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Chapter 408: Coup in the Palace

Chapter 408: Coup in the Palace

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After Bishop Victor died, the remaining work did not even waste Benjamin and company more than ten minutes.

Under the assault of a few hundred mages, the priests and holy knights could not withstand for long and were burnt by the fireballs into ashes. As for the soldiers, during the clashing of the inferno and giant sword, they were all burnt pretty much to death. Benjamin wanted to prevent news from spreading so he killed off the survivors who were near death.

Getting rid of the bishop felt great, but right now, they could not relax yet.

"We have to leave quickly."

After making changes to the battlefield, Benjamin faced the other mages and said so.

The way the mages looked at Benjamin were completely different now.

-----When they were in despair, Benjamin stood out and turned the tide of battle around, and even got rid of the bishop with a decisive victory. Before this, they would still be skeptical of Benjamin, but right now, they completely trust Benjamin.

They believed that if there was a person who could destroy the Church, then it would be this person, this mage standing in front of them.

"Wherever you want us to go, we will go." Someone replied.

Seeing, Benjamin could feel their respect towards, he laughed and shook his head: "It’s fine…..we have to go to Snow now."

He wanted to explain the reason why. But, he realized he did not need to, the mages already nodded and was ready to depart.

Benjamin saw this and felt a little helpless.

He was not used to this, and felt repulsed by their respect.

But…..it was time to depart, they did not have much time. They killed the bishop, and was at the final part of their road. How the future would be, relied on what they could these few days.

-----Once the bishop’s death news spread out, who knows what would happen?

Thus, they kept the spoils of war away, and the Benjamin led the mages, all flying through the dark and rainy night towards Snow. The valley full of blisters was abadoned behind them.

In the sky.

"Have you thought of what to do next?" The System asked.

"I did not think of it at all, but….Snow is the most important place." Benjamin breathed out and replied in his heart," The bishop has expended a lot of power just to surround us. Thus, Snow should be rather empty now. If we could take over the palace, it would make things easier."

"You have ambition."

Benjamin shook his head.

Thinking of this, he was clear, there were too many possibilities.

What was going on in the palace, he was not clear. Did the bishop leave anyone behind? How many priests were there left in Snow? Did they have anything to know that the bishop died?

Benjamin knew too little to think of a flawless plan. Thus, he had to hurry there to see.

What if there was another bishop, and what if Aldrich faked his death…..so many possibilities, he did not dare of think of the future. He could only say that the Church did not have so many forces stationed in Ferelden, if not the country would have already been theirs.

Hopefully…..hopefully they already used their trump cards.

If everything was according to plan, Benjamin just needed to take over the palace, and even kill the royalty to stage a coup; or he could support the Queen change the way the government worked. With the help of the corrupted officials, using Ferelden’s governing power to get rid of the remaining Church members, it would not be hard.

With this, Benjamin planned on his next moves while heading towards Snow. In the rainy night, Ferelden was peaceful, most of its citizens have slept, and had no idea what just happened to the country.

The next morning, they reached Snow.

But, when he reached the capital, his heart sank.

He saw that outside of the city, there were a lot of tents set up by soldiers, the tents were like mushrooms that sprouted after a rain, surrounding the whole city, Benjamin did not dare to fly too close and only landed somewhere far to get closer.

"How could this be?"

Morris said so helplessly: "The Church has always had crosses that showed whether the person was dead or alive. When the bishop died, his cross probably shattered, and the Church knew, so they sent their troops to protect Snow."

Hearing this, Benjamin was disappointed.

Sadly…...the Church was really quick to react, they killed the bishop during midnight, and they realized, even expecting Benjamin to attack Snow, so they brought toops.

Who knew what was going on in the city…..

Thinking of this, Benjamin turned around and left unwillingly. The bishop has just died, the Church was panicked and gathered troops to defend the city. The inner walls of the city must be chaotic.

To them, it was a rare opportunity.

"Station around here, I will go gather information."

"Are you…..not afraid?" Morris asked.

Benjamin smiled and said: "Rest assured, they can’t recognize me."

Saying that, he took out his usual equipment and disguised himself, turning himself into a young hunter. A hunter that stays in Snow, left Snow to hunt for a few days, after that, he returned and saw many troops, would it not be normal for him to go ask why?

Maybe it was because he took out the bishop, thus he was extremely confident. Morris hesitated but did not object.

Thus, Benjamin walked out of the woods and went into character, raised his eyebrows, and slowly walked towards the closest army tent.

"Halt! Who are you?" Very quickly, a soldier came out to block him.

Benjamin showed and confused face and said:" I stay in Snow, I was out hunting a few days ago, what…..what happened to Snow? Sir, what in the world happened?"

"A bulletin was given, Snow cannot be accessed right now, stay out here for a few more days, we will open the city soon." The soldier coldly replied.

"Bulletin? What bulletin? I’ve been staying in the mountains for these few days, I have no idea what happened. Sir, out of kindness, please tell me whwat happened!"

The soldier heard this, hesitated, but finally spoke.

"Alright…..it was never a secret, there should be no problem telling you." He pumped up his chest, and showed a arrogant face, "The Church and the royal family has been plotting to throw Ferelden into chaos, but they have been annihilated. Last night, General Stewart and Prime Minister Pace staged a coup and took over the palace, and reinstated the ban against the Church, and even executed all of the corrupted officials!"