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Chapter 427: A Disappointing King

Chapter 427: A Disappointing King
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In the end, Benjamin flew at the fastest speed and reached Gealorre on the same day.

As the capital of Carretas, this city has an ancient dignity. Within the old grey city walls, there were rows of buildings that were built many years ago. The places were cleaned up pretty well but a sense of history still lingered. Both sides of the pathway were lined neatly with palm trees. Even the gate keepers were dressed in the most elaborate armors.

A few hundred years ago, this was the Empire’s earliest capital where the first king built his base. As their territory expanded, the capital of the Empire has moved several times and Gealorre which represented the earliest glory was slowly abandoned. Right up to the split of the Empire, the eldest prince with nowhere to go ended up here and built Carretas, and at the same time, marking himself the purest royalty.

And therefore, between the capitals of the three nations, although Gealorre was not the most prosperous but it was the most elegant city.

"How am I meeting the King? Sneaking into the palace? Would I be discovered by the Church?" Benjamin asked Miles after he entered the capital in disguise.

"Definitely not through the palace." Miles shook his head, "There is a restaurant outside the palace which is the private property of the royal family. The King will meet you there."

Benjamin thought about it and said, "Wouldn’t the Church be aware that the King is secretly leaving the palace?"

"Of course not." Miles shrugged his shoulders, "As a matter of fact, the King often did this, leaving the palace for the red light district. The Church paid attention in the beginning but couldn’t be bothered after that. You can relax. Even if he were to meet with anyone, nobody would find it odd."


Listening to this, he should be at ease but why was Benjamin having a bad omen?

This King... was he reliable?

Nevertheless, he still followed Miles to that restaurant. They had already made reservations and was led by the waitress to a private room.

They sat down at the table and ate some snacks while waiting for the arrival of the King.

After about an hour later.

"... Sorry, I’ve kept you waiting."

The door of the room was quietly opened and a bloated middle aged man came through the other side of the door.

Miles stood up from his seat and nodded at the incoming person, "Your Majesty." Seeing this, although Benjamin felt it was peculiar but followed suit.

... So this man was the King of Carretas?

"Please sit. There’s no need for formality at a time like this." The middle aged man waved his hand at them and went to the table. He pulled a chair and sat in it.

The two sat down. Benjamin started to observe this ordinary looking man.

If he had to put into words, then this person’s facial features was slightly similar to the Queen of Icor and the former King of Ferelden. Similar features but different temperament. This King... seemed quite ordinary.

He was the kind that blended in with the crowd and be unmemorable in a blink of an eye. He didn't have the aura of a King. He was ordinary to the point of boorishness. His every move seemed to have been through etiquette training. His confidence and generous were so forceful that it has an opposite effect.

This man... is he really a King?

"Your Majesty, this is man that I’ve mentioned to you before. He’s Benjamin that summoned the huge water ball in Havenwright." Miles introduced, "I have completed your task and after much observation, I have brought him to you."

The King nodded, "Appreciate it."

He then turned to Benjamin with expectant eyes.

"So you really possessed the power to fight against the pope?"

Benjamin blanked for a moment before shaking his head in response, "Sorry to disappoint, but the water ball was an accident. Your Majesty, I do not possess the power to fight against the pope."

"... Oh, really."

The King was instantly disappointed.

But he then changed the topic, "You must have seen the situation now in Carretas. The tables were turned by you in Ferelden. You should be able to do something, right?"

Benjamin smiled bitterly.

It wasn’t just his own effort alone that drove the Church away from Ferelden.

The way he saw it, Carretas was in a deeper shit than Ferelden.

"Your Majesty, before this, could I ask you a question?" Benjamin solemnly spoke, "Are you really serious in driving the Church out of Carretas?"

The King was briefly at a loss before nodding his head.

"The Church never did plan to help me take down Icor and Ferelden. After all these years, I have seen through this." He explained in a slow pace, "All they wanted was my authority and claim all nations into their territory."

"But... forgive my bluntness, why did you realize this in the beginning?" Benjamin decided to cut the crap as the current situation was caused by this King, "Based on what happened in the Kingdom of Helius, how could you not know what would happen to the royal family after pledging allegiance to the Church?"

Listening to Benjamin’s almost accusations, the King only lowered his head without refuting. A forty year old middle aged man looked like a little child that was lectured by his teacher.

Benjamin could only shake his head at this sight.

To be a King to this extent, he must be a special one. One has to wonder if he was always like this or due to the Church’s oppression, but... the King of the Kingdom of Helius was not so much of a good for nothing.

"Your Majesty, I have no intention to point fingers, but your attitude worries me." Benjamin raised his arms helplessly, "I dare not think that should the Church sensed something amiss, if you would sell me out."

The King still lowered his head without a word.

"If this is the case, I’m afraid I have to reject your request." Benjamin shook his head.

The air was getting tense by the minute and Miles stood there and watched on but could not interject.

Benjamin stood and prepared to leave.

"Mage Benjamin... You may think that I am not a suitable king." Finally, the King sighed and had to persuade Benjamin, "It’s not just you. Many out there thinks the same. Father has always been disappointed in me. My siblings look down at me. Even the bishop sent by the Church treated me as if I was nothing."

Benjamin turned around and silently gazed at the King.

The King shook his head and continued, "I am well aware that it’s not for me. I am the eldest prince and the one everyone has high hopes for. In the end, no matter what I do, my siblings would beat me to it. I was dissatisfied when they proclaimed themselves as King. Rage took over and that was when I decided to use the Church’s power to reclaim the land back from them. This is the stupidest thing I have ever done, I’m unable to deny it."

Benjamin continued his words, "Everyone has done stupid things. The most important thing is how you make up for it."

"I know." The King stood up too and nodded, "I was too young then. Not even thirty and though Father would at least live another ten years so I would live foolishly for another ten years too. Once I was done playing around I could then learn to mature. But... Father didn’t leave me such time."

Benjamin questioned, "And now?"

"Now I do not wish to disappoint anymore." The King supported himself by placing his hands on the table, and spoke slowly, "Father has always advised to stay away from the Church. If he were to find out what I have done, he would be furious. Mage Benjamin, I do not wish to face Father’s disappointing eyes in my dreams. Please help me."

Benjamin finally returned and sat back on the chair.

"If you really have this resolve, perhaps I could be of assistance." He smiled, "Your Majesty, I hope we have a pleasant partnership."