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Chapter 371: The Leader of The Priests

Chapter 371: The Leader of The Priests

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Benjamin frowned when he heard this.

As expected… it was not easy to bully the people from the church. He had ordered the "Crow" to start causing trouble for the church half a month ago, but even so, they didn’t want to let go.

"They mentioned street gangs… but what else did they know besides that?" Benjamin thought before asking, "How deep are they into their investigation? Do they even know about the "Crow"?"

Jessica went silent for a moment and said, "If they don’t know anything, then I wouldn’t need to worry."

"They know? But how?" Benjamin was a little surprised.

Jessica sighed. She supported herself by holding onto the table as she sat down, "Yesterday, a few members of my gang got caught trying to cause trouble for the church. I’m not questioning their loyalty, but… they are just ordinary people - they might have said something."

...someone got caught?

Hearing this, Benjamin got a headache.

Although it was normal for street bullies to fail their mission, but to get caught... When he first asked Jessica to harass the church, Jessica assured him that her men were very cautious and would not get caught.

She must have gotten overly confident.

However, right now was not the time to point fingers.

He had bigger things to worry about; if the church used their memory reading spell, no one other than mages would be able to keep their secrets.

In addition to this, it would be troublesome if the few men that got caught knew of Benjamin. Could this possibly expose him?

"The group that got caught... how much did they know?" Thinking about this, Benjamin immediately asked.

Jessica spoke with a solemn tone, "They do not know you exist, but they do know me and are also aware of the location of the "Crow’s" stronghold. Moreover, they have seen the faces of the majority of the "Crow's" active members. If the church gained access to that knowledge, we would suffer a very heavy blow."

As she was saying this, she leaned against the table and rubbed her temple. Her usual tough and calm demeanor had faded by now and she looked like a college student who was about to take her finals without studying.

After hearing this, Benjamin got even more worried.

According to what she said, if the church read their memory, the whole "Crow" gang would be doomed. And if the "Crow" was doomed, the church would definitely find out about Benjamin.

Ever since Benjamin returned from the City of Snow, he had been working in the dark and never showed himself in public; therefore, his name was not on the wanted list. But if he got caught now, the church would have a reason arrest him.

He was not afraid of being wanted on the wanted list, but it would be difficult to recruit mages as a criminal.

"You should all start hiding." After being silent for a while, Benjamin said quietly, "It will be very dangerous once the church starts searching for all of you. It would be better for your group to leave Rayleigh city until this whole thing blows over."

Hearing this, Jessica shook her head fiercely.

"Sir, the "Crow" is the only thing that my father left me. If we were to go into hiding, there would be no place for the "Crow" in Rayleigh City once I come back. I cannot leave."

"But what can you do? Your position and identity has been exposed, do you intend to try to fight the church head on?"

Jessica shook her head again before suddenly taking a map out from the cupboard next to her.

"I have already done my investigations. The one who caught my men last night is a priest named Johann." She rolled out the map as she spoke, "Because the church had not yet finished their construction, they have rented a few houses spread all over the city for the priest to live. As for Johann, he is the leader and therefore will be living alone right here."

She jabbed her finger at a street on the north side of the map.

Benjamin raised his brows, "Are you sure?"

"I would not joke about matters regarding the 'Crow’s’ safety." Jessica replied firmly.

Benjamin’s eyes twinkled as he stared at the location on the map.

The leader of the priests?

He might have a way to turn this thing around.

"After my men got caught, the priest brought them to his residence where they are still being kept." Jessica said urgently, "Mr. Benjamin, they were caught less than a day ago - there is a chance they have yet to reveal anything. Could you possibly try to save them?"

"Do not worry, I will definitely try to help them." Benjamin said, "But you better be mentally prepared. The church has a way to look into people's memory. If they used that on your men, they would learn of everything in less than a minute."

He observed Jessica’s reaction before continuing, "Information about the Crow... will most likely be exposed."

Hearing this, Jessica became short of breath and started to gasp for air.

Benjamin shook his head.

He could probably understand how she felt at the moment. After all, she had worked so hard to expand her gang. It was not easy being the largest gang in the city of Rayleigh, and to hear that all her hard work might be destroyed in just one night was probably too much for her.

Not to mention, what the "Crow" meant to her personally.

"Even if you experience a setback right now, I am certain an amazing person like you has the courage to start over again." Benjamin tried to comfort her.

Jessica kept quiet for a long time before half-heartedly saying, "Don’t worry, in the whole "Crow" gang, only Bernard and I know about your existence. If the people from the church tried to interrogate us, we would kill ourselves first so as to not expose you.

After hearing this, Benjamin shifted his gaze to the ground.

How could someone be so stubborn?

"So... you are not willing to leave Rayleigh City no matter what, right?" He asked.

Jessica shook her head, "Not a chance."

"Ok then."

Benjamin sighed before suddenly slamming the table, "Tonight, I will visit the priest and examine the situation. Even if information on the "Crow" is leaked, you need not worry. I assure you that they will be too preoccupied to come after you."

Jessica was surprised and asked confusedly, "Why?"

Benjamin smiled, as he looked out the window, "Because I’m going to take the life of every single one of them."