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Chapter 375: A Very Realistic Question

Chapter 375: A Very Realistic Question

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"Sir, are you... a mage?"

Hearing this, Benjamin turned around, looked at the gangster, and smiled.

"Go look for Jessica and tell her that the information had not been leaked, she will assign you your next task." He had switched over from being a murderous monster to a relaxed and friendly guy.

Before Benjamin made his move, he had camped beside the staircase for some time; this was how he heard the dialogue between Hans and the priest. Judging from what the priest said, he still needed a "thing" to extract their memories, and that "thing" had not yet arrived. This was why he kept the both of them here for so long without doing anything.

Since the priest was now dead, Jessica need not worry about the "Crow" being exposed.

"Jessica… you mean our boss?" Hans was stunned and said hesitantly, "I’m not actually qualified to see our boss."

Benjamin heard this and smiled, "You are qualified now."

Hans froze for a while, then his eyes widened as he suddenly understood what Benjamin meant.

He was pleasantly surprised. He clumsily stumbled towards Benjamin, before bowing and thanking him. He was so grateful that he was prepared to even worship Benjamin.

Benjamin shook his head, turned around and summoned a few healing water balls to heal Hans companion who had been struck by the Holy Light. After he woke up, Hans went over to explain the situation to him. When he heard that the priest was dead, he almost cried tears of joy.

"Alright, both of you must hurry up and leave, I need to go as well." Benjamin said, "Be careful. From this day on, both of you are fugitives in Fereldan."

When they heard this, they took a deep breath to calm themselves down from their previous excitement. They thanked Benjamin once again, then hurriedly left.

As for Benjamin, he glanced at the priest's body one last time then he turned around and quickly left the house.

"What time is it?" He asked in his heart.

The System answered, "A little past two."

"How many more priests do I need to kill tonight?"


Benjamin sighed at his workload. He needed to move quickly.

Therefore, he flew in the air at great speeds while looking through his hit list. He still needed to travel to four towns, a total distance of three to four hundred kilometers. The men that he sent earlier had already identified the position of each priest leader and were now staying up late to wait for him. It was not the time for him to relax.

When the news eventually got to the bishop who was controlling the palace, who knows how he would react.

Benjamin smiled at the thought. Like a shadow, he darted across the dark sky over Ferelden.

In the dead of night, most people were still sleeping. They had no idea about the metamorphosis their country was about to experience.

"Teacher, you’re here finally! I almost fell asleep. The target is here, in a house on the west side of the city; he lives alone so you can easily make your move."

"Who are you? Ah!! You... God will pu… punish you..."

"I’m done. Next."

Benjamin left his bloody footsteps in all the towns around the city of Rayleigh. Over the course of the night, nine missionary priest leaders were killed – all their crosses destroyed by Benjamin’s Water Vortex Prison before their throats were slit with an ice blade.

In every crime scene, Benjamin carved a weird triangle shape into the ground - as though he was marking his territory like a beast. He wanted to instill fear in the Church.

By the end of his rampage, the sun was already rising. Only then did he have some free time to take a break on a deserted farm. However, his work was far from over.

He had only dealt with nine towns, there were still hundreds more to go.

As he was performing the assassinations, the mercenary mages under his command were likewise constantly moving and investigating other towns in Ferelden. They were like an infectious new virus, constantly infecting new towns to locate the priest leader, then wait for Benjamin to kill them.

From a rough estimation, Benjamin would be able to clean up nearly 30 towns over the next few days.

As the news slowly starts spreading out, the Church will be in shock and start taking precautions. Since they will be on alert, the assassinations would be too risky; that is when Benjamin will stop.

The death of nearly 30 priest leaders should serve as an extremely scary deterrence against the church. They would have no time to worry about common street gangs.

Of course, Benjamin didn’t do this just to keep the "Crow" safe. He was declaring war on the church.

The Church had done way too much damage. Missionary work was an insult to magic, but the mages kept quiet out of fear of repercussions.

Therefore, Benjamin wanted to represent all the mages in Ferelden and go against the Church.

After this, the relationship between all the mages and the Church will become even tenser, the assassination might enrage the church and cause them to lash out at the mages. There might be some weaker mages who do not want to get involved, instead, choosing to put the blame on Benjamin. However, Benjamin was clear that defending themselves was every mage’s responsibility.

If they did not make a move first, the church would.

After taking a two-hour nap, the system’s alarm rang, signaling the start of Benjamin’s next mission.

The next morning, the air was tainted with the smell of blood.

"Father Johann? Are you awake? It’s already late."

Many priests and construction workers stood outside the house of the priest leader. They knocked on the door multiple times but to no avail.

"Father Johann, are you there? Father Johann!"

They stood at the door and shouted for more than half an hour. But even as their voice grew sore from shouting, still, there was no answer.

"That’s weird... why is he not responding." The priest who was knocking on the door turned around, rubbed his sore knuckles and said whilst looking very puzzled.

"Move! Something is wrong! Something might have happened to Father Johann."

Finally, a priest squeezed through the crowd, ran up to the door and suddenly began casting a spell.

He condensed a holy light grenade, threw it directly at the door and created a hole. The priests who were gathered outside looked each other nodded their heads, and entered the house cautiously.

Right after entering the house, they were hit with the smell of blood.


The expression of the priests, they immediately ran toward the source of the smell. After a while, they went down the stairs and arrived at the basement.

Chaos ensued.

"How, how did this happen?"

"Father Johann! Please wake up! Wake up!"

"Oh, all mighty God, why did something like this happen?"

The pool of blood in the basement was dried up and now had a weird and sticky texture. Father Johann was lying there with a pale face and eyes wide open, as though he had seen something unbelievable before he died.

The priests were stunned and did not move for a good five minutes.

Perhaps they had felt that the Church was so great that they did not expect anyone to dare attack them.

After recovering from the shock, the priest who was standing in front could not bear with it any longer - he stretched out his hand and closed Father Johann’s eyes. The other priests put their hands together and began praying.

The atmosphere of the basement became heavy and tense. Other than the quiet muttering of prayers, the place was dead silent.

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence.

"Sir…" A construction worker at the back rubbed his neck as he apologetically said, "We are sad that Father Johann has passed. But... who is going to pay us now?"