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Chapter 444: 1 VS 100

Chapter 444: 1 VS 100
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While his mages were busy sealing the entry points to the valley, Benjamin faced the house full of cannibalistic mages and attacked them without hesitation. Although he had no idea what these people were up to, but a few hundred of his enemies, all gathered up in one narrow and small place? This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

At that moment, endless ice mist diffused from Benjamin’s body to envelop the entire house. As he released all the ice that he stored for more than an hour all at once, the temperature of the valley dropped sharply, and the plants shriveled and wilted as if they were plunged into an abnormally cruel winter.

The motions outside were too obvious for the people inside to be completely indifferent anymore.

With the water elemental sensing technique, Benjamin could see the cannibalistic mages’ collective shudder. The three elders halted their ritualistic actions, then frowned outwards.

Unfortunately, the tiny ice crystals within the freezing mist would not allow the opponents sufficient reaction time.

There was not even time for the three elders to open their mouths to speak. A sheen of ice quickly crept up the walls of the house, and the teeth-souring soft creaks were heard. In a blink of an eye, the whole house became an ice hill.

The dark elements that were gathered in the house seemed to be affected by this; they seemed to gradually disperse.


Suddenly, Benjamin noticed something. He frowned.

There was quite a number of icicles that popped up within the house after the initial onslaught of the freezing current. However, a dense coat of dark elements seemed to diffuse from the flesh of the three elders, and it sheltered the mages standing around them by temporarily blocking the mist on the outside.

Thus, they took the chance to open up their magical shields to keep Benjamin’s ice mist from invading their space. There were no casualties after that.

Benjamin internally heaved a sigh. Another unexpected trick, huh?

Benjamin did not bother to ask the System why did it fail to mention this to him; the System would indignantly profess his innocence by reciting the same excuse that would offer no insight to the situation, ‘Nothing was written in the book!’.

He only managed to eliminate 8 enemies in this ambush. The ones who froze to death were all enemies in the house. Meanwhile, the dungeon under the house was relatively unscathed as Benjamin’s ice mist did not manage to permeate much into it before the shields sheltered the area. None of the hundreds of enemies squeezed in the dungeon died from Benjamin’s attack.

The situation was grim.

Now, the enemy also got a grip on the situation.

"You brat, you are quite a smart one, huh? You actually made a move before we could." The voice of one of the elders was heard from within the frozen house. "Sadly, if I were you, I would’ve left with my tail tucked behind my back. I would never come here to taunt, with no regards to my own life."

Benjamin snorted after he heard that. "Don’t count your eggs before they’re hatched."

Then, he stretched out his hand to aim towards the house within the ice. Then, he abruptly clenched his palm to form a fist.

Immediately, the ice hill shook with the house within, and the tough surface of the ice started to shift and compress, causing a scalp-numbing noise. Outside the house, endless streams of ice mist rushed within to top up the water elements within, causing the number of water elements to stack to a terrifying amount.

"Y-You brat, what…. what are you trying to do?" Again, the color drained from the faces of the cannibalistic mages.

Benjamin ignored their question. At that moment, his body trembled slightly with the house, his forehead peppered with sweat, his face scrunched as if he was struggling. He had been learning magic for long, but never had he controlled such a massive amount of water elements - this was different with the gigantic water ball; that was summoning, not controlling.

His spiritual energy was spinning at a neck-breaking speed. In the Space of his Consciousness, the Ice Rune was vibrating at an extremely high frequency, repeatedly making crisp ‘ding’ sounds as it controlled the water elements to continuously compress inwards in the house.

It was very taxing on him, but this was a 1 VS 100 fight, how else could it be?

Under his compression, the tall house soon changed its shape as if it was reflected in a funhouse mirror, twisted beyond comparison by the ice hill that sealed it. As for the interior of the house, more and more mages came running out of the dungeon, attempting hard to build layers and layers of elemental shields to avoid themselves from getting flattened into meat paste by this immense power.

Although Benjamin looked very imposing now that the cannibalistic mages were slightly affected, the sudden quick and wide coverage of the magical shields still managed to hold up against Benjamin’s attacks.

All the cannibalistic mages stood together and survived the insane crushing of the hard ice just by capitalizing on their advantage in numbers. That was why Benjamin could clearly sense the initial confidence slide back on the enemies face after they stopped panicking in the house.

"Great, with this ability, he will be able to bring us greater power after he is sacrificed." Once again, the elder’s voice was heard from within the house.

Benjamin narrowed his eyes. Then, he suddenly backed off quickly, putting a distance between him and the house. A bubble appeared to envelop him as if to shield against something.

Just when he was approximately 100 meters away from the building, Benjamin’s right fist that was gripped tight and trembling suddenly opened!

The ice hill that was continuously compressing the house until it became slightly twisted suddenly stopped as if someone hit the pause button.

A terrifying, eerie silent fell upon the valley.

Then, a loud noise - Bang!

The ice hill exploded in a flash, and the powerful aftershock caused the whole mountain to quake and rumble. The ice shards that were out of control splattered all over the place like radiation from a nuclear bomb, and the houses in the village that were near the explosion were punctured to become sieves and collapsed with a wham. Cracks appeared at the flat roads at the mountainside; in fact, with the site of explosion as the midpoint of the circle, the cracks spread around the area like the webs of a spider.

At that moment, Benjamin even expected the mountain to collapse within itself.

At the outer range of the village, Benjamin’s mages were rushing over to his location while they noticed the explosion. Shocked, they all summoned their elemental shields to shelter them from being killed by the aftershocks of the explosion.

"What’s going on? This wasn’t in Sir Benjamin’s plans, no?"

Frank’s smile looked forced as he blocked the shards before him. "Teacher…. Although he liked planning, it is something that he has no qualms about discarding once he gets agitated."

No matter what, they still flew towards the center of the village while they were busy blocking the incoming ice shards, trying to reach Benjamin and bring the cavalry to him as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the village of the cannibalistic mages were nothing but a wasteland now. The sky was filled with a mixture of ice shards, smoke and dirt, and it was more difficult to open one’s eyes than in a sandstorm. At least half of the houses collapsed, and cracks crawled everywhere on the ground as if a Level 8 earthquake has happened. The widest crack was as big as an arm!

At the center of the explosion where all the cannibalistic mages were huddled into the devil and the house, however….

The house was no more, and what was left was just a crater. Half of the dungeon were exposed, and inside were mages who have fallen all over the place, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Yeap, even though Benjamin imploded all the ice, he did not manage to kill everyone.

"This….. This boy is quite good."

The three elders were supported by others as they crawled out of the crater. They looked pathetic, with blood flowing out of their noses. They looked like they had exerted great effort and power to block the terrifying explosion, and that apparently hurt their spiritual energy.

However, after the shock, they still looked relieved and grateful.

"You f*cking brat. You really think you’re all that great and mighty, huh? You want to take on a few hundred of us alone?" An elder barked bitterly as he wiped off his nosebleed. "If you’re really that good, come at us again! After all that, I don’t believe that you would still have the spiritual energy for magic!"

He looked as if he was overwhelmed with rage, his infuriated voice echoing among the dust-filled world. The other cannibalistic mages shared a look before they flew carefully forwards. At this moment, their line of sight was blocked, and they were unable to spot Benjamin’s shadow. They started to suspect that Benjamin was able to take the opportunity to escape.

If he really did, that would be a great loss to them!

However, after a moment of silence, the cannibalistic mages suddenly heard a reply from the dust.

"No problem, let’s talk after you’ve taken this ball of mine!"