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Chapter 342: Talented Professional Mage

Chapter 342: Talented Professional Mage

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"It’s ok, let’s not talk about this." Finally, Benjamin shook his head and turned around, "I have a question."

No one can predict what the church’s final plan will be, but they would just have do what they can when the time comes. If they were to live in constant fear, it will only ruin their future. They might as well go along with the original plan and develop the business nicely. When the church exposes themselves in Ferelden, then they will deal with them.

As long as they do not have any clues, it would be best to first focus on the concurring problems.

"Ask." Vinci nodded his head and said, "The Guild Master has high hopes on you. Perhaps one day, you can change this powerless situation, and I will try my best to help you."

Benjamin heard, then thought about this for a while and said, "In the territory of Ferelden, are there other forces who can make Magical Instruments?"

He had to think about the four thieves.

"Forces? Other than you and your team?" Vinci frowned and said, "I don’t think there are such forces. Maybe I’m not well-informed, but... if there really was such a group of people, they should have gotten famous a long time ago, just like your exhibition today."

Is that so…...

As expected, he still needed to rely on himself to look for them?

Benjamin could not help but asked again, "What about people who can make Magical Instruments? I can’t be the only one in Ferelden, right?"

Vinci thought about it and said, "I have not looked into this yet, but from what I heard, in a desert at the east side of Ferelden, some mages are secretly living there and they know of some kind of forgotten technique. Maybe among them, there are people who know how to make Magical Instruments."

Hearing that, Benjamin thoughtfully nodded his head.

A desert at the east side of Ferelden...

Although he did not have time, if he couldn’t find any clues on the flint, he would still hire someone to go to the desert to investigate on his behalf.

"Thank you," Benjamin nodded his head and said.

"This is the only thing I can do." Vinci sighed and said, "Because of the King’s suspicion, I cannot recruit any armed force. There are too many eyes staring at me, I have no way to help you in terms of financial support; the most that I can do is to give you the information I know."

After listening to this, Benjamin was surprised.

After they became friends, in his heart, he certainly did hope that he would be able to benefit from this rich man. However, he just found out that Vinci was also in trouble and he couldn’t really help him.

Yet after thinking about it, it was true - Vinci was extremely wealthy, but at the same time he also had a record of helping another country. In this situation, even if the King was a fool, he would not have allowed Vinci to randomly expand his business. However, due to the mercy of the King, Vinci was still one of the richest man.

After thinKing about it, Benjamin suddenly felt a little frustrated.

His development was financed by the King, and in the contradiction between the Mages Freemasonry and the King, he took sides with the King. Now that he reconciled with Vinci, he found out that Vinci’s development was being limited by the King. This was really sad but it was reality.

Being involved in the political fights, he would most probably need to face it sooner or later.

Come to think of it, the King’s trust towards Benjamin, could it be... one part of it could be because his relationship with Vinci was bad at that time. After the news was spread to the King, the King thought that he could train Benjamin to fight against the Mages Freemasonry and suppress Vinci at the same time?

This was a really helpless reality.

After they both agreed to not say a word about this meeting, Benjamin said his goodbyes to Vinci. Under the pale moonlight, the both of them left the abandoned house separately and went back to their houses as though nothing happened.

Benjamin was lying on his bed while he looked at the ceiling, he silently thought about the situation that he was in.

Tonight, he cleared up most of his doubts.

The seemingly peaceful country, Ferelden, was actually as complicated as a bundle of wire being tied together. The King, Aldrich, "Elders", the church’s spies and the mage Vinci... Without Benjamin noticing, he was already involved with many powerful forces which have given him a lot of trouble.

At this moment, while lying on his bed, he even thought that he was imagining things, as though when he wakes up the next morning, everything that he had would disappear without a trace like a mirage.


Where will he be tomorrow?

He thought about it again and again. Suddenly, he shook his head and laughed at himself.

Tomorrow, he will be sitting in the living room, looking like the world's most arrogant interviewer and he will get to bully all the mages in Rayleigh City to his heart’s content, what was there to worry about?

In the afternoon, he had already spread the news about his recruitment. Tomorrow, they will be living a whole new life.

When he wakes up tomorrow, all the mages in Rayleigh City will come rushing to his door. His team will grow stronger and become a force that no one can look down upon. Benjamin will be at the top, he will be famous, everyone will be shouting his name and they will treat him like how they treat the King.

No matter how chaotic the country was, he still had his own ambition.

This was not the time for him to be lost.

After changing his thoughts, Benjamin was much more relaxed.

He looked at the moon from his window and smiled. He meditated in the space of consciousness for a moment. Then he fell asleep, getting some rest as it will be a busy day ahead.

One night had passed.

The morning in Rayleigh City, the sun was as bright and radiant as a bowl of freshly made soy milk.

"Did you bring your resume? No? Then please fill in this form first. What? It’s too troublesome? Oh, as you can tell, there are a lot of people here today and this would save some time. Don’t worry, we have prepared a pen for you, you just need to write your personal information here. In a bit, you will be able to meet Master Benjamin!"

"Hi, you can introduce yourself first. What? You do not know what to say? Your name, age, hobbies... everything you can think of that will represent yourself. We are recruiting talented professional mages, we hope that we can get to know your personality and your ability to cooperate with a team. Of course, most importantly, what you can contribute to our team."

"Do you have any working experience? Um... what I mean is, have you ever been in a mercenary group? What kind of mission have you dealt with? Don’t be nervous, we just want to get to know you better. What was the most dangerous fight that you have experienced, do you mind sharing it?"

"If we decide to employ you, there will be a one-month probation period. However, you can also decide whether you want to stay or not, it will be a two-way choice! After you’ve passed the probation period, in addition to the monthly salary, we have many benefits and a very good promotion system. Other than getting a robe that all of you are so excited about, we will also specially provide laws of meditation, spells, magical books and magical training which occurs periodically. Also, we will host an internal exchange meeting to promote an equal improvement in everyone."

"What? It sounds like it will restrain your freedom? It’s not like what you think. We will not force you to do anything, if you do not wish to participate in our activity, you will lose some benefit, at most. When you’re not involved in any mission, you can freely do whatever you want. For this aspect, it would be the same as the other mercenary groups."

"Yes, your interview has ended, we will inform you the result in a week’s time. Thank you for your participation, have a nice day…..."

Throughout this day, many mages with different thoughts and intentions entered the house; but in the end, all of them left the house with the same expression.

"Simon, how was it? Did they accept you?" Sean was waiting at the door, he quickly asked when he saw his friend walking out.

"I... I don’t know." Simon looked like he was still overwhelmed. He was stunned for a moment and then answered while stuttering.

"You don’t know? How can you not know?" Sean was a little confused.

Simon took a deep breath, stood still and thought about it. He seemed to have experienced something huge and he needed time to think about how to put his thoughts into words.

"Why? Do they not want you?" Seeing that, Sean tentatively said as he was trying to comfort Simon.

However this time, Simon's eyes suddenly became extremely determined.

"This.... This is a one in a lifetime job, I do not know if they want me or not. But... I believe that I have shown all my strength and I just happened to be what the team needs." His tone suddenly fired up, "I have a professional magic skill, I’m very experienced and I have a good ability to resist stress... this position will definitely be mine!"

While listening to what Simon said, Sean was very confused.

What was he talking about?

In the end, as the sun had started to set, Simon started walking like a talented professional mage. Under Sean's stunned gaze, he slowly left with the other mages.