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Chapter 450: Hundred Meter Dash Assassination

Chapter 450: Hundred Meter Dash Assassination
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When the black shadows rushed into the fire, Benjamin was not the only one worrying.

"What was that? Why did the flames become smaller?" In the sky, Frank watched the fire shrink, and asked with a worried look on his face.

Joanna shook her head and said, "I don’t know, but it is eroding my magic."

Hearing the words coming out of the caster’s mouth, the mages fell into despair.

To them, the significance of the sea of fire was too great. If the elder cannot be burnt to death in it, they would be burned to death by the Door into Oblivion!

So, they casted spell after spell, conjuring more and more fireballs, and sent them into the sea of fire. Unfortunately, the fire was created by three fire phoenixes, these fireballs were like water droplets falling into the sea, making no difference in a sea that was about to dry up.

Following the gathering of the black shadows, the strength of the fire had been cut in half.

"Take the teacher and let’s get out of here." Varys said in a low voice as he sighed.

Even though the other mages were not happy about it, they still nodded their heads.

"Teacher Benjamin should be...wait, what is the Teacher doing?"

At that moment, Frank saw something that was hard to believe, and stood there stunned. The other mages frowned and looked down at what Frank was staring at.

Only to see that Benjamin standing not too far away from the fire, he was squatting down with his hands on the ground, looking exactly like a sprinter at the starting line.

Under everybody’s stunned watchful eyes, Benjamin’s legs straightened, and he flew forwards like an arrow from a bow, vanishing into the fire.

"My god..."

All the mages were shocked, some even cursed.

Were they hallucinating?

Why... why would their Teacher rush in like that?

From what they could see, Benjamin’s actions were no different from a suicidal maniac. So, after being stunned for a while, they came back to their senses and panicked, as though the main pillar of the world had collapsed.

"No, no, quickly put out the fire, Teacher Benjamin doesn’t even have the spiritual energy to put up a shield, he will be burnt alive!" someone said in panic, wanting to save Benjamin from the fire.

"Right! I’ll..." Joanna replied, ready to stop the magic.

Just then, something happened that made the mages stare with open mouths, and stopped the mages rescue attempt dead in its tracks.

Benjamin rushed out of the sea of fire without a singed hair on his head.

"I’m not dreaming, am I?"

All the mages jaws had dropped to the ground.

From the moment Benjamin rushed into the fire till the moment he rushed out, the entire process took about ten seconds. Benjamin took the potion that made his body more agile, this was understandable. But, what was going on?

Why did Benjamin looked as though he didn’t just run through a sea of fire?

How could he run out again safe and sound?

And... why did he run into the fire in the first place?

These mages had been following Benjamin for a while now, they knew that he had a few incredible ideas and he did amazing things. But...the surprise was too much, they could not process what was going on.

"Teacher, are you alright?"

After a moment of shock, Varys brought the team down towards Benjamin and asked him.

"I’m alright." Benjamin shook his head, he held an ice blade in his hand that was stained with blood. He threw the ice blade down with a relieved expression on his face, "You can remove the magic now, I killed the remaining two elders."

The mages were in shock again.


"Of course, I’m perfectly serious." Benjamin shrugged and said, "Why did you think I ran in then? To kill myself?"

The mages went silent.

They were really thinking that.

Benjamin shook his head, knowing that the news was shocking. He gave his mages some time to process the news.

In their mind, the untouchable elders that fought relentlessly before could be killed in just a few seconds. Wasn’t that a little far-fetched?

But he really did it.

When the fire became weaker, he knew that that was their only chance. Once the fire died because of the black shadows, the elders would not need to sacrifice their own people, and Benjamin would not have the opportunity to sneak up on them.

And so, Benjamin chose this way.

The System had divided into two, with the water element mist around him, it could withstand about six seconds. To most people, six seconds was not enough to do anything. But to an assassin who was ready to kill, six seconds was more than enough.

Benjamin took the potion and made a strong and sharp ice blade in his hand, this would be his first assassination.

The moment he entered the sea of fire, the System opened the way and he went through the fire and the cannibal mage’s shield together. In that moment, the people within the shield were still getting killed one after another, and could not react to his presence there. Benjamin immediately approached the elders who had their eyes tightly shut.

Just then, the elders opened their eyes and saw Benjamin who stood so close to them, they both had disbelieving looks on their faces.

Benjamin smiled and raised his brows.

He held the ice blade in his right hand and swung forwards.

Fresh blood spurted out like a fountain.

After getting rid of the elders, Benjamin didn’t hang about but continued on. The entire process was done with him running the entire time. He dashed in, ran towards the elders and killed them and ran out again. It was like he just completed a hundred-meter dash.

But in this world, it would be difficult to find another bloody race like this.

Thinking back to a few seconds ago, Benjamin felt that it was exceptionally thrilling. If he did not run fast enough, if his hand was not accurate enough, anything could have happened. The borrowed time would have run out and he would be stuck in there, death being his only way out.

Even though he was only within the shield for a short moment, but what he saw was really shocking.

The System was not lying. The ordinary cannibal mages acted like they were being controlled, their body shaking, with a strange smile etched across their faces. Their spiritual energy was like sand, flying out of their bodies and into the giant shield. And once their spiritual energy was sapped, they collapsed to the ground with their eyes open, nothing more than a corpse.

Benjamin have watched many horror movies, but this scene...was really scary.

Fortunately, after he killed the two elders, the entire process stopped. If nothing goes wrong, that giant shield that was powered by spiritual energy would collapse soon.

He took a huge risk and was paid in full. The two elders were dead and the battle can finally come to an end.

When he thought about this, Benjamin sighed a breath of relief.

This really was a tough adversary.

Then, just when he was being grateful, suddenly Frank tapped him on the shoulder and asked hesitantly, "But, if the caster is dead, why did the Door into Oblivion not dissipate, and instead it is getting bigger?"

Benjamin turned to look at the sky in shock.

The giant black sphere was not moving anymore, but, it was still growing at a steady speed, becoming bigger and bigger, looking as though it will keep expanding.

No way...

Thinking about the residual black shadows, Benjamin’s heart sank right into the valley.

Don’t say that the Door into Oblivion that the elders created, was exactly like the black shadow that Luke left behind after being murdered. That the magic will not dissipate even with the caster’s death?