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Chapter 399: Preparation

Chapter 399: Preparation

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Slowly, news of the demonstration started to spread throughout Fereldan.

The observant citizen would notice that besides the growing crowds of people on the streets of Rayleigh, priests were seen less and less outside. The City of Snow was also quiet; other than the soldiers who were still clearing up the newspapers, there was essentially no activity from the Ferelden officials.

Were they just going to allow the demonstrations to proceed? Highly unlikely.

The organization behind the demonstration had provoked the Church and even the royal family. Not to mention the situation in Ferelden was in such a mess, and things would only escalate if the Church did not do something about it now.

Meanwhile, amongst the mages…

"Is the demonstration really going to continue? Isn’t the Church controlling the royal family? What if they decide to abandon all pretense of amicability and attack us?"

"Don’t worry, this is an order from the top dogs. When the time comes, the all of the mages in the organization will be gathered in the City of Rayleigh. Even if the Church tries anything, they will be no match for us!"

"Well, that’s true… But doesn’t that mean that we will finally go to war with the church?"

"I hope so. I have waited too long for this day."

The members of the rebel organization had also received the order and hurriedly made their way to the City of Rayleigh. However, Benjamin did not let them enter the city directly; they were scattered around some of the towns neighboring Rayleigh, making sure to keep a low profile. They would only move when the time was right.

In the Desert City, the atmosphere was different. The mages were aware of the true plan were all quiet and tense in preparation for the upcoming battle.

"Finally, we can murder those god-damn priests."

In the middle of the circle set aside for the mages’ activities, Joann was buzzing with excitement. She beckoned at Frank who was sitting opposite her, "Come! Teacher has instructed us to hone our fighting skills over the next few days. Quick! Let’s do it!"

Frank looked helpless, "You do realize Teacher Benjamin was talking about techniques for team fighting, right?"

"What’s the difference? Nag, nag, nag, that’s all you ever do." Joanna impatiently said, "If you don’t even dare to fight solo, how can you talk about team fighting? Fast! Strike!"

"What kind of nonsense are you spouting…"

The mages watching them could not help but laugh and shake their heads.

"Are you not nervous?" Andy said suddenly, looking at the other mages, "I am anxious, and I’m not even joining the ambush. How are you guys not feeling a thing?"

"I’m still alright. Perhaps I have been through too many battles." Varys replied with a smile. "Actually, I have been waiting for this day to come ever since I first escaped from the Kingdom of Helius. The mages whom the Church have looked down on for so long finally have the chance to rebel. I feel quite thrilled."

"Great." Andy nodded, and said, "Remember to drink the magic potion I brewed for you guys before you fight."

"Of course." A few of them responded cheerily.

As the mages prepared for the upcoming battle, so did the Church. From the information Benjamin received, there were still some troops of soldiers in Ferelden that were stationed at their original post, but most of the troops seemed to have disappeared.

Also, there was news from the Prime Minister, The Church was on the move.

They had a huge army on the move - even Bishop Victor had joined them. They had secretly come from all over the land and were now inching stealthily towards the City of Rayleigh.

Hearing this, Benjamin could not but smile. Everything was going according to plan.

It would not be long before the day of reckoning.

"It won’t be long before we fight the Church to the death."

T-1 to the day of the demonstration. On the rooftop of the Castellan’s Castle, Morris pushed his wheelchair toward Benjamin and spoke nervously.

Benjamin turned around and laughed, "What do you think? Is what I am doing good or bad from your perspective?"

"What can I say?" Morris shook his head, "Back in the day, I would never have managed to achieve what you have achieved now. We were already defeated by the Church at the earliest stages."

"Then… Do you feel that I am prepared enough?"

Morris thought for a while before replying, "The plan is a little rushed."

"Yes." Benjamin nodded, and turned his gaze toward the open sky, "It’s not just a little rushed. It’s extremely rushed. The school in the Desert City has not yet produced a competent mage, there are still many mages that are ready to be recruited in Ferelden, you have not been able to supply the troops with basic magical tools, the members under me have yet to gather for a single training session… There are so many things that are still undone, how is it just a "little" rushed?"

Morris was perplexed by his response and could not help raising his eyebrow.

"But, you are still bent on striking."

Benjamin sighed. "Because things move so fast. The ball is already rolling, regardless of whether or not our preparations complete."

Morris was slightly startled.

Benjamin turned around and crossed his arms, "Do you want to know the story behind the big water ball in Havenwright?"

"...I’m all ears."

"At the time, I had just become a mage. I had intended to work hard at strengthening myself before deciding on what to do next." Here, Benjamin shrugged and continued. "Well, as you can see, I was not granted to luxury. I was caught completely off-guard when the Church barged into my room; they used me as a scapegoat for Grant, and I was sent to the stake at noon the next day."

"And yet, you survived."

"I was just lucky." Benjamin shook his head as if in denial, "A lot of people had to suffer just so that I could survive."

Hearing this, Morris shrugged emotionlessly, "Sometimes, one must pay a price just so he can stay alive."

"Yes. But that is a price I can no longer afford to pay." Benjamin crossed his arms and said, "Because of this, I will no longer stay in my comfort zone and use words like, ‘There is still time’ to reassure myself. Back then, I could have spared innocent people a lot of suffering if I had been more decisive."

Morris nodded his head as understood what Benjamin was trying to say, "You do not want to repeat the same mistake."

Benjamin did not reply.

"Exactly." Suddenly, the corners of his mouth turned up into a smile. "There cannot be any more procrastination; opportunities come and go quickly. Once I have seized it, I must keep a hold on it."

Seeing that, Morris understandingly sank into deep thought. He lowered his head, touched his legs and suddenly spoke, "Do you know what I hate the most about being in a wheelchair?"


Morris raised his head and replied with a grin, "I cannot secretly slip away every time someone starts to spout nonsense."

Hearing this, Benjamin started laughing heartily.

After laughing for a few moments, he shook his head and said helplessly, "...Get out of here."

Morris bowed toward Benjamin whilst smiling before dismissing himself.

However, just as he was about to leave, he suddenly stopped as though he had remembered something. He turned his head and shouted, "It is almost time, we should get going."

Benjamin was stunned. After asking the System the time, he regained his composure and looked down at the Desert City from his rooftop before turning back to Morris.

"Let’s go."