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Chapter 347: The Border of The City of Desert

Chapter 347: The Border of The City of Desert

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"All of you are not qualified to negotiate." Benjamin said with a cold face, "Take me to the man who made the magic tools, or I will torture all of you and force you to tell me the address, then I will go by myself. "

Instantly, the four of them had a terrified look.

"No, please no ..."

Seeing that, Benjamin continued to threaten them.

"It’s your choice, whether you want live or die, you decide for yourself."

"I ... forget it, we'll bring you there!"

Finally, after Benjamin’s oppression, the four of them gave in.

"... before we bring you there, can I ask, what do you plan to do?" One of them asked cautiously.

"I will not mistreat people with talent." Benjamin slowly said, "The technique of creating magic tools was lost for a long time. Therefore, someone who can create magic tools should not be hiding inside the eastern desert."

"So ... you are not you trying to kill our family for revenge?"

Benjamin put his hands out and said: "Why should I kill your family for revenge?"

What kind of question was that? Did he look that evil?

The four of them looked at each other and went silent for a moment. Finally, one of them said, "Well... ok, we'll take you there. But, the place is quite far from here. Do you want to leave now?"

Benjamin nodded his head and said: "Before we leave, I want to know more about the organization. Also, I need to slightly restrain the four of you."

After saying that, he cut his finger and casted a spell. Accompanied by a strange elemental disturbance, he gently swung his hand and a few drops of blood splashed on four of their faces. And with a blink of an eye, the blood melted into their skin.

The four of them were frightened and they panicked.

"You... what did you do to us?"

Benjamin shrugged his shoulders and said, "Just a curse. From now on, your lives will be in my hand. If I do not remove the curse, one month later, your intestines will rot and all of you will die in extreme pain. So, forget all the evil ideas, be obedient and I will remove the curse.

Putting a curse on someone really was the best choice to keep someone under control.

After listening to what Benjamin said, the four thieves were very dejected and they became exceptionally obedient. No matter what Benjamin asked, they will answer and they no longer dare to drag their replies or try to change the topic.

"What is the organization that you are in?"

"We do not have a fixed name, actually, it cannot be considered as an organization, we call ourselves those in the desert, whereas those living in the north will be called those in the north desert and those living in the south will be called those living in the south desert."

"Then… how many people are there in total?"

"There are a lot of us, around few hundred of us, but, we are not familiar with most of them. They are all mages who do not socialize, at most, they will talk to the elder but no one cares about us."

"How did all of you gather together?"

"Everyone did not like to travel, so they would hide in the desert, but, there are a lot of magical beasts in the desert, which made it difficult to live in. In the end, the elder created something that could drive magic beast away, so people can live in the desert. Everyone is grateful, so, we will gather together occasionally to help the elder out".

Therefore, after asking a few questions, Benjamin understood a lot of things.

First of all, he can be rest assured. They were not considered as an organization and not to mention their power. They were just a group of hermit mages that were being tied together out of gratitude, so, they will not be a threat to Benjamin.

Also, the elder was the only one who knew how to create magic tools. But according to what the thieves said, the elder had great abilities, he was like a God to them as he had unlimited creativity.

Therefore, Benjamin was more interested in it.

He asked a lot about the elder, but the thieves did not seem to know much. All they knew was, the elder was a mage who lived in seclusion in the eastern desert, as to what was his name, his origin or where did he learn his ability... ... these people did not know anything about it.

However, Benjamin did not mind.

He already knew the exact location and flying there will not be too time consuming. They sent people to secretly steal his robe, so, he had the upper hand. Even if there was no way for him to recruit him, at least, he needed some new recipes.

They can only produce some textile now and the quality was still relatively low, he need to find ways to further expand the business. For example, magic tools that will allow someone to teleport, he felt that it will be very practical and it would be the best if everyone in the team had one of it.

In short, since the mages probationary period had just started, there should not be any problem. So, he better take a trip there quickly!

"I'll go back and prepare something for the trip, all of you start preparing too. We'll leave in half an hour." he said to the four of them.

The four of them had a bitter look: "We have not gotten a robe yet ... ..."

Benjamin was speechless: "You elder wanted the robe because he was curious about our production technique, right? Now that I’m meeting him, why would you still need the robes?"

The four of them were lost for words.

Seeing that, Benjamin shook his head and exaggerated how powerful the curse was so they will not have the idea to escape. Then, he went back home to prepare for the trip.

Soon, he went back home without dawdling, informed the other mages, then he brought his luggage and once again came to the hotel.

And the four thieves did not have much to prepare, so at the moment, they were obediently waiting there.

"That… Mr. Mage. If you want to save time, you can hire a carriage to the desert city, we know a driver with cheaper fares. " One of them suggested.

"No." Benjamin shook his head and said," We are flying there. "


When the four of them were still stunned, he casted a spell and water vapors started to rise, it carried all five of them into the air 10 meters from the ground.

The wind whistled in their ears and caused the four of them panic. Their hair looked like the Saiyan’s.

"Mr., Mr. Mage... ..."

Benjamin smiled and interrupted them:

"Let's go."

With a whizz, the five of them flew forward like an arrow in the air, accompanied by Benjamin's increased strength, his flying speed was gradually increasing and it overtook the speed of the cars, which was more convenient for rushed trips.

This was also the reason why he can take a trip whenever he wants.

"Mr. Mage, can you slow down a little?" The four of them wailed behind him.

Benjamin shook his head with a smile.

"Of course not."

After saying that, he increased the speed again. Therefore, the five people flew like a shooting star in the sky towards the destination that they navigated, the East side of Ferelden.

Two days later.

Nothing happened during their way there and they successfully got near to their destination.

The east side of Ferelden, the sky was gray in color, the sun was barely seen and the air had a hot feel to it. When the wind blew, sand grits will be blown to the air and pedestrians on the road had to narrow their eyes.

There was nothing much there, only a few bamboo trees occasionally. Benjamin saw a seemingly small town in a distance, which looked like a piece of green land in the vast desert.

Benjamin flew in the air, saw the town and nodded his head.

"Is the one in front the desert city?"

Saying that, he turned around and looked at the four thieves who were being carried by the water vapor. Unfortunately, the four of them had their eyes rolled back, mouth open and there were white foams at the corner of their mouth. Their body were jerking and it seemed like they can’t answer him.

Seeing that, Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

Using water vapor to carry someone can easily cause motion sickness, but, after his growth in strength, he could easily solve that problem. He can keep everyone stable in the air. However, after two consecutive days of being in the air with high speed, even though they will not roll down like a dumpling, but, their consciousness became a little fuzzy.

With a weaker physique than a mage, how did they fight in close range?

But he had no choice, he still need to rely on the four of them to lead the way to the elder. Therefore, Benjamin can only land at the side of the desert city.

When the five of them landed from the sky, there were passers-by who looked, but none of them were too surprised, which proves that there were quite a number of mages around.

Maybe the hermit mages in the wilderness would come here occasionally.

Benjamin looked around to search for a hotel so he can wake the four of them up and continue their journey.

However, at that moment, a voice came from behind and interrupted him.

"You… Who are you? What did you do to the four of them?"

Benjamin turned around confusingly.

He saw a girl wearing a veil standing behind him, her eyes were wide open as she looked at the four thieves who were unconscious due to motion sickness and said anxiously.