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Chapter 435: Changing Strategies

Chapter 435: Changing Strategies
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The bards and the mages strolled the streets, spreading the knowledge of magic-----this afternoon, this scene could be seen around twenty plus cities in Carretas.

Whether it was Carretas, or the whole magic scene of the world, today was a day to remember.

Magic has opened its mysterious veil, walking out from the thousand and hundreds of years of secrecy, entering the lives of every ordinary person. Like a person that loved hunting could become a hunter, a person that loved cooking could become a cook, if a person loved magic, they would be able to feel it.

From a perspective, it was a historic day.

But, all of this was just the backstory. To Benjamin, he had to gain the support of everyone, to gather enough funds to go against the Church.

The bards were hired with money, the whole thing was rehearsed once just to make sure it had a good effect. Right now, Benjamin sat in the restaurant in Galloway, he was excited, not knowing how the response was.

He wanted to join in personally, but he had to observe the Church, so he could give information to the other mages, he had to wait patiently here.

Parading the streets while singing was a common sight, it did not break any law. But their songs were different from the usual busking, if the Church wanted to, they could round all of them up.

Their plan being a success was because of the Church’s attention being drawn to Halleyden, other cities did not have much people left. Once the Church reacts, for safety purposes, they had to avoid direct conflict.

"They’ve started moving." Suddenly, Mikel came in and said in a low voice," the bishop is outraged, the king was helpless and forced to give a secret order. The troops in Amber will move out soon, and would disband all of these people. But you should know, to your mages, their orders are not just to chase them away.

Benjamin did not panic and nodded.

He took out the communication wood, lowly saying: "Those in Amber, be careful, get out of there after ten minutes and blend into the crowd and hide, don't let the Church find you."

The wood shone and emanated a wave of energy, bringing Benjamin’s voice to them.

The magic tool needed time, the secret order needed time to be issued from Galloway to Amber as well. If they could estimate this time, they were totally in control and will disappear before their enemies could reach them.


"Did they issue this order for Amber only? What about the others?" Benjamin asked.

"The news about Amber came the fastest, right now, the bishop thinks the mage parade is only happening in Amber." Mikel shrugged and said, "But, once the news come from every part, he should go berserk."

Benjamin heard this and smiled.

"If he turned mad from this, it would save us some effort."

With this, Benjamin waited at Galloway, waiting for news to come from the king, and observed the Church’s every movement closely. Thus, when Mikel comes to inform him again, he has already calculated the time and would give the information to every mage across the country, making sure they can end their parade fifteen minutes before the secret order reaches, avoiding the enemy and going into hiding again.

This was the power of information. No matter how angry the Church was, they would find nothing.

The same time, after sending out new news, Benjamin had to leave Galloway quickly.

----When the parades end, he did not need to stay here anymore and could return to Amber.

In reality, he did not know what was the response like in Amber. But he was anticipating after today, what change would come to Carretas?

A few hours later.

Evening, Benjamin returned to Amber.

From outside, Amber looked well-guarded, and had more guards outside than usual, staring at the passing crowd. Benjamin was shocked but realized. These people must have gotten the order to arrest the mages and bards "spreading evil ideas."

But, from the looks of them, they did not catch anyone.

If not the city gate would not be so well guarded.

With this, Benjamin calmly walked to the city gate. The troops checked him properly, but did not notice his fake buck teeth and dyed black hair. Thus, Benjamin successfully entered the city.

The evening of Amber looked peaceful, as if nothing happened. But once Benjamin used his Water Elemental Sensing Technique, the images he saw from every house made him smile.

Sweeping the streets, at least one house had people holding their book and was discussing it passionately. Some were even on their tables, quickly copying a new one.

As for those who were not able to get a copy of The Free Mage, they were quietly discussing and thinking of ways to borrow it from friends or relatives.

Benjamin nodded in satisfaction.

The bulletin about the banning of The Free Mage was posted out, this small book has become forbidden. Under these circumstances, the passion of people did not decrease at all, they treated those books as treasure instead.

----It proved how successfully today went.

To most of the citizens of Carretas, magic was a mysterious figure in the legends, but mages appeared in front of everyone today, loudly and proudly proclaiming with their magic, showing it to everyone. This was the best way to promote things.

Thus, the bulletin saying "the book’s contents are fake" did not have much effect.

But, Benjamin did not immerse himself in this success.

Forcing the king to send troops, and even issuing the ban like this, from the looks of it, the Church has really been angered by him. The following days, these people would be searching for him like madmen, they had to be careful.

Very quickly, Benjamin returned to the inn and removed his disguise. The other few mages in the city was gathered there as well, showing faces of excitement.

"Teacher, these people are way too passionate!" Frank looked excited," Our remaining thousand books were given away in less than two hours."

All gone?

Benjamin could not help but raise his eyebrows.

These people’s appetites were greater than he thought.

"Why not print some more? Amber was like this, so the other cities should be similar. There are so many in Carretas, printing more would not be a waste." Varys advised.

But, Benjamin shook his head.

Following this, the Church would be watching the printing shops closely, waiting for Benjamin and co. to enter their trap. They could not stupidly fall into it.

"During this period of time, we should stop all activities." He looked at the few emotional mages and advised," Pack your things, I’ve informed the other mages in other cities as well. We are changing hiding places."

Hearing this, Frank was stunned:" Where should we go to hide?"

Benjamin replied: "To the mountains at the North, to find those local hermit mages."