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Chapter 451: Experiment for Ways to Decipher

Chapter 451: Experiment for Ways to Decipher
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Under Benjamin’s orders, the three, including Joanna dispelled their magic.

The sea of fire disappeared, revealing a large screen and the cannibal mages within the screen. Perhaps it was due to sacrificing their Spiritual Energy, the people in the screen were all down. Those whose Spiritual Energy has not been sucked clean were also lying on the ground, twitching involuntarily, foaming in the mouth as if having an epileptic attack.

The two elders who summoned the Door of Oblivion, were now corpses no doubt.

To this, the mages reacted in shock.

"They... are really dead." Varys was in a daze before raising a doubt, "But, why did the Door of Oblivion lose control yet continue to expand itself?"

Benjamin stared at the black ball in the sky with his brows locked in a frown. He shook his head.

These cannibal mages were full of mystery. This phenomenon where there were traces of magic after death, was due to the fact they feasted on flesh in sacrificial rituals or was their path of magic a unique one? Benjamin could not confirm either.

The System has gone through all the local references but there was no information on this.

Normally, if Benjamin could not figure any answer, he would toss this question aside. However, if he was unable to figure this out, then it would be the end of it!

The expansion of the Door of Oblivion was endless. If this were to continue, the entire mountain, the area, the nation... Everything of everything would be sucked into this endless black hole.

— It would be the end of the world.

Benjamin wouldn't have thought in a million years that he would be pushed into this kind of situation.

What happened to learning magic to defeat the Church? What’s the deal now about saving the world?

"Teacher, what should we do?" The other mages were without a clue, and could only stare at Benjamin.

Benjamin gave it a thought before saying, "The expansion of the Door of Oblivion would take some time. First, penetrate this screen and look if the cannibal mages are still conscious. They might have some thoughts about this kind of circumstances."

After hearing this, the mages now at least had a direction, and they started casting at the screen in attempt to break through it.

However, this screen seemed to be sturdier than they could imagine. After much effort, they were not able to penetrate it. Although the elders were dead, the sacrificial Spiritual Energy still remained. Unless those that were inside had their Spiritual Energy sucked dry, else this thing would not break.

In that very instant, the mages felt another wave of headache.

There was someone who suggested they leave immediately but Benjamin overrode it. The Door of Oblivion becoming like this was partly their fault. How could they leave at a time like this?

Even if they leave, it was not as though as they could!

"Let’s just start from this magic then." Benjamin turned and looked the confused mages, "Do any of you have a better understanding, does it... have a weakness?"

The crowed went silent for a while before Lara came out to break the silence, "The Door of Oblivion has no weakness."

"What’s its distinguishing point?" Benjamin asked, "How does it work and what is its inner law? There is nothing invulnerable in this world. It is without weakness because we have yet to discover it."

Lara was floored and responded, "It... is a pure dark element magic. The current principle we know of is that it uses large quantity of dark elements and the result of its complicated interior, constructed a seed that ran its own course — which is that little black ball. Once the seed took shape, it started to evolve itself. As for its inner law, the magic world has yet to find out."

Benjamin was deep in thought for a bit before continuing his questions, "Then it’s evolving itself, shouldn’t it be uncontