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Chapter 357: Escaping Tactics

Chapter 357: Escaping Tactics

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Aldrich heard this and smirked smugly. The elements around his body fluctuated - it seemed like he was ready to attack.

However, Benjamin was faster than him.

He quickly cast a spell and ice blades started to materialize out of thin air. Benjamin motioned with his hand and the ice blades swirled around for a bit, before heading straight for the enemy.

He did not know how strong Aldrich was, so he did not hold back - even the King was caught in the flurry.

Aldrich merely shook his head calmly.

His lips moved but no sound came out. Suddenly, two magic shields appeared, protecting both him and the King.

The ice blades continuously hit the shield, making loud bangs with each strike. However, the shield remained intact without any signs of wavering.

Benjamin frowned.

There was no doubt that this guy was acting during the night of the King’s assassination. With his skill level, there was no way the assassin could get away.

This will be troublesome…

"Grant, was it worth it to give up your faith in God for such a mediocre magic?" Aldrich shouted while blocking Benjamin’s attack.

Benjamin heard this and sneered.

"Oh really? Try this on for size!"

Benjamin suddenly turned around as steam started to form around his legs. By using the ice as cover, he charged straight at the window behind Aldrich!

It happened so fast, even Aldrich was stunned.

"Trying to run?" However, he was quick to react. He rushed to cast a spell which caused numerous earth elements to come together to seal off the window.

"Did you think that I would let you escape?" He sealed off the alleged exit and victoriously smiled.

At that point, Benjamin and Aldrich were just a few feet apart. If Benjamin wanted to, he could probably spit on Aldrich’s face.

But naturally, he didn’t.

Benjamin who seemingly looked like he failed to escape suddenly turned his head and looked at Aldrich, before smiling.

"Exactly according to plan."

In a split second, he turned sideways and leaned in towards the King.

The King had still not recovered from the ice blade storm. Right now, he was protected by a shield but could only watch as Benjamin came close.

"What are you …"

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Benjamin clench his left hand into a fist, before pointing it towards him. In between his fingers were five glistening, ice needles – like some sort of brutal knuckle duster.

Suddenly, Benjamin swung at the shield.


The shield rang like a bell. The previously impenetrable shield now had a gaping hole clean through its center. Subsequently, the entire shield shattered and disappeared into thin air.

At the same time, Benjamin dispersed the ice needle and grabbed the king's shoulder.

The king was shocked.

"Don’t move, otherwise, I will kill him!" Benjamin said threateningly.

Aldrich stopped in his tracks.

"Stop it! Do you know what you are doing?" His eyes were wide open as he warned seriously.

Benjamin laughed and replied, "Of course I do."

While he was talking, a sharp ice dagger formed in his hand. Before anyone could react, he ferociously thrust it into the King’s thigh!

The king screamed as blood splattered on the ground.

Quickly, he spun around so that he now stood behind the king whilst facing Aldrich. Benjamin supported the King with one hand and used the other to hold the ice dagger to the king's neck, using the king as a kind of human shield.

Benjamin did all of this in the span of a few seconds; Aldrich did not even get to cast a spell.


"There’s nothing that I won’t do, so you better not act rashly." Benjamin interrupted him and said coldly.

From the brief clash they had just now, Benjamin had already decided to give up on fighting Aldrich.

No matter what, Aldrich was still the guild master of the Mages Freemasonry. After years of battles, he was very experienced, it would not be wise for Benjamin to face him.

Not to mention that since they were still in the palace, if they were to fight for a long time, other people would definitely come.

Right on cue, the servants outside started banging on the door and asked desperately, "Your majesty! What happened? Do you want me to call someone?"

The group of them in the room looked towards the door.

"Tell him you’re fine, or I'll kill you," Benjamin whispered to the king.

The king heard this, took a deep breath to force himself to calm down and shouted, "I’m fine, just stay outside."

Even though they were not convinced, the guards remained quiet and went back to their job of guarding the door. They could not object to the king’s orders.

Seeing this, Benjamin was relieved. He looked back at Aldrich.

"Mage Aldrich, he is your puppet to control Ferelden, no? I’m sure that you do not want the honorable king to die here with me, a humble mage, right?"

Because the king was being controlled by the church, he was extremely valuable to them. Proclaiming new laws, lifting the ban on the church, limiting the freedom of the mages... all this could only be done with the help of the king. Even if the church were to find a substitute, it would be difficult to convince the public of his authority.

The King of Ferelden was the key factor in their plan to invade Ferelden!

As such, keeping the king hostage was Benjamin’s option right now.

If he were to kill the king, the conspiracy against Ferelden that the church had planned for so many years will be in vain. Based on Aldrich's loyalty to the church, he would not let this happen.

There was nothing Aldrich could do.

"Are you crazy? God’s grace bathed you while you grew up, and this is how you repay him? You are no better than the common street urchin!"

Benjamin smiled and responded, "Both of us are sinners, so let’s not find fault with each other."

Whilst still keeping the king hostage, he started taking small steps towards the window.

"Open the window. Otherwise, I will make you regret disobeying me." Benjamin said with eyes as cold as steel.