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Chapter 434: Promotion has to Be Done Through Entertainment

Chapter 434: Promotion has to Be Done Through Entertainment
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The disciples entered a deep silence, Benjamin did not say anything further.

What he wanted to say he has said, whether they would rise up, that is up to them. The Church was good at brainwashing, he had to seize this opportunity when they were not fully brainwashed yet, when they could still doubt, this was enough.

-----Benjamin did not expect that this was enough to bring all of them back to help him oppose the Church.

In silence, he took out a few hundred copies of the new The Free Mage, waved his hand, and the water vapor carried one copy to each student.

"No one can tell you the right answer, only you can find it yourself."

Saying that, he passed through the disciples, turned around, took Frank and left together with him.

No students stood out to refute Benjamin, no one tried to stop them either. The students sat at their own places, and looked at the book in their hands, as if they were spellbound, not moving at all.

The candlelight swayed, and the shadows danced in the chapel that was silent as a grave.

Outside the church, beside the door of the abandoned storage.

"What happened…..did everything go well?"

Mikel leaned against the wall lazily, and asked when he saw them come out.

Benjamin nodded.

He achieved his goals.

Actually, his purpose was not to save all of these disciples. The ban was about to be issued, Benjamin had to use the time he had left to create a greater influence, he had to attract the Church’s attention elsewhere.

------The bars all over the country had eyes now, they could not distribute the books anymore.

Thus, he had to secretly target the secret church where they were training priests, but chose to spare the disciples.

Very quickly, the other priests stationed at Halleyden hurried over, the disciples would inform them on what happened. All of it would be reported the HQ. As for the Church, they would not just stand idly by.

They might send people to gather the disciples that were "corrupted" by Benjamin, to try and rewire their brains: They would probably station more people at other underground churches to protect them, in case they were attacked again…..

In short, to the Church, this was a serious case, it would cost them a lot of manpower----coming to Halleyden, searching for Benjamin’s tracks, investigating how the underground church’s location was discovered…..like a smoke grenade, it would direct the enemy’s attention to another place, so Benjamin could continue spreading his The Free Mage.

These were the final stages, he had to make sure the promotion was done correctly. If not, once the ban is place, the whole plan would become harder to carry out.

As for the mages under Benjamin, they were ready from the start.

After the attack incident, that afternoon, the people seemed to have increased in Halleyden. The merchants were confused and thought there was more business, so they perked up. But no one thought that they were people from the Church.

These people blended in the crowd and looked all around, and even questioned some of the people with a painting of a person, whether they have seen him or not.

The same time, the patrols have increased, making the locals think whether something has happened or not.

But, Benjamin has left long ago, even if these people tried hard, they will not be able to find a trace.

----At the same time, Benjamin did not return to Amber, but went to the capital, Galloway.

"What happened? Has the Church started taking action?"

In the same restaurant, Benjamin looked at Mikel who entered and asked.

"They have started no doubt, I have never seen Cameron’s face look that bad before." Mikel nodded, replying," Not just the Church’s manpower, even Carretas’ troops have been borrowed by them and sent to protect the other few underground churches."

"Where are the other churches located?" Benjamin asked.

"Tar Town, New Merkel, Ancient Wood City….."

Benjamin nodded and memorized them.

He just needed to avoid these few places.

After receiving the news, he took out the communicating wood and spread the news to all the other mages around the country. The other mages have been waiting for this moment.

This time, their method of promotion was not only giving out small brochures around gambling dens.

One hour later.

"The ice giant passed over the mountains…..his flaming palm holding up the sky…..the will of time was calling…..magic entered the hand of that skinny boy….."

People were reciting poems in every city of Carretas. Their hands had lutes, and their tunes attracted countless people’s attentions.

Those that followed the bards were two or three disguised mages. They maintained their illusory spells, and conjured out shining balls of fire, and sometimes mesmerizing ice spells. Their other hands held on to a giant sack of The Free Mage, giving it to the curious.

"What happened?"

"Wow! Mother, look, that’s ...magic! Don’t make fun of me anymore, what Dad told me is all real, they are really mages in this world!"

"What’s this? The Free Mage …..will I learn magic after reading it? Is this true?"

Carretas’ streets were only this lively during festivals. Countless of citizens were attracted by the songs and magic. With curious expressions, they surrounded the bards and mages, carefully receiving their own copy of the The Free Mage. No matter who, all of them would look at the receiver with envy and curiosity.

Even those that did not receive a book would look at the bards, then at the changing magic, and automatically joined the queue. Some even opened their mouths and followed the simple rhythm, singing along, giving a festive vibe.

"He was the son of a carpenter…..but his heart wild like the wind…...magic let him climb to the peak of the Skyfall Mountains….his hand could reach out and touch the cloudy sky…."

The song continued on, the bards played their music, and slowly walked along the streets. They were like travelling bands, and continued singing from the beginning to the end of a street, but the attention they received was much much more than those bands.

Countless people surrounded them and watched them, from the south of the city, they followed them to the north, not willing to part ways with them.

Some elderly people looked from their windows, looking at the caste magic, they could not help but exclaim:" Magic…..I haven’t seen it in nearly a decade."

"Grandpa, what are you standing here for, let’s go grab one!"

"Grab what?" The old man was shocked.

"Grab a copy of the The Free Mage! They say after reading it we will be able to use magic!"

"How is that possible?" the old man showed a face of disbelief, "Mages are noble people, they normally live in the wilds, not showing their faces to regular people. How do people like us have the right to learn magic?"

No one answered.

That moment, his grandson pushed open the house door, went into the crowd, happily running towards the mage distributing the books, how could he still listen to what the old man had to say?