kinds of good and bad stares directed towards the mage Vinci in silence.

"Mage Benjamin, we meet again." After Vinci entered the door, his eyes were immediately locked on Benjamin. Then, his revealed a hearty smile and walked straight to Benjamin.

Suddenly, many people had an interested look.

"Here he is!" At the corner, Tony had an excited look and whispered, "Previously, the mage Vinci was badmouthing Benjamin behind his back. Master Benjamin definitely did not forget about this, this would be a good show! "

He was one of Benjamin's staff who was still under trial and he was anticipating a good show, not to say the other mages who were not involved. Many people were waiting for a good show, not worrying that it might blow things up, there were expectations in their eyes, and they quietly chanted: "Fight, fight... ..."

Maybe they just like to watch those who were dressed like a gentleman to fight.

Benjamin had a headache.

Of course, in front of the others, he still need to put up an act. Therefore, he showed a surprised look, smiled and said: "It has really been a really long time, Mage Vinci, I thought you were busy with affairs recently, so you wouldn’t have time to time to visit my small exhibition!"

After saying that, the two of them shook hands enthusiastically.

"As expected, the first sentence was already filled with tension!" At the corner, Tony exclaimed in excitement, "Busy with affairs, he was obviously hinting master Vince about his scandal, his tone was also filled with a sense of mockery. Amazing! Really amazing!"

"... …Tony, you’re really free recently?" Linda who was at the side rolled her eyes with an annoyed look.

While at the middle of the hall, Benjamin's conversation with Vinci continued.

"How can I? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard news about magical tools. This is a remarkable exhibition, how can I miss it?"

"Since you’re so interested in it, take a good look around. You’re late, the morning session is half way done, so I better not waste your time."

Compared to the audience who were spectating, Benjamin did not have such a leisurely mood. He was tired of acting, the only thought he had in his heart was to hurry up and send Vinci away.

It was enough for them to have a simple greeting, they have nothing in common so there was nothing to talk about.

"I agree." However, surprisingly, mage Vince was very cooperative, he bluntly said, "Since you’re hosting this exhibition, you must be very busy. I will take a look around by myself, no need to trouble you."

Unexpectedly, he did not plan to continue talking.

Under the audience’s disappointed sight, mage Vinci and Benjamin hugged and ended their conversation, he turned around and went to explore the exhibition with his two companions.

Everyone was still caught in the moment.

"Ah... ... this is the end of it?" Tony had a look disappointment.

However, Benjamin did not care if the others were dissatisfied with it, as the protagonist of this incident, Benjamin accepted the unexpected hug and at the moment he was still standing at the same place, his mood was a little weird.

… …What was that?

Just now, when they hugged, Vinci suddenly spoke with a voice that only he could hear, he said to him very secretly: "Eleven o’clock tonight at the outskirts of the abandoned house, I have something to say to you."