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Chapter 407: Human Flesh Firework

Chapter 407: Human Flesh Firework

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What happened?

Not only the mages, other people were pondering the question. Even the bishop had a face full of shock, in the pouring rain, he looked at the sky and that giant sword that was gone and totally out of contact with him.

Where did it go wrong?

Just now, he was still excited from defeating the opponent’s magic, and was even controlling the holy sword to go forward. But, at that moment, someone seemed to have cut off the mental connection between him and the holy sword, and it became nothing.

How could this be?

He lowered his head and looked at the cup.

He saw that the cup had accumulated rain water-----this normal and would not affect it. But what was strange was that the cup was shining unstably, as if it was affected by something.

At that moment, the bishop opened his eyes wider to inspect the cup.

What was affecting their holy artifact?

"Dummy, it’s a drop of water."

Suddenly there was a sound from behind. The bishop and the priests turned around and saw a familiar shadow in the bushes.

------Benjamin Lithur.

Or, what the bishop saw, ‘Grant Lithur’.

He smile and stood there, the rain was heavy, but he was not wet at all. There seemed to be a magical magnetic field around him, all the water droplets that touched him were repelled on their own, not staining him at all, like…..like…..

The bishop did not want to say it, but had an idea of what he was.

-----like the Emperor of this rain.

"What are you looking at, never seen a mage?" Benjamin laughed coldly and slowly said, "Quickly look at your cup."

The Bishop heard this and his heart sank, he turned to look at the holy artifact.

But, the cup was fine, holy light was shining from it, as it there was nothing wrong with it.

The Bishop frowned.

What…..what was going on?

Just when the bishop wanted to put the cup’s issue aside to deal with Benjamin. Suddenly, the water in the cup shook, a droplet of water formed a bullet and shot out.


The bishop was not prepared, and was hit directly in the eyes by the water droplet, and screamed in pain.

The holy knight saw this and quickly went to hold the bishop. At the same time, he held the few crosses in his hands and looked a Benjamin carefully.

"What…..what did you do?" He panicked and asked angrily.

"I sneak attacked him." Benjamin smiled and said, "I should thank you! You held the only few remaining crosses in your hands, if not, it would be impossible for me to control the water to attack Bishop Victor."

"What? How?" The holy knight lost his composure, and looked at the Crosses of Protections in his hand, then looked at the bishop who was covering his eyes, not knowing what to do anymore.

Benjamin smiled and shook his head.

"Everything is about to end."

In the rain, he walked slowly out from the darkness of the bushes. The hundred of priests looked at him and started backing off in fear, no one daring to attack.

"Im….impossible. How can you affect the holy artifact? Who is it? Who betrayed us?"

Under the support of the holy knight, the bishop managed to stand up and said so, shuddering while covering his eyes.

"Why not? I’ve severed your connection with the holy light before, to affect that stupid cup, it’s so much easier." Benjamin smiled and replied, "I just…...had to sneak a drop of water with that could repel inside the cup."

The rain was falling heavily, and the bishop was busy controlling the giant sword, not having the time to block the rain, Benjamin knew his chance came.

A waterball spell-----he just need a waterball spell to create enough water. Then, he controlled the waterball and shrunk it into a small water droplet, slowly ascending in the rain, then falling down like normal rain droplets, very quickly, it managed to fall into the cup the bishop was using to control the giant sword.

This was not an impressive process, and did not require much energy vibration, so it did not attract anyone’s attention.

After falling into the cup, Benjamin chanted in his heart, and turned the water droplet into a droplet with anti-magical properties. Thus, like a bird that struck the turbine of a plane, the whole chain was broken by this water droplet. The giant sword in the air lost control and became holy knight, dispersing into nothingness.

With this, Benjamin borrowed the rain and did not need to waste any effort to destroy the bishop’s attacks.

From just now, he even used that water droplet and struck the bishop’s eyes directly when the bishop was not paying attention. Sadly, the water droplet was not strong enough, and it was just enough to make him feel pain, but did not penetrate his eyeballs, shooting through the brain was impossible then.

