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Chapter 447: Not Just a Mage

Chapter 447: Not Just a Mage
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Benjamin was now within touching distance of a cannibal mage. He held a silver gun in his hand and gently blew away the smoke with a sly smile on his lips.

But what he did not expect was for a middle-aged man to shield the elder. He clutched his chest as he moaned and fell to the ground.

"Pity, these people are just too protective…" Benjamin said to himself as he shook his head.

The person he was targeting was one of the elders. But the elder had been hiding among the crowd and was surrounded by his own people. Benjamin had such a hard time hitting his target because there wasn’t a clear shot.

Benjamin failed to hit his target even with the enemy eyes glued to the skies; not to mention, his one move made the enemy really angry.

"He has no more spiritual energy, just get rid of him!" one of the elders commanded.

Benjamin’s gunshot surprised them, but not much else. For him to choose to fire the gun meant that he was unable to conjure any more magic, which made him easy-pickings in their eyes.

A few of the cannibal mages obeyed the order and stretched out their hands while chanting a spell. They conjured a few black shadows that immediately ran straight for Benjamin.

The black shadows were aggressive but this time, the mages in the sky were really far away and were busy fighting with the rest of the cannibal mages. They could do nothing to help protect Benjamin from the attack.

"Teacher, be careful!" one of the mages in the sky cried out.

Benjamin just smiled lightly.

The black shadows were now inches from him, and yet no protective shield appeared in front of him. The attacking cannibal mages thought that Benjamin was finished.

But what happened next made their jaws drop.

Benjamin suddenly rolled to the left which caused the first few black shadows to rush straight pass him. Following this, he ducked and rolled in other direction, dodging the remaining assailants. He had completely avoided their attack.

All this happened within a few seconds; even the cannibal mages were unsure of what they had just seen.

Gunshots rang through the air again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After he had nimbly dodged the black shadows, Benjamin stood up and opened fire. Three magic resistant bullets flew through the air and three bodies subsequently fell to the ground.

Everyone was stunned.

How was he doing this?

The mages that were busy fighting Benjamin’s underlings did not see what had happened, so they only thought it strange that Benjamin could survive the black shadow’s attack. But those that had witnessed the incident looked as though they had just seen a ghost.

They rubbed their eyes in disbelief – how the hell did he dodge like that?

That kind of speed was impossible for the normal person. They would believe it if a veteran mercenary had done it, but not so much for a physically average mage.

He was already a master at magic, and now he was also an agile sharpshooting mercenary? Did the outside world really change so much or was this some kind of crazy anomaly?

A few of the cannibal mages had already lost their minds.

This guy was definitely on drugs!

But Benjamin was not on any form of hallucinogens or amphetamines, he had merely drunk a bottle of high-level agility potion.

He had already collected plenty of experience in close combat while in Ferelden from fighting Black Fist. He had already survived many life-threatening physical confrontations so dodging a few poorly aimed magical attacks was a piece of cake.

In the past he had relied on steam to increase his speed, now he was relying on the potion to do so.

He learnt to fire a gun in Havenwright’s Gun Academy, and he was putting it to good use here. He could now dodge and open fire immediately after. Though his skills were rusty, it was more than enough to face these mages.

These people had very poor control over their magic - after releasing the black shadows, they had no control over its direction. That was why it was so easy for Benjamin to dodge the attacks.

"Come one, why are you not attacking? Hit me!" He reloaded the bullets whilst yelling provocatively at the stunned cannibal mages.

The only thing that he could do now was try to waste his opponent's spiritual energy.

His mages were still in the air, dodging the Door into Oblivion while throwing fireballs at the cannibal mages. The cannibal mages continued to conjure shields to block the fireballs, making sure that the two elders were left unharmed.

The situation had now grown to a stalemate, but the Door into Oblivion continued to grow larger; with it, the cannibal mages were slowly inching their way to victory.

Even though Benjamin was but one mage, he could not just stand by. He temporarily became a gun-wielding dancing mercenary, doing his best to disrupt the situation with whatever resources he had.

"Enough! What are you all standing around for? Stop lollygagging and get rid of him!" the elder yelled at his subordinates, clearly angry at the fact that he was being made the fool of.

The cannibal mages hesitated, but eventually submitted to the command of the elder. They took careful aim at Benjamin and released ten more black shadows.

It was as though they were hoping that after taking aim they would successfully hit the target.

Benjamin shook his head.

"So naive."

This time, he dodged even earlier. The black shadows were still travelling by the time Benjamin had moved to the side. The cannibal mages tried to control the direction of the black shadows but to no avail – they clearly lacked the skills to do so. They were soon sent running from the hail of bullets from Benjamin’s firearm.

While they were running…

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Benjamin’s attitude was very relaxed, after being strengthened by the potion, he felt as light as a feather. Dodging the attacks required little to no effort on his part.

But on the cannibal mages side, another three bodies dropped dead to the ground. A fourth person sensed the danger and quickly conjured a shield in front of him, and in doing so avoided becoming another casualty.

The two elders could not stand it anymore.

"What are you?" They asked. After watching Benjamin’s inhumane speed, they were so shocked that they almost forgot to control the Door into Oblivion.

Benjamin loaded more the bullets while following the System’s predictions to continue dodging the enemy’s attack. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I’m just your friendly neighbourhood mage."