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Chapter 409: Baffling Commendation

Chapter 409: Baffling Commendation

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Benjamin was shocked.

"Sir…..is that true?"

"Of course it’s true." The soldier replied, "We are all soldiers under General Stewart, we hurried the Snow and followed the special forces to siege the palace. We could not set up tent in the city, so we are doing it outside."

Benjamin could not help but take a deep breath.

According to what he knew, Stewart was one of the Church’s, but right now, he attacked the Church-----this was strange. What was stranger was, the person who told him this was Pace, yet yesterday, he worked together with Stewart to stage a coup.

Why is he everywhere?

At that moment, Benjamin smelled deception.

Was the Prime Minister telling the truth to him?

Benjamin could not digest the information he received from the soldiers. His head was filled with question marks, so he had to bid farewell, turn around and leave, slowly walking back towards the mages.

"What happened?" Morris saw Benjamin’s tightened eyebrows, he was sure something must have happened, so he quickly asked.

"Stewart brought troops, together with Pace, they took over Snow." Benjamin shook his head and said," That soldier told me sho, but, I do not know the details."

Hearing this, the mages looked at each other and were confused.

Maybe it was too sudden, they entered deep silence and could not think of anything to say.

"We’ll disperse here, go back to our own cities, wait for my next order." Finally, Benjamin entered deep thought, broke the silence, "Those that want to help and help me investigate, but please be careful. The next time we move, I will make sure what happened."

They did not sleep and were busy thinking of plns. Plus, their purpose was to kill the bishop, they already did so, there was no point gathering here anymore.

They will talk the next time they meet. Right now, Benjamin really had to do some research.

He has thought of it properly, and wanted to send Mikel a letter secretly to ask about the details of the coup. At that same time, did the soldier not say? They released a bulletin. Benjamin had to go see what it said then only make a decision.

Of course, he wanted to infiltrate Snow to have a look. But, not knowing anything and doing so was too dangerous, he hesitated and got rid of this idea.

With this, the first war that Benjamin led a group of mages of fight ended happily, but with a not so unhappy ending. The mages all left, as for Benjamin, he flew straight to Rayleigh.

…...Speaking of that, today was his protest day.

Even though it was just fake information to bait the bishop, a lot of people have gathered in Rayleigh because of this. But the bishop was already dead, and a coup happened, protest…..did not really seem to be illegal anymore.

Thinking for a while Benjamin decided to listen around.

If what the soldier said was true, the Church was gone, then the protest against the Church would be meaningless now. But if the Church was playing a trick, then maybe the protest was a new opportunity.

With this, under high speed flying, that noon, Benjamin reached Rayleigh.

But, when he reached the place, he felt a festive mood. There were a lot of people on the streets compared to normal days, and they even waved weird flags, as if they were celebrating something.

"What’s going on?" He asked one of the passersby.

The passerby was frustrated: "What else? It’s those that came to the protest, but right now, the Church is no more, and the ban has been placed, they decided that they might as well celebrate. It started with that inn, but right now, there were all of these people already."

Benjamin was confused.

One night later, the whole world felt foreign to him.

Celebration? Who asked them to celebrate? Is it because Benjamin who was in charge has not been around for too long, so they decided to do things their own way?

Plus…...celebrating now, did they really win?

With a belly full of confusion, he thanked the passerby, and walked into the city. He went to the bulletin with his fastest speed and looked at the latest piece.

The main article was the Church’s crimes.

Controlling the royal family, manipulating the truth, stealing from the national archives, conspiracy…..seeing those terms, it was basically as bad as they came. All the Church did was described, even some that they did not do were written. This bulletin described the Church as the greatest of evils.

Seeing this, Benjamin could not help but feel shocked.

If the Church was putting up an act, then it was really a good one.

Thinking of this, he slowly read. Following that, he saw news of how General Stewart dealt with the Church-----banning the Church from preaching in Ferelden. All the remaining priests and holy knights have been executed, and their corpses hung in the plazas as a warning.

At that same time, the Queen plotted with the Church to murder the King, and has been thrown into prison, awaiting execution.

"Execution….is this real?"

Benjamin could not believe it.

Do not forget, the Queen still had a child in her belly.

Of course, in the bulletin, the child has been stated as a lovechild of the Queen and a holy knight. Thus, the Queen committed another crime, and the child was not a good enough reason to spare her.

Benjamin raised his eyebrows.

…...Was it really not of the King’s?

Of course, truth or not, it no longer matter.

For truths, the most interesting part was that the King’s death was a useful weapon. Whoever stood at the zenith could use their rights to make it seem so and twist it for their own usage. Benjamin has used it, the CHurch has used it, right now…...right now he did not know who was using it.

What a tragic king.

But, seeing this, if the Church really stood behind General Stewart, then Benjamin could not really think of what they were trying to do.

If it was a planned revival from the dead, then why were they doing it so harshly?

Benjamin did not understand and could only continue observing.

Actually, these were enough to shock him. But, after seeing the later parts, he felt that he was shocked too early. The following parts is the ones that should have astonished him.

-----He saw his own name.

"Mage Benjamin bravely stood out after the Church controlled the royal family, united the mages in the country, and stood against the vanguard of the Church. Assassinating priests, spreading ideals, and planning protests…..last night, Benjamin received the General’s aid and managed to ambush Bishop Victor’s troops and had a decisive victory, only then could the General took over Snow with his own hands."

"Mage Benjamin has given the most to Ferelden, he is the epitome of all mages."