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Chapter 358: Unexpected Changes

Chapter 358: Unexpected Changes

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"Mage Benjamin, please calm down. Let’s talk about this." the King tried his best to suppress the fear in his voice as he spoke.

"Even if I wanted to talk, you guys will not give me the chance, right?" Benjamin sneered coldly and continue, "What is the progress of your plan? How many priests have you already smuggled into Ferelden?

Aldrich and the King went silent. From their silence, Benjamin got all the information he needed.

"Open the window." he was not the least bit surprised, "Let me out and I will spare the King’s life. "

Aldrich narrowed his eyes, "Even if you manage to escape this time, one day I will eventually catch you."

"Cut the crap and just open the window."

Aldrich went silent for a moment before he suddenly waved his hands; the stone wall that was blocking the window retreated. The exit now laid unimpeached in front of Benjamin.

Benjamin’s heart thumped heavily.

He grabbed the king and got ready to jump out of the window to take his leave.

However, an eerie magic fluctuation suddenly came from the window. Benjamin suddenly felt as if there was a mountain on shoulders, causing his movements to drastically slow down.


Benjamin's expression changed.

Although the stone wall seal appeared to be gone, the disassembled earth elements had not been dispelled. They still hovered around the window, forming a gravity force trap to totally suppress Benjamin.

The changes did not immediately cause any cause magic fluctuations and Benjamin was not sensitive to earth elements, which was why he did could not sense anything.

Aldrich sneered, "Did you really think that I would let you leave so easily?"

Benjamin growled and immediately pressed the ice dagger to the king's neck.

However, he found that the earth elements were limiting his actions to the point where it was difficult to even flick his wrist. The dagger could only scratch white streaks on the king's neck, drawing no blood.

Aldrich straightened himself before starting to mutter a spell.

This is…

Benjamin recognized this magic.

Wind Binding Slash: considered one of the most powerful single target skills available. It compressed large amounts of wind elements into extremely fine wind threads that could penetrate any shield. It was commonly used by assassins to kill people in a single strike by riddling the neck with needle sized holes.

As the room started to tremble with wind elements, Benjamin realized that he absolutely could not take this blow!

And yet, he could not move or dodge. The wind threads were extremely flexible and could easily bypass the King and strike him from any angle.

This was troublesome…

In a moment of desperation, Benjamin quickly summoned an anti-magic water ball, which he intended to use to trap Aldrich, thus interrupting his incantation.

However, it did not go according to plan.

As Aldrich started spell casting, countless wind elements gathered by his side, forming a mini hurricane. Whenever the water ball got close, it was immediately blown away by the wind. It would be impossible to stop Aldrich with this method.

Benjamin saw this but did not panic.

If it was not possible with one water ball, then he would try two, or three... In a short while, the whole room was almost flooded with water. Only Aldrich who was still casting the spell under the protection of the wind storm remained dry - even Benjamin and the king were totally soaked. Under the pressure of the water, Benjamin felt the gravity restraints slowly weaken.

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty! What is happening?" The servants outside the door kept knocking on the door, but right now, nobody in the room could be bothered to respond.

Benjamin’s was completely focused on Aldrich.

A high-leveled magic spell cast time was relatively long. In addition to this, Benjamin’s continuous interference with water should have further interrupted Aldrich.

However, Aldrich seemed to ignore all of it.

After about a minute, he suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes pierced through the all the commotion in the room and locked onto Benjamin.

Immediately, Benjamin’s heart stopped - Aldrich had finished casting his spell.

"Quick! It's your time shine!" He shouted at the system.

At the same time, the water in the room suddenly parted, as though something invisible had pierced through and created a narrow tunnel.

It was the wind threads that Aldrich had summoned.

The threads traveled very quickly and within the blink of an eye, was in front of Benjamin. Benjamin’s eyes caught sight of it just as it was in front of his eyes. Without stopping, it went straight through his skull.


The water in the room started to swirl and splash about as if out of control. Like a raging storm, it smashed heavily against both walls and furniture.

At the same time, countless ice shards started appearing in the storm... they appeared without warning and together with the raging water, spread all around the room.

Aldrich narrowed his eyes.

Despite the protection of the shield, his vision was blocked. All he could see in front of him was a world of blue and white, like some sort of abstract painting.

"How could it be… he didn’t die?" He frowned and muttered.

The power of the Wind Binding Slash was difficult for even grandmaster mages to block. It would have been impossible for a young man like Benjamin.

According to his earlier test, even at the early age of twenty, Benjamin was considered to be a very talented mage. However, the difference in their strength was still very wide - it should be impossible for him to block the fatal wind thread.

Then... what was this strange feeling?

As he was about to dispel the shattered ice and splashing water, there was suddenly a loud noise.

Aldrich frowned and immediately sped up his incantation.

After he cleared out the shattered ice and splashing water, he saw that the whole room was a mess. Tables and chairs lay on the ground, the chandeliers were broken, and the ground was covered with broken glass. The king laid on the ground and was groaning weakly.

As he turned around, Aldrich spotted a large, human-sized hole in the wall. He was shocked.

He... he ran away?

Inside the room, Benjamin was nowhere to be seen. Besides the king's bleeding thigh, there were no signs of an exploded brain or damage caused by the wind thread.

Aldrich was shocked.

How was this possible?

He hurried outside and to have a look. Under the moonlight, he saw a blurred figure flying away at great speeds.

Instantly, Aldrich’s eyes changed.

First, he managed to block his fatal attack, and now he wanted to run away? No way!

After making sure that the king was not at risk of dying, he cast the flying spell and started the chase.

Only the king was left in the room.

He tried to get up but the wound on his leg made him fall to the ground again.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The servants and guards outside had finally managed to kick open the locked door and quickly rush in.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Are you ok?"

They hurriedly propped the King up.

The king shook his head and gasped for air. He immediately grabbed a guard and shouted, "Quickly! Seal the whole City of Snow! Tell every guard on duty, if you see anyone flying in the sky, immediately report it to me! "

"How, how..." The guards still had not processed what the King was saying.

"What are you waiting for, go!" The king shouted.

The guards nodded their heads and left in a rush.

"Your Majesty... your leg..." The servant who was supporting the king looked at the deep wound on the King’s thigh and the pants that were soaked in blood. He had no idea what to do.

The king saw this and shook his head weakly.

"Don’t panic, I'm fine. Take me to the doctors."

The servant was stunned but immediately nodded his head.

However, they suddenly heard a familiar voice come behind them.

"It’s too soon to be happy."

The familiar voice shocked both the servant and the king. However, before they could react, two ice blades appeared and pierced them clean through their chest.

The King’s face started to pale, and with the last effort of his life, he whispered, "How… how is this possible… "

Then, he collapsed to the ground.

Benjamin watched him take his last breath. Then, he slowly walked towards the wardrobe, holding an ordinary mirror in his hand.