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Chapter 341: Converting Enemies into Friends

Chapter 341: Converting Enemies into Friends

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After hearing what he said, Benjamin who was hiding in the dark was stunned.


All along, Benjamin was hiding his identity. A royalty who escaped from the Kingdom of Helius, the debate between Benjamin and Grant... ... his original identity was too complex, it would be far more convenient for him to create a new identity. Therefore, the surname Lithur had disappeared from his life for a long time, it was so long that he was too lazy to think about it again.

However, at this moment, the mage Vinci suddenly revealed his true identity.

How did he know?

Benjamin felt very strange about it. In this world, there were not many people who knew about his identity and Vince said it so firmly. It made him feel a little uneasy.

How many people knew that Benjamin Lithur fled to Ferelden?

The Church ... … did they know?

Whereas with Vinci, Benjamin did not continue to control his illusion. Therefore, Vinci only got a cold response from Benjamin, so he naturally had some doubts in his eyes.

"... … Mage Benjamin?"

"OK, that was just an illusion that I made." Ultimately, Benjamin was too lazy to continue with his act, with a wave, he destroyed his illusion and came out of the dark.

There was no trap in this place so there was no need to hide. Although he still had not figured out Vinci’s intentions, but he was only a potion mage, if he still dare not face him, it was better to live in a deserted forest where there will be no threats.

He walked over, looked at the mage Vinci who was stunned and said: "How did you know about my identity?"

The entire process of Benjamin showing up until his illusion disappeared, Vinci obviously did not expect it. Vinci was stunned for a while, then he smiled: "Oh, so that was it."

"What do you mean?" Benjamin frowned.

"Actually, you do not have to be so nervous." Vinci shook his head, put his hands out and said, "You know the person who told me everything too, the Guild Master of the Mage Guild, he sent you out of Icor, right?"


Benjamin heard this and he could not help but to raise his eyebrows.

Vinci continued to explain: "The rumors about me recently, you should have heard about it. Yes, I have been secretly contacting Icor, but I am definitely not a traitor. The one that I am contacting is not the queen, but the Guild Master. As for the relationship between the guild master and the queen, I think you should know about it."

Benjamin was quiet for a moment, then he nodded his head.

Making use of secret magic potion and the fight between the mages, the Queen had the control of the Mage Guild firmly in her hands. The Guild master had no choice, but he could not bear to make a move on the queen, so he can only send Benjamin and his team away to prevent them from being trapped in Icor.

Although he doubted the words of the Guild Master, but after briefly analyzing what he said, he did not feel any malicious intention. If it wasn’t for the help of the Guild Master, it would have been very difficult for Benjamin and his team to reach Ferelden.

"Your relationship with the Guild Master... ..." He could not help but ask.

"A lot of people do not know about this but he was actually my first real teacher." Vinci sighed and replied slowly. "At first, I wanted to become a combat mage and be a student of the Guild master. But, I do not have any talent in fighting, in the end, under the Guild Master’s introduction, I got a new teacher and begin my journey as a potion mage."

Benjamin nodded his head thoughtfully.

The information that Miles told him, it was verified here. When the Empire got split up, Vinci helped Icor receive the wealth of the old Mage Guild and set up a new guild —— actually he was not helping Icor, he just wanted to repay the Guild Master.

Vinci continued to explain: "After the empire got split up, I have always kept in contact with the Guild Master. Only when the church made changes in Regina, our contact stopped and I only got in contact with him last week. So, I just found out that you are not a spy of the church last week. I’m sorry for spreading rumors about you."

Benjamin was silent for a moment and shook his head: "... ... forget it, since it is a misunderstanding, let bygones be bygones."

It seems that Vinci really mistook him for a spy.

Now, since they cleared their doubts, there was no need to be hostile against each other.

Vinci’s explanation was completed, he didn’t find anything wrong with it, so, Benjamin accepted his explanation. Moreover, it wasn’t such an intense hatred to begin with, he already took his revenge, being able to turn his enemy into a friend, it would be more beneficial to him.

At least… ... he was very rich.

"Are there spies of the church in Ferelden?" But he could not help but to ask one more question.

"Do not underestimate them." Vinci said with a serious face, "Icor could help Ferelden to block the Paladin's iron heel, but they could not block the infiltration of the Holy Light. I once found some traces, some people in Ferelden were secretly keeping in contact with the kingdom of Helius and they have been in contact for a long time."

... Really?

Benjamin immediately realized the seriousness of this issue.

"Who is contacting the Kingdom of Helius? There’s a lot of them?

Vincent shook his head: "I don’t know."

"What clues did you find?"

"A type of material." Vinci replied, "Silver leaf grass is material that had great affinity with the holy light, it’s very common here, but it’s extremely rare in the kingdom of Helius. A few years ago, when I was stocking up, I found someone buying a large amount of Silver leaf grass periodically and the whereabouts of it was unknown. After investigating it, I found that those materials had disappeared after it was transported to the border, it has most probably fallen into the hands of the church."

Silver leaf grass… ...

Although there wasn’t any magic potion in the Kingdom of Helius, but thinking about those raining crosses, Benjamin felt that the possibility was very high.

So difficult.

In the territory of Ferelden ------ this was a country that completely eradicated all churches, but there were people who regularly helped the church to stock up on materials and it started operating stably few years ago. The existence of spies, there were a lot of them? There might even be more spies here than Icor!

Thinking about this, Benjamin could not help but to breathe in a mouthful of cold air.

The church was like a cockroach, having such persistent spirit, appearing everywhere, there was no way of getting rid of them?

"Vinci, did you really not find any other clues?" He asked.

Vinci shook his head: "Those people were too well hidden. Just like in Icor, even the Queen cannot find them, they can only use the royal expedition to lure them out. These past few years, I have spent more than one hundred thousand gold coins on this, but I still did not find anything, instead ... ... I might have aroused suspicions which made them more cautious.

As he said, he sighed and had an expression as though he blamed himself.

Benjamin heard this and he also felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

The moment that he found out about the church, his first thought was to chase them back to where they came from. However, Vinci have spent such a large amount of money, but he still had no idea. Benjamin had just started his career, what can he do?

The more information he got about the church, the more he felt how scary his opponent was. They do not necessarily have to be very strong, but they were pervasive and they will never go down. They were like a mythological creature, when you cut of the head, it will grow two more; after burning it into ashes, it can be resurrected.

"Then ... ... do we allow them to continue developing?" Benjamin said unwillingly.

"The things that we found, the King must have known about it." Vinci shook his head and said, "Your Majesty will have a solution, no matter how rich or powerful we are, we were still alone, there was not much that we can do."

His Majesty was still busy dealing with Mages Freemasonry, does he still have energy to deal with the church?

Benjamin sighed.