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Chapter 421: Slaughter The Wolves

Chapter 421: Slaughter The Wolves
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The elemental attack spouted by the magical creatures was one of the first things that Benjamin and the rest of them faced.

Because of the mud surrounding their campsite, the first wolf-like creature was slowed down by it and could not enter the campsite. But, it was not a naïve foe. They opened their mouths to howl, and the fireballs that covered the sky fell towards them with speeds like the wind.

Even though each attack wasn’t strong, but when combined, they have used a surprising four to five thousand elemental bullets.

Fortunately, Benjamin and gang were ready with their defenses.

The ice wall in front of them blocked the countless elemental bullets, thudding as they hit the ice wall. The mages never stopped their chanting, creating a new wall whenever a wall crumbles. They managed to fend off the wave of attacks with much effort.

Then it was the mages’ turn to attack.

Countless wind blades shot out, flying around the ice wall and attacked the first few magical creatures that were still stuck in the mud!

Wails followed closely after the attack.

The wolf-like magical creatures had no defenses whatsoever, their hides were not strong; the second the wind blades sliced through their skin, foul smelling blood spewed through the air. A dense wave of wind blades managed to slice through sixty over magical creatures!

But that was just scratching the surface.

In the next moment, the magical creatures rushed forwards and surrounded the camp; even though the mud stopped their advance, but it could not force them back. When the creatures in the front sank, the creatures at the back trampled over their bodies and continued on.

And the mages tried new methods to combat them, trying their best to clear away the monsters in front of them. Thousands of carcasses piled high around the campsite serving as the perfect stepping stone for the other creatures to cross the mud.

Benjamin frowned at the scene before him.

"Stop using the Quagmire Spell, Earth users join the others and use the Falling Rock Spell!"

He directed the troops.

The Quagmire Spell was not as effective with this number of enemies. So, if they wanted to stop the situation from getting out of hand they should go all out and quickly get rid of the magical creatures.

When the mages looked through the half-transparent ice wall, all they could see was the red flashing eyes of the wolf-like magical creatures. It made their hairs stand on end.

No matter what the situation was like, they were already thoroughly surrounded. With their limited vision, they couldn’t see how many wolf-like magical creatures were left. It made them lose hope.

With these numbers, would it even be possible to kill them all?

"Teacher Benjamin, should we start to sing?" Joanna asked anxiously, among them all she was the most impatient.

Benjamin shook his head, his face impassive.

"Don’t worry, it’s not time for you to show your hand yet."

Through the water element sensing technique, the System had calculated the number of magical creatures which were fourteen thousand three hundred and twenty-one in total. It wasn’t as though they could not kill them all, but with a large-kill-zone kind of a spell, they should still tire them out first.

At that moment, the wolves had already reached the ice wall, spitting fire and using their claws and fangs to attack the ice wall. This made the ice wall crumble even faster, which made the mages even more tense. Even the mages in charge of attacking rushed over to help with the defense.

Layer upon layer of the ice wall was knocked down and built up again. The creatures’ fangs were so near that it made the graziers stiff with fear. The mages were also not as confident as they were in the beginning, it was as though everyone took a step back subconsciously.

"Master Benjamin, if we don’t start chanting a high level magic spell, it might be too late!" Tony said anxiously as he grabbed on to Benjamin’s arm.

"Don’t worry." Benjamin said calmly, raising another ice wall up.

His expression was calm and collected.

When they were about to lose the battle against the wolves, he suddenly clapped his hands. Just then, the broken pieces of the ice wall slowly floated into the air; and under his command, the pieces of ice broke apart even more, becoming countless miniscule ice powder.

Slowly, clouds of ice fog began to form like smoke, it floated and spread outwards. The first few wolves who came into contact with the ice fog suddenly let out a yelp and became an ice sculpture.

The wolves’ attack suddenly ceased.


A few of the shivering graziers couldn’t help but look at Benjamin with respect.

The ice fog was quiet and ceaseless, gentle and hidden, but still lethal. Once the magical creature was covered in it, they were turned to ice in an instant. They didn’t even get the chance to struggle.

By Benjamin’s estimations, they had frozen about six hundred wolves before the ice fog was exhausted.

This might not be much to the thousands of wolves. But then again, Benjamin did not expect to make thousands of ice sculptures in one go.

Before anyone could react, he waved his hand again. He sent waves of steam towards the frozen bodies, piling them in front of the ice wall. And he made another ice wall, but this time it was made of flesh and blood.

The magical creatures who were at the back attacked again, the elemental bullets had to go through the wall of bodies before it can even reach the ice wall erected by the mages. It weakened the attack instantaneously.

Immediately, the mages felt their burdens lifted and they let out a sigh of relief.

Benjamin moved and the situation became brighter. Even the number of wolves had been reduced, with the mages returning fire. If their morale could keep up, then it was just a matter of time.

They had medicine, and the magic they used did not require a lot of spiritual energy. It would be impossible to kill them just like that, even with the large number of wolves left.

The three mages who were prepared to release a high level magic spell also relaxed. They even felt a bit of regret.

They might not have the chance to shine like that anymore.

So, they would rather attack, using either wind or earth magic to contribute a little of their strength. A few of the dark mages even stepped up and used magic, conjuring a few shadow tentacles among the wolves to help the others get rid of the creatures.

Even the graziers slowly relaxed. They watched the mages use their magic with fascination. Two of the recently inducted students also used their beginner level magic to fight the magical creatures, realizing the importance of having firsthand experience.

The thousands of creatures would be unthinkable to the general mage population. Even with an army of hundreds, they might not be able to fight against it. Their only choice was to use the flying spell and run away.

After experiencing the battle from the priest’s ambush and the army after, they slowly began to develop their own battle system. They were also getting more accustomed with battling in a group.

They were divided according to their strengths, with the high level magic as their last resort. At the end of it all, when the situation gets out of hand, Benjamin will stand and use his own magic to make a way through the situation.

From the looks of things, this was a really good battle strategy.

The mages took about an hour to cull thousands of magical creatures. Many of them depleted their spiritual energy and had to rest. But with the creatures being regenerated with weaker attacking powers, the others were able to fight them. And whenever things got messy, Benjamin will do his thing and balance things out again.

So, even though it took a long time but they were able to destroy all the wolves, with no fatalities on their side.

"It really is terrifying."

When the last creature was killed, the mages dissolved the ice wall. The graziers breathed a sigh of relief and looked out and had the same thought.

Only one thought – a corpse strewn battlefield.

From their point of view, they could not see the end of the densely packed wolf carcasses all over the field. They couldn’t even tell that it was a field. The blood was enough to fill a pool, the tall grass were all soft, lying lifelessly on the ground.

Benjamin had to keep the wind blowing outwards, and the small ice wall. Or else, they would be smothered by the smell and drowned from the black blood.

With this kind of sight before them, even though they won the battle, they didn’t look too good.

"All of these ingredients, I’m afraid we won’t be able to use them all."

Varys said as he laughed bitterly.