But, even so, when he thought of it, the whole day has been very successful, Benjamin was unable to believe it.

The heavy rain hid everything, and gave a camouflage to all of his spell. Thus, his combat capabilities increased a lot.

-----Under the circumstances which no one could notice, a small water droplet was enough to kill.

He felt some regret.

This kind of manipulation could only be done in rain. For normal situations, a water droplet flying in the air like that, who would not notice?

The bishop just had to put up a simple barrier and Benjamin’s trick would be useless.

After hearing Benjamin’s words, the bishop covered his eyes and was stunned, he realized where he lost at. AT that moment, hopelessness and unwillingness was displayed on his face.

------He lost to an insignificant thing, this feeling was the strongest.

"You…...you shameless fellow…...God will punish you…...you will die painfully..."

Maybe it was from the pain his eyes were feeling, plus the shame of failure, the bishop entered a maddened state and gave up attacking, and cursed Benjamin.

"What would happen to me, I do not know, but I know for sure, you are going to die today." Benjamin smiled and said.

"You…...I will not allow you to touch the bishop!" The holy knight stood in front of the bishop and clutched the cross that was like a life saving trinket, facing Benjamin, he shouted with fear.

"I’ve already touched him, and it was all thanks to you." Benjamin shrugged and said innocently.

"You…..you….." The holy knight was left speechless, and could not say a word.

But, at that moment, the bishop that seemed to have lost it, suddenly changed his face and quickly torn off his left hand side’s sleeve. A holy light flew past and pure white wings appeared behind the bishop.

He jumped up, and the wings fluttered, and he was already flying.

"Fool, next time, I will have your life!"

The bishop said this coldly while flying, there was no sign of any mental breakdown left.

He did all these quickly, and it only took him about two seconds. The other priests and holy knight looked at him, the bishop was already ten meters away, and was about to fly off.

"Bi, bishop..." The holy knight did not seem to realize what happen, and was still stretching his arms out.

"Rest assured, he won’t escape." Benjamin’s smile remained and said, "I’m a good person, I’ll make sure all of you die together today, no one will be left out."

Following that, the bishop was still flying, but he seemed ran into something suddenly, and was halted, th wings were still fluttering but he could not fly any further away.

The bishop was stunned.

"What…..what did you do?"

He turned around and asked fearfully.

"Not much, it’s still the tiny droplets. "Benjamin said so descriptively, "I covered the sky with a net of water droplets when you were not paying attention. But, with the rain coming down so heavily, it’s normal if you didn’t notice, I won’t make fun of you."

The bishop heard this and looked above with his unwounded eye.

In the middle of the sky, countless of water droplets hung there. The water droplets drifted there, and was hidden in the rain, as if it formed a shapeless net, blocking off him who was trying to escape.

But, after seeing it properly, the bishop became calm again.

"You really think, these things can stop me….."

He seemed to have still something up his sleeve to cut open this water droplet net, but, before he could start chanting, he did not have the opportunity to speak anymore.


Following a terrible scream, the bishop in the sky started convulsing in pain. His skin suddenly had bumps on them, as if there were parasites infesting him, he facial expression changed into something horrible.

The holy knight and other priests were stunned again, and even the other mages that hurried over from the other side was shocked by this scene.

Only Benjamin’s voice could be heard, and it sounded calm:

"You really think, after soaking so much rain, some of the rain would not have my water droplets in it? You think I was having useless conversations with you? They were all for buying time."

But, only screams of pain replied.

The bumps on the bishop still convulsed, as if there were things living under his skin. Under this torment, the bishop has really entered a maddened state, he was no longer human in shape, other than screaming, he could not saying anything.

Benjamin saw this and shook his head.

"It’s over."

He clapped his hands lightly.

Thus, with countless terrible screams, and one that stood out amongst them, they all echoed into the night sky. At that moment, the bumps on the bishop all split apart, together with clothing, fresh blood and water droplets spurted out from every part of him and scattered all over the sky.

The flying him, under this heavy rain under the night sky, exploded like a human flesh firework.