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Chapter 448: The Undefeatable Black Hole

Chapter 448: The Undefeatable Black Hole
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Benjamin's taunts were really effective and the elders’ hatred toward Benjamin grew soared. They gave the order and more cannibal mages joined the efforts to kill Benjamin.

Hundreds of black shadows flew at him from all directions, coming at him like a black net. Their plan was simple, where are you going to dodge to when the attack is from all directions?

There was no way Benjamin could continue his previous style of dodging with such a dense attack.

So, he kept the gun and turned to run.

"This guy…"

The cannibal mages were speechless once again.

With the help of the agility potion, Benjamin ran a few hundred meters in a few seconds, easily outrunning the black shadows. Not to mention, the group of cannibal mages did not have such a wide range of attack, so the black shadows merely fell to the ground and disappeared once they had reached the limit of their range.

After the black shadows were gone, Benjamin ran back towards them and raised his gun to fire again.

His hit-and-run tactic was really a pain in the ass.

Even though the cannibal mages had their shields, the bullets tore through them in a second. It was obvious that they were at their wit's end trying to defend themselves against this guy.

"He’s running too fast, we can’t hit him at all."

The elder was getting annoyed and eventually waved his hand and said, "Enough, don’t bother with him, what is he going to do with only a gun? Surround the area with a wall of darkness, let’s see what he’ll do then."

In the end, they had to give up on fighting against Benjamin.

The elder decided to send his people to dispose of him because he thought with Benjamin’s spiritual energy depleted he wouldn’t be a threat and would be a piece of cake to get rid of. But now, with Benjamin running about so fast, the cannibal mages couldn’t even hurt him.

They decided to just ignore the guy’s taunts.

To him, the hundreds of mages in the sky were the real threat. The reason that Benjamin had the upper hand was that their defences were aimed at the mages in the sky and not at their surroundings.

In reality, all they needed was an extra protection spell around them and the gun-toting fool would be useless. And besides, once the Door into Oblivion was big enough, it would mean death for both the mages in the sky and the sprinting fool.

And so, the cannibal mages obeyed the elder’s orders and raised a shield around them. Then they turned their focus to the fireballs raining down from the sky.

Benjamin really didn’t have any other choice.

Once the black shadow-like wall was erected, his bullets were useless against the cannibal mages. It didn’t matter how close he got, or how much he taunted them, they completely ignored him.

But, he had already done enough.

The cannibal mages wasted a good chunk of their spiritual energy to raise the wall. Benjamin was satisfied with being able to cause them such a significant disruption despite not having any spiritual energy left.

He was no longer in fighting condition, so what happens next would be up to his underlings.

Right now, the Door into Oblivion had become as big as a house. It was already moving much faster as it chased after the mages. The mages had to move backwards as they attacked, creating a very tense situation.

Benjamin felt worried for them; he felt as though they didn’t have enough time.

If they were unable to strike the elder with a fireball before the Door into Oblivion reaches them, then their fate was sealed.

Could they actually do it? Benjamin himself wasn’t sure.

The only thing he could do was to continue firing at the enemy. Seeing as these were anti-magic bullets, four bullets could bring down the wall of darkness. The cannibal mages would need to keep wasting their spiritual energy in order to repair the wall.

Though its effects were weak, these little efforts might end up being the difference between victory and defeat.

"Teacher really isn’t giving up," Frank said as he watched from the sky.

"Well then, we can’t give up either." Varys watched the Door into Oblivion with one eye and continued throwing fireballs, smiling defiantly the whole time.

Luckily, just as the subordinate mages spiritual energy was about to run out, the group of senior mages finally finished casting the high-level spell.

A strong magical wave washed over the area and the fire element in the sky exploded to life. As they watched this majestic scene take place, the mages in the sky sighed in relief – they finally stood a chance.

"Now watch us!" Joanna opened her eyes and laughed heartily.

Three white flames started taking shape in the sky, moving as though they had a life of their own. Then, with a hum, the phoenixes burst out of their shell. The flames engulfed their entire body, glowing so brightly that they lit up the entire mountain range.

The cannibal mages watched the three giant fire phoenixes and growled menacingly.

"This is just high-level fire magic, there is nothing to be afraid of." The elder’s face did not change as he said gently, "All this is useless before the Door into Oblivion."

With the two elders controlling it, the giant black sphere headed towards the fire phoenixes. Joanna and the other three watched it full of suspense.

Was the Door into Oblivion as invincible as the legends claim?

At their command, the fire phoenixes spread their wings. Their feathers dropped to create countless white fireballs which then headed straight for the Door into Oblivion.

This was an important moment; the result of this collision would show the outcome of the battle.

The mages all watched nervously.

High-level magic against high-level magic, a battle of this scale could go either way.

Everyone was thinking the same thing.

But the results were disappointing. The fireball was completely swallowed the second it touched the Door into Oblivion. And the black sphere swallowed every single one of the countless white fireballs and continued on its path without even slowing down.

"Pitiful ants, they think they are strong enough to beat the Door into Oblivion." The elder said in a victorious voice.

The mages ignored the enemy’s taunts.

But things did not look too good.

Because it was also a high-level magic, so they had pinned so much hope on the three fire phoenixes. But now, all those hopes were dashed. The Door of Oblivion was invincible; they could not even fight it.

How disappointing. Did they really stand a chance against such a foe?

"We should take the teacher and run before the Door into Oblivion reaches a size that we cannot hide from." Sarah whose speciality was dark magic rushed to Varys’ side and told him.

Varys who had been completely speechless quickly snapped back to his senses.

The situation really was bad; if they did not retreat now, they would never be able to leave again.

Just as the mages were feeling demotivated and trying to figure out a way to retreat, they heard Benjamin’s voice off in the distance.

Everyone was shocked and looked down.

What they saw was Benjamin cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting at them as loud as he could, "Quick! Ignore the black ball and use the fire phoenixes against these human eating monstrosities! Destroy them and it will all be over!"