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Chapter 414: Dissolution and a New Beginning

Chapter 414: Dissolution and a New Beginning
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After returning to the City of Rayleigh, Benjamin gave orders to every stronghold of the rebel organization in various areas, informing them to quickly gather and meet in a forest outside the city after two days.

—Now that there was a direction for the future, Benjamin should give these people who followed him an explanation.

At the same time, the time Stuart had given him to think about his decision was naturally tossed to the back of his mind; he was lazy to think about it. From the moment he entered the City of Rayleigh, he was like a drop of water that had fallen into the ocean; all tracks hidden, he had vanished without a trace.

In addition, these few days, Ferelden’s situation was in an upheaval yet again . Rebellion had happened again in a few places. While the General was busy to the point of being disheveled, he would naturally have no time to deal with him.

Therefore, two day passed without any incident.

"I’m thankful that everyone could make it here today. However, as we can all see, the Church has been driven out by us from Ferelden. I have verified this myself, the news is definitely correct, no mistake."

That afternoon, in the quiet forest, Benjamin looked at the mages before him, all with various expressions, and showed a smile, thus starting this rebel organization’s last meeting.

Hearing this, the mages were all smiles and glee, as though a heavy burden on their shoulders had finally been lifted.

To these mages who lived in Ferelden, confronting the Church’s enmity for the first time, their performance had already been good enough. From a certain standpoint, they could be considered to have rescued the other mages in Ferelden who had stood watching in the sidelines, defending against the living environment that went against their freedom.

Benjamin also felt very comforted.

He took a deep breath and continued, "Because of that, this will also be our last meeting.

Everyone has sacrificed a lot to revolt against the Church, changing your appearances, hiding your true identities... Now is the time for everyone to start a new, normal life, and disband this organization."

When the crowd heard this, many of them showed expressions of reluctance. After all, they had fought together shoulder to shoulder for so long, it was difficult not to have bonded. However, to return to their former lives, this was also what they had desired for!

They looked at each other and also smiled; like companions that had ended a journey, they gratefully patted each other’s shoulders.

"Then... Do you have plans for the future? If I want to join the force you had before, am I qualified?" Someone spoke, however, asking Benjamin.

A few mages also looked eager and hopeful.

Benjamin shook his head, saying: "If you really want to come, we would not reject you, of course.

Only... We will soon not be in Ferelden, are you really willing to follow us and leave your hometown?"

Hearing that, the mages all looked dumbfounded.

"Sir Benjamin... Are you leaving?"

Benjamin nodded his head: "We were never going to stay permanently in Ferelden. In actual fact, we are not the Icor mages announced to the public before this. We come from the Kingdom of Helius— that’s right, it’s the kingdom completely controlled by the Church, where mages don’t even dare to walk on the streets. Forced by circumstances, we escaped from that place, but we are still longing for the day when we can return to our homeland."

The original twenty plus mages smiled, glancing at each other. Someone, no one knew who, suddenly spoke, saying: "At first, we were still yelling about wanting to tear down the Church."

The other mages were all quite at a loss, however.

It was very obvious that they had not thought about things too much. To them, the Kingdom of Helius was practically another world. To chase the Church out from their country was already a thorough victory.

Benjamin did not want to strain them as well.

"We will leave Ferelden within the next few days and go to another country, there will be a lot of the Church’s influence there. Our future plan is to disseminate the ideology you have learnt here to that country, so that the mages there would stand out and join us. And finally, get rid of the Church in there. After we have gathered enough power, we might attack the Kingdom of Helius."

He did not describe this proposal in too much detail. There were too many variables in the future; having been hit in the face so many times, he did not dare to boast anymore.

Today’s meeting was only to offer them an explanation.

"...So, that’s about it roughly. You do not have to feel bad. After all, being able to drive the Church out of here, you are all already very impressive. So... Today’s meeting ends here. All of you are dismissed."

Just like that, and not knowing he had been long winded, at last, Benjamin bowed before the mages in respect, turned around and sighed softly. He walked towards the forest, concluding today’s meeting.

How many people would follow him?

Although he had told himself not to carry too much hope, but in his head, Benjamin could not help but to think that.

He was embarrassed to turn his head, so he could only use water elemental sensing technique to observe secretly.

He saw the twenty plus mages that had escaped from the Kingdom of Helius with him hurriedly following from behind. They did not look the least bit disappointed, and even seemed very happy. The rest of the mages looked at each other, dumbfounded. Some people bowed deeply towards Benjamin’s back, and with regretful expressions turned to leave; some people stood where they were, at a loss; there were also some people who hesitated for a moment, before following him.

Some people had chosen to leave, some people followed him.

Benjamin felt the palms of his hands sweat slightly.

"Sir Benjamin, the friends I knew had all been burnt along with the Mages Freemasonry. You cannot just abandon the three of us here." Tony brought his two companions forwards, saying with a smile.

"Walk slower, have pity on this wheelchair bound fellow." Morris, pushed by the four bandits, hurried forwards creakily, "I have some grudges to settle in the Kingdom of Helius, so I’ll follow you."

"It’s really meaningful to fight with the Church. Since we’ve already grown tired of the eastern desert, and the elders are following you, then we will follow you too." The hermit mages surged up in one accord, strengthening the entire team in mere moments.

Finally, the group of people came to the fringe of the forest. Benjamin could also turn his head at last, nodding.

A team of over a hundred… It was bigger than he had expected.

At that moment, he felt really moved.

"Thank you, everyone." Faced with such a scene, he did not really know what to say and could only turn around, speaking, "I’ll cut to the chase... We’ll change to a new place and raise hell once again!"

For a moment, the mages that had decided to follow him let out a cheer.

Benjamin smiled.

It seemed like an immovable gene to cause havoc was carved into the bones of these people who liked following him.

And like the Boss Lady and the Old Blacksmith, although they were not young, but right then there was excitement in their expressions. Before this, Benjamin had never seriously discussed with them about ‘returning to the Kingdom of Helius’ and such related issues. Even though they hated it there, but hearing these words had actually incited an indescribable morale.

It did not matter if it was a longing for the homeland, or residual excitement... Probably, in the depths of their hearts, they had a desire to return to the nation that was being controlled by the Church with the attitude of a victor, their heads held high and their chests puffed up.