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Chapter 351: Bracelet and Key

Chapter 351: Bracelet and Key

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"You might think that I have ulterior motives, but, you’re the one who started it." He had no choice, Benjamin could no longer speak politely and their conversation was getting tense, "The four of them broke into my exhibition in the middle of the night. I was being merciful for only giving them a curse."

"As for you, you hired someone to secretly exchange my robe, of course I have my doubts. I wanted to check around before I entered, isn’t it very normal, what is there to criticize about?"

After saying that, Benjamin crossed his arms and condescendingly looked at the man in the wheelchair. He was taking advantage of his "height" to intensity his despised look.

Either way, he was a victim. If they were to really argue, it was impossible for the other side to try to be reasonable.

"... I do not deny that it was my mistake for attempting to exchange your robe." The man in the wheelchair went silent for a moment and said again, "But in the end, you got the robe that I specially prepared and these magic tools, are they not enough to compensate for your loss?

Benjamin said confidently, "It’s not enough."


Therefore, the whole atmosphere became extremely tense.

The reason why the man in the wheelchair was trying to send him away was obvious. He did not intend to tell Benjamin anything and absolutely did not have the intention to help Benjamin, he wanted to get this over wit and not meet again.

But Benjamin did not want to leave empty-handed.

Suddenly, he thought of an idea.

"Look at you, you should be an expert in magic tools, right?" He thought for a moment and finally said, "How about this, I'll show you a magic tool. If you can recognize it, I’ll leave and never return."

The man in the wheelchair was a little unwilling but he still nodded his head.

So, Benjamin took out the silver bracelet that he found on the masked woman.

"This is..."

Instantly, the man in the wheelchair’s face changed.

He took the bracelet and held it in his hands, he looked at it carefully and had a stunned look as though he had seen a dragon. After looking at it for a while, he took a toolbox from the bottom of his wheelchair, he used a strange hammer to hit the bracelet and even summoned flames from time to time to heat the bracelet.

However, the bracelet remained the same, no matter what the man in the wheelchair did, it still did not change the slightest.

Seeing that, Benjamin secretly rejoiced in his heart.

The strange bracelet that he found from the masked woman, it was considered as the weirdest thing he had ever seen. As the conversation became tense, he thought of this bracelet - he thought that he could make use of the man’s curiosity and get him hooked.

If he recognized the bracelet, at least, Benjamin got to identify it for free, either way, it was not a loss. If he couldn’t recognize it... then too bad, it was what Benjamin wanted.

In short, no matter what, he will not lose anything.

"This thing... where did you get it from?" After studying it for half an hour, the man in the wheelchair finally raised his head and looked at Benjamin eccentrically.

"From the mage gang in the desert town, I killed one of them."

Benjamin did not hide it. The four thieves saw it so there was no point in hiding.

"It’s theirs?" The man in the wheelchair said thoughtfully and went silent for a moment, then he finally spoke,"This bracelet ... I am not too sure, but it looks like the legendary key to God’s abandoned valley.

…What did you say?

Benjamin was dumbfounded.

He remembered, God’s abandoned valley – legend said that it was the place where Cain and Abel fought. Previously, he had the treasure map to God’s abandoned valley, but because he did not know the exact location, it was of no use, and soon he forgot about it.

But ... was that really the key to the valley?

Come to think of it, Benjamin still found it a little unbelievable.

He went to the desert, casually eliminated an elite-level enemy and he ended up with a duplicated world-class key, who would believe it!

"What you said, is it true?"

The man in the wheelchair nodded and said: "Of course it’s true. Judging from the internal magic, this bracelet has an extremely long history, it might be something from thousands or millions of years ago, I also do not know how operate it. But, the thing with legendary items, I also do not know how to validate it."

Benjamin took bracelet, looked at it and said, "Are you trying to fool me? A key to open God’s abandoned valley, why would it appear in the eastern desert?"

"Of course the people in "Desert Shadow" collected it." The man in the wheelchair asked, "Have you not heard about the legend?"

"What legend?"

Hearing this, the man in the wheelchair reluctantly shook his head, cleared his throat and began to tell the story,

"Legend says, Cain and Abel's battle was so horrifying that it split the world into two. And after that, God appeared. When he saw that his own creation was being destroyed, he was very angry, he crushed the two of them into ashes and abandoned this world that was split into two halves. Whereas the ashes of the two brothers turned into the endless sand and covered God’s abandoned valley - the edge of the world that had been cut in half.

"What legend?"

Benjamin frowned.

He really had not heard about this legend before.

But ... if this was Ferelden's version of it, would it mean that...

The man in the wheelchair continued and it was as he imagined: "So, God’s abandoned valley that was mentioned in the legend, it is the end of the eastern desert and the edge of the world, which is an endless crack of space. This is also the reason why no one has ever travelled across the desert and nobody has come from the other side. After entering the desert, as you walk towards the eastside, there will be an infinite dark abyss."

Hearing up until here, Benjamin could not help but to take a deep breath.

Putting aside the exaggerating legend, if God’s abandoned valley was really in the desert, it would be reasonable for the bracelet to appear in the eastern desert as it was the key to opening the valley.

But ... the end of the desert, the crack of the world. If this was the version of this world, with the existence of God’s abandoned valley, would it not be very dangerous?

If he were to take the treasure map and the bracelet there, with one step, he might fall into the boundless abyss.

It was quite scary just by thinking about it...

"Do you plan to leave with this bracelet?" Suddenly, the man in the wheelchair said, as though he thought of something, his tone changed abruptly. "I can exchange it for something, anything you want."

Benjamin was holding the bracelet as he looked at him in surprise.

What was this situation?

Previously, he had an arrogant and stubborn attitude, but now, his attitude changed faster than a chameleon changing color. Moreover, his offer was so good that Benjamin had doubts.

There was something more to this bracelet?

"Why do you want this bracelet suddenly?" He asked while he cautiously kept the bracelet.

"I have my reasons. It’s not something that you are allowed to know." The man in the wheelchair replied, "Don’t you want those magic tool designs? I sorted out an atlas, as long as you give me the bracelet, I can lend it to you for a whole day."

But Benjamin shook his head.

He was so urgent and desperate that Benjamin found it strange, therefore, Benjamin would not give the ring to him.

At that moment, his attitude was more determined.

"If you do not tell me the reason, don’t even think about it."

Hearing that, the man in the wheelchair finally started to get a little angry: "You ... you’re hopeless. If this goes on, you will kill everyone!"

"If I don’t give you the bracelet, I will kill everyone, what kind of logic is this? If you don’t explain it clearly, don’t expect me to give it to you."

The man in the wheelchair shook his head: "Why do you want to know so badly?"

"I just want to know, okay?"

Therefore, their conversation got tense once again —— although this time was the opposite of the last time.

But it did not matter, Benjamin was patient.

"Okay! Since you want to know so badly, I'll tell you." Eventually, the man in the wheelchair seemed to have lost his patience, he stared at Benjamin and coldly said, "The bracelet is very important, it definitely cannot fall into the wrong hands. Also, you are already a dead man, so there’s no point in keeping the bracelet!"