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Chapter 340: Misunderstanding?

Chapter 340: Misunderstanding?

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"So how much do you think we can earn today?"

At six o'clock, the exhibition had officially ended, the mages in the hall had gradually cleared off. Benjamin finally sighed in relief, came to the front desk and asked Varys who was busy counting.

Although there was a small incident today, overall, the exhibition went on quite smoothly. After the morning session ended, those who visited during the afternoon session were also quite normal. Finally, the number of mages who came reached a number of more than 700 people, many of them were people with fame and prestige. Up until the last moment before closing, the hall still maintained a warm atmosphere.

Benjamin was sure that after tonight, his reputation will rise like a soaring Phoenix.

However, this was essentially a business activity, the profit was also very worthy of attention. Therefore, there was such a question now.

"Although I’m not done calculating but under rough estimation, averagely each robe can be sold for more than three hundred gold coins." Varys was reading the accounting book and replied, "that means that we have earned more than 20,000 gold coins today.

Wow… ...

Benjamin heard that and could not help but to take a deep breath.

For each magic robe, the cost for the materials were only around ten gold coins, even after adding the cost for manual work and his unique intellectual property, the final cost will not exceed 100 gold coins. But now, after his fancy packaging, the price of a robe had risen to three hundred gold coins.

That alone was amazing.

And, more importantly, their consumers accepted this price. In other words, they can continue to sell their merchandise at such a high price.

Other than extravagant profits, there were no other words to describe it.

What can he say?

They got rich.

"Thanks for all of your hard work." Benjamin's mood has never been this satisfied. He nodded and said, "Without any of your help, I will definitely would not have been able to host this exhibition. The final income, I will distribute a part of it to all of you."

Varys smiled and said, "Thank you so much."

Benjamin laughed.

He was not a person who especially loved money. However, even a monk who had no desires were to suddenly receive such a large amount of money, he would most probably laugh uncontrollably.

Of course, they still have a lot of finishing touches to do in order to actually get the money.

After calculating the secret auction price for each robe, they need to determine to whom does it belongs to, then send it to the door of the owner and hand over the robe over after they’ve received the payment. They do not plan to make any shady deals, the one who auctioned it will get the robe that they’ve chosen, they cannot risk ruining their reputation.

However these kind of tedious work, he can leave it to Varys and the rest of them to handle.

There were two things that were bothering Benjamin.

The four thieves from last night, as well as today, the mysterious meeting between him and Vinci.

Thinking about Vinci who appeared suddenly today, Benjamin still felt very strange about it. Coming uninvited, left him a time and place, then casually strolled around the exhibition and left like nothing happened. What was he planning to do?

More important, should Benjamin meet him tonight?

To be honest, he was very busy, and his relationship with Vinci was very strange. Maybe it was a trap, he certainly did not want to go. But Vinci was still the richest mage in Ferelden, if he were to allow this weird relationship to continue, it will do him no good.

Moreover, he was a bit curious about what Vinci wanted to say to him.

After thinking about it, he took a mirror out from his pocket.

Before he had escaped from Havenwright, he had buried his belongings. And when he took a stop at the Crusader Gateway, he entrusted two mercenaries to help him retrieve his stuff. A few days ago, he passed by the mercenary association, he asked about the mercenaries "Louis and Ciel". And finally, the association brought him his belongings.

There were some holy bullets, a cross that was strengthen by spiritual power, a light element crystal... ...

And of course, the illusion mirror that Annie left behind.

These were all things that he had not come into contact with for a very long time, it was so long that he almost forgotten about it. It seems that the two mercenaries was more reliable than he imagined, after so many days, they finally sent the stuff over.

When he received the items, Benjamin was filled with emotions. It was such a nostalgic feeling, as though these things represented the days of another world. Thinking about it now, in less than a year's time, his life had been very different since he travelled through time. He was no longer the same person.

Initially, he did not expect that half a year later, he would be leading a group of mages in a foreign country?

Time went too fast, people can only work hard to catch up, there was no time to be lost.

Coming back to reality, he held the mirror in his hand, Benjamin felt that one of his problem had been solved.

This mirror can create an illusion of himself, it was easy to control and it looked lifelike. He can let the illusion attend the appointment on his behalf, then, he will control the illusion in the dark. In case that it was a trap, he can use the illusion as a decoy so he can leave calmly.

Just like this, Benjamin continued to help the others with the follow-up work of the exhibition, cleaned up, kept the robes, return all the rented decorations... ... when the night came and it was nearing the time of the appointment, he left the crowd alone and quietly rushed to the abandoned house.

The abandoned house in the outskirts, Benjamin was familiar with it.

Previously, he had a war there which destroyed the wild ambition of the foreign church who wanted to invade this world.

As he was approaching the place, Benjamin took the mirror out, condensed his spiritual energy on it and summoned an illusion who looked exactly like him. He quickly and familiarly controlled the illusion, and finally, the both of them came to this piece of remote land, one in the dark and one out in the open.

"Benjamin, you finally came."

Vinci was standing there alone, he seemed to have waited for a long time. When he saw Benjamin’s illusion, he immediately said.

Since an illusion cannot speak, Benjamin who was in the dark saw this and he quickly controlled the illusion to coldly nod his head.

Fortunately, Benjamin was never one to talk much, so Vinci did not feel strange about it and he continued: "I think there might be some misunderstanding between us."

Hearing that, Benjamin frowned.

Vinci did not bring anyone with him. As a potion mage, his combat level was way below Benjamin’s.

As for the surroundings of the abandoned house, Benjamin used the water element to check around it and there was no signs of ambush. In short, Vinci really did come alone.

To put it clearly, if Benjamin wanted to kill him, he will not be able to retaliate.

But why?

Benjamin was filled with doubts, he controlled his illusion to frown and crossed his hands, showing a "you better quickly explain to me" look.

After being silent for a moment, Vinci said: "I think, the reason why there was such a misunderstanding was mainly because I did not know about your identity at the beginning. I thought that you were a spy from the Kingdom of Helius and you wanted to secretly corrode Ferelden, so, I warned the other mages to be careful of you."

...was it?

Benjamin still felt very strange about it.

Icor used to put him as one of the most wanted criminals for this reason, but… ... because of this, Vinci was going against him in the dark? He felt that he was not that decisive.

He waited for him to continue his explanation.

However, up until here, Vinci paused for a moment and then said: "But, now that I know who you are, I will no longer be hostile to you. You are Benjamin Lithur, the brother who got framed, the genius mage who was named the waterball devil."