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Chapter 397: The Slick Prime Minister

Chapter 397: The Slick Prime Minister

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"Before this, there were many amongst the officials who hated Bishop Victor, but now they have been quite suppressed," said the Prime Minister. "We could think of a way for them to be built up again and continue to be a thorn in the side of the Bishop."

Hearing that, Benjamin nodded.

"So… What else?"

The Prime Minister revealed a slick smile: "You should know that we have always adopted an ingratiating attitude towards the Bishop. If it is for us to publicly rebel, or to release some statement defying the Church- that we cannot do."

Benjamin shrugged his shoulders in acceptance.

Sure enough, although they had said that they would help, but with their identities and personalities, they were a bunch of treacherous court officials who swayed according to whomever was currently in power. It was very unrealistic to hope for any confidence on them.

They could not be fully depended on as faithful allies…

Having thought about this, Benjamin cast a glance at Mikel, and looked back, saying: "Then what can you do? Forget about interfering from the side; if it is about interference, I can do it myself. Why must I need you and your men?"

Saying thus, he put away the smile on his face, and his tone became less friendly— he needed this Prime Minister to know that he was not someone who was easily fooled, or this Prime Minister would not provide him assistance of any practical value.

As for Mikel, it was not wise to continue holding back on his account.

"Mage Benjamin, it is not necessary for you to be so hasty." The Prime Minister was, however, still chuckling. "What we can do depends on your plans. If you can fight all the way to the gates of the City of Snow, we can help you open up the gates. If you want to smear the Church’s reputation, we can secretly edit the Bishop’s orders... We are able to accomplish many things. Nevertheless, you should understand that none of us wishes to bear too great a risk."

…...If one wishes to be in the safest position, if everything fails, was it still possible to protect oneself prudently?

Although Benjamin was slightly disgruntled, but he still accepted their stance. He understood the means that they had. If this team of people really wanted, they could even destroy the entire kingdom of Ferelden without the Bishop’s knowledge.

Under such circumstances, it was already a rather good deal that they were willing to provide assistance.

"Then you should know a lot of things." After some thought, Benjamin spoke again, "During these few days, other than clearing up the newspapers, what else has the Church been busy with?"

As practical help was unavailable for the time being, the least they could do was to furnish him with some news.

"It is all as you see." The Prime Minister stroked his beard, answering slowly. "However… If you are talking about the ones hiding under the surface, they have sent many into the midst of the people to uncover those with divine talent. When the time is ripe, a college will be built in Ferelden to expand their power of influence."

Hearing this, Benjamin raised his eyebrows. Even Mikel wore an expression of surprise; apparently, he did not know of this.

Raising up new blood...?

It had never occurred to Benjamin that the Church was doing exactly what he was.

He understood the implications clearly.

The Church was not very welcome in Ferelden, partly because they were outsiders and were not able to blend into this country of Ferelden. Come to think about it, one of them looked like the foreigners’ priest, preaching to the locals in a foreign accent. The local would definitely resist his sermons subconsciously. However, if they were to pick a priest from amongst the locals, then that sense of belonging would be completely different.

Once a local priest appears, the Church would be deemed to have roots in Ferelden.

"Can you stop this?" Thus, Benjamin hastily asked.

"Unless the Bishop is driven out from the Palace. Otherwise it would be very difficult to stop." The Prime Minister shook his head, saying. "We can only delay it, secretly try to trip them up and do our best to postpone the birth of the first Ferelden Priest."

"Then do your best in delaying it," Benjamin thought for a moment, and added, "In the future, if the Church has any plans, try to postpone them as much as you can. Basically, just impede their administrative efficacy as much as you can."

If every decree from the Church was delayed by three days, Benjamin’s chances of success would increase.

The Prime Minister replied with a smile: "Do not worry. We had always done this when His Majesty the King was alive. Before, we would always do our best to misappropriate one fifth of the funds used by the Church to build the cathedrals."


If he remembered correctly, did the Church not use their own funds to build the cathedrals?

Benjamin suddenly felt sympathy for the Bishop.

Because they had opposing views, the capable, good officials had to be subdued, and these crafty lazy corrupt officials had to be relied on heavily. To be honest, Bishop Victor should just focus on being a bishop; being in the government did not suit him.

Taking a second look now, Benjamin’s decision to kill the King was really the best course of action.

If the King were alive now, the Church would control everything from the shadows. They would definitely not be running up against obstacles like they were now. Also, after the King’s death, no matter how fantastic the Church’s solutions were, their plans had always been thoroughly ruined by Benjamin.

He had virtually saved the whole of Ferelden.

—Benjamin could not help but think that self-conceitedly.

"It looks like you are satisfied with our response, sir." Seeing thus, the Prime Minister smiled and nodded his head. He continued: "This seems to be a bet we are placing on you, sir. So, likewise, we have some questions we’d like to ask you too."

Hearing that, Benjamin nodded. "Ask away."

The Prime Minister stroked his beard, a smile on his face, saying, "Getting rid of the Church is a herculean task. What do you intend to do, sir?"

Benjamin answered: "We will gather our forces and attack the City of Snow, eliminate the Church and take over the Palace. Then, instate a new king."

Hearing this, regardless of how crafty and slick the Prime Minister was, he could not help but look surprised.

"What brave words. Your spirit, sir, touches me deeply." With a sudden thought, he continued: "However, if that day really comes, surely you have no plans to take the throne for yourself?"

…...was he testing him?

Benjamin gave a laugh, saying: "Take the throne? And then? Be surrounded by a group of fellows like you?"

What good was being king? He did not want to be king.

Furthermore, the mages who were following him now, were following him because he was rebelling against the Church. If he really had the intention of being king, the entire rebel organization would collapse, leaving only the twenty plus mages who had escaped the Kingdom of Helius with him.

Hearing that, the Prime Minister smiled, saying: "That is true. If you are indeed successful, sir, please do not choose me as king. I still want to live for a few more years."

"Of course." Benjamin replied jokingly.

"Right, you said just now that we are to join forces." The Prime Minister nodded, echoing Benjamin’s previous words. "Have you already gathered those forces now, sir?"

Benjamin thought for a moment, and said: "It wouldn’t hurt to tell you. Other than you, I have already reached a consensus with General Stuart. Not too long from now, he will stand up and be the first to publicly rebel against the Church."

Upon hearing that, the Prime Minister’s expression changed slightly; the wrinkles on his face quivered.

"Really? But... From the clues and tracks I’d gotten from my inquiries, General Stuart had been on the Church’s side since early on." He squinted his eyes and said slowly, "He has been keeping in contact with the Bishop secretly. In fact, he had surrendered to the Church before the king’s death."