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Chapter 428: The Progress of the Church

Chapter 428: The Progress of the Church
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Benjamin’s meeting with the King did not last very long. After about half an hour later, they left the restaurant.

They had come to agree on a secret alliance.

"I can help you to take care of the Church but conversely, you should contribute in return. I want to build a real magic school. The land, manpower, funds... will be provided by you."

When Benjamin first made his request, the King was caught off guard. But he knew that he didn't have much choice. Benjamin did not have the intention to seize power so agreeing to these terms was better than being impinged by the Church.

Therefore, the King nodded in agreement and did not protest.

Thereafter, he started to provide Benjamin about the Church’s latest information. Benjamin then had realized, how deeply invested the Church was.

They had already organized secret places around where they could conveniently spy on the mages. Their informants were in abundance to the point it was frightening. As long as there was a character that matched a mage’s description, it would have called for an immediate investigation, followed by an assassination.

However, this was something built by the Church for years. Now that the mages are slowly withdrawing from the public’s eyes, the Church’s attention was slowly moving elsewhere.

Then where would they be focusing on?

To infiltrate Carretas.

They built secret churches in various places, and selected the talented to nurture into qualified priests. At the same time, they placed believers in influential political positions and strengthened their influential power.

Different from the plan in Ferelden, they have more patience here and everything was moving on structurally. Without sufficient preparation, they would not reveal their true intent.

As for their act of evangelism... They have been doing it in the dark so the King himself wasn’t sure of their progress. Miles instead estimated an amount — The nation would have no less than six thousand secret parishioners.

Hearing these numbers, Benjamin felt another surge of pressure.

If these numbers were compared to the population of Carretas, it was nothing as it was less than one percent, but... this matter was different from war. One could not rely on force but rather their social influence. As an example, a celebrity who has a few hundred thousand fans could do as he will and appear on television every day.

Hence, it was a group of existence that was a force to be reckoned with.

After Benjamin left the restaurant, he exited the city and prepared to return to Amber City as fast as possible to inform his subordinates.

— They could finally start to go into action after finding out about the situation in Carretas!

"What do you plan to do?" Miles followed behind him and suddenly asked.

Benjamin turned as he heard him with a face of helplessness, "When did you follow me?"

"The King had me help you." Miles shrugged, "If you wish to destroy the Church’s base or assassinate anyone, I think I would be of assistance."

Benjamin stopped short, narrowing his eyes while examining him.

"What are you trying to gain?" His tone at a slow pace, "Judging by the King, he doesn’t have anything to appeal to followers, so why are you helping the King?"

The King aside, who Benjamin was still willing to offer an ounce of trust after the meeting. But this fellow in front of him... He really couldn’t figure what he was up to.

No one would do anything without reason.

"I am merely fulfilling a task." Miles responded, "The King once lent me a tremendous hand so I have agreed to help him in three tasks."

"That’s it?"

Miles nodded, "That’s it."

Benjamin felt it was odd. There should be some story behind a man with such unique constitution, but... he was only willing to say this much, it wasn’t right to question more.

No matter what, if Miles was willing to put the effort, the Church would be easier to defeat.

"Could you just eliminate the bishop that’s in charge of Carretas?" Benjamin enquired.

"I have tried once." Miles shrugged in helplessness, "That bloody crosses were too much. There was layers and layers of shields. I could cut through tens of layers of ‘em but a few thousand... I wasn’t even close and the Holy Knights almost had me surrounded."

"I thought you’re pretty good, what’s there to be afraid of the paladins?" Benjamin took pleasure in his failure.

"What’s the point? Dozens of Holy Knights in armor ganged up against you with nowhere to run. No matter how good you are, you can’t escape." Miles raised his arms in surrender and continued, "During that time, I escaped with much difficulty. The bishop then was more alert and couldn’t get close to so you can’t depend on me to take care of him."

Benjamin shook his head.

Whatever... He didn’t plan to count on others, it was a casual question.

"What do you plan to do?" Seeing Benjamin did not say anything, Miles had to ask again.

"Why do I have to tell you?" Benjamin questioned back, "If you really have a lot of time on your hands, you should raid every secret base of the Church. Kill as much as you can and lift some of my burden."


Miles rendered speechless.

"Didn’t you want to help? You wouldn’t be able to help with my plans so following me is pointless. It’s better to go kill more priests." Benjamin continued.

"... You’re for real?"

Benjamin nodded in all seriousness, "Yeah, there’s just too many informants of the Church in Carretas. If we want to make a move, it would be better to have something occupying them. A large scale assassination, this basically has your name written on it!"

"... Alright then."

Miles couldn’t argue.

Although what he said made sense, but he still felt that he was just taunted and tossed aside with a random task.

"Since there is no objection, then you better get a move on." Benjamin showed a friendly smile and waved at Miles, "Time waits for no man and I have something going on so I won’t take up any more of your time. See you next time, you can do it, good luck!"


And that was how Miles was successfully brushed aside by Benjamin.

"Phew... Such a mysterious fella is finally gone." As he watched with a smile as Miles leave, Benjamin shook his head and turned to continue his journey outwards the city.

Although those words were meant to dismiss him, but he wasn’t lying about his upcoming plan that Miles couldn't be of assistance.

He was planning to come up with another publication of the Declaration of the Freedom of Magic.

The Carretas now couldn’t be solved with physical force. Moreover, the Church has learnt its lesson and hid in the dark. They couldn’t play up a conflict even if they wanted to. Hence, Benjamin has to start with brain storms and discussions.

But this time, the Declaration of the Freedom of Magic was no longer targeted at mages.

The mages in Carretas has lost their will to fight and retreated in the mountains. Benjamin would have a hard time locating them. Losing this large quantity of support, Benjamin has to obtain the support elsewhere.

Therefore, as just in the grasslands, he planned to spread the knowledge of magic to the commoners.

Benjamin’s thoughts were simple. If he could not the find mages in Carretas then he would simply train one.

Right here and then, the term about magic being the devil’s strength has yet to circulate around. In their efforts to publicize, the commoners would be curious about magic and attempt to try. By then, wouldn’t it be the birth of new mages?

Once magic became a trend with the commoners, and everyone has a chance to learn, would the Church be able to silence their mouths?