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Chapter 393: Appointment for a meeting

Chapter 393: Appointment for a meeting

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While the church was freaking out, Benjamin was hiding in an inn in Rayleigh, slowing going through the reports of his success.

"Randt: The Free Mages was very well received here; twelve mages have even joined our ranks."

"Uther: a few wealthy merchants have contacted us and inquired about the ways they could help us financially."

"North River village: Many mage hermits around here - two of them have joined us."


The plan was going better than he expected. Even though some of the newspapers had not been successfully delivered, the overall plan proceeded without a hitch. His followers were efficient and been cautious enough not to be caught.

Luckily for them, the Church was not prepared for their second attack.

The distribution of newspapers into people’s houses was done by his followers, but the advertisements placed all around Snow was done by a squad led by Benjamin. It was a high-risk maneuver, but with the water elemental sensing technique, they managed to avoid all of the night patrols and plaster the newspaper all over the city.

Last night was an exhausting night for everybody involved.

Benjamin almost expected the patrols to notice the newspapers halfway through the night and alert the Church. But he soon found that there were actually not that many patrolling guards. Snow was lacking manpower right now due to the raids, so the guards were ordered to stay at specific posts. As long as they avoided these posts, they did not need to worry about getting spotted.

The Free Mage was already a hot-topic in Ferelden; not only did it cause problems for the Church, but it also expanded their own influence. The mages found something that they could unite under whilst the regular civilians used it to learn about the world of mages and the Church.

Those that hated the Church would be attracted by the paper and would extend their hand toward Benjamin’s cause.

Seeing the letter in his hands, Benjamin felt that he was growing stronger by the day. Soon, he will have the power to face the Church directly!

He had waited for far too long for this opportunity.

As Benjamin continued going through his mail, he came across a letter that was not a report from his followers.

Benjamin raised his eyebrows and examined the letter.

The letter did not state its sender or senders address – all it had on it was a small pentagon symbol.

Was it from Mikel?

Previously they had contacted each other with nameless letters, they would usually use a symbol to identify themselves in their letters.

Thinking this had to be the case, Benjamin flipped open the letter. But, he was shocked at its contents.

Royal officers wanted to meet with him? And even the prime minister was seeking his help to chase out the Church?

This was…interesting.

After giving it some thought, Benjamin took out a piece of paper and started writing a reply.

This chance was one in a million. Only with great effort had he finally been noticed by the governing circle of Ferelden. It was even more amazing that they were supportive of his cause; he will not let this opportunity slip by.

With these people as his allies, it would be even easier to get rid of the Church.

This matter was now his priority. Benjamin sent out his reply asking them to meet him in a small village three days from now.

Following this, he finished reading the other reports before asking the System save all of it to the hard drive to slowly analyze them for him later. After this, Benjamin entered the space of consciousness, faced the three glowing runes, and started meditating.

Even though there was much to do, he would not forgo his training.

After some practice with water energy, the magical runes were nourished and the distance between them reduced. Right now, the runes were only three to four meters apart.

Benjamin was glad that his meditation was paying off. The rebel organization was growing stronger by the day, as their leader, he could not let himself fall behind.

After some time.

"Hey, something seems to have happened. Open your eyes and have a look." the System suddenly called out at Benjamin who was immersed in water elemental energy.

"What’s wrong?" Benjamin opened his eyes and was stunned.

There were now two yellow balls of the same size bouncing in front of him in the dimension of consciousness. He turned to look at them. They were quite comical-looking, smaller than the System had been before, but with the same mocking faces and art style.

Benjamin snapped back to reality and shook his head.

"What do you think you’re doing?"

The System was helpless, "It’s not me. After you let out that last bout of water energy, I decided to absorb some of it. After a while, I felt myself expand then, I suddenly split into two."


Benjamin was speechless.

What the hell was the System that it could even perform cytokinesis? Would it split up even more, later? Benjamin shuddered to think of what the dimension of consciousness would become if this continued.

"So… did you gain a new power?"

The two comical things bounced and said, "I don’t think so, but I think the intangibility timer has increased."


Benjamin got annoyed at the two mocking faces bouncing around so joyously and had the urge to punch both of them.

"Keep your distance. If you keep hopping in front of me, I’m afraid I might punch you."


The System(s) turned around and bounced away.

Benjamin shook his head helplessly, then prepared to continue meditating.

But, at that moment, he felt his vision blur and his whole world turned upside down. When he opened his eyes again, all he could see was an endless space of deep blue.

In the infinite space, something was orbiting him. Was this… the pure blue space?

"That’s right!"

Benjamin jumped when he heard the voice.

Before this, all his visits were almost trance-like; he could not hear anything, he could just kind of make out sounds. Hearing a clean and clear voice in this place made him very uncomfortable.

Why was there a person talking to him here?

Benjamin looked for the source of the sound. He was feeling more awkward by the second.

Suddenly, he spotted the two bouncing comical beings nearby. Their gross yellow color contrasted the pure blue space.


Benjamin was confused. What the hell?

His accidental visit to pure blue space had already left him confused. But, to find that the System, in his new ridiculous form, followed had him here as well… that was downright ridiculous.

In his heart, he always felt that the pure blue space should be a place of dignity.

But, now…Benjamin sighed.

It was like finding out that beautiful women farted just like everyone else.

"Don’t ask me why I’m here, I really have no idea." The System spoke again, "But it doesn’t matter since you can’t talk here anyway!"


Benjamin really could not speak.

Benjamin suddenly realized that the pure blue space was related to the System. Maybe his cytokinesis had resonated with pure blue space, creating some sort of reaction.

If that was the case, would thing be different this time around?

Benjamin was silent for a while, then he stretched out his hand and reached for the rune closest to him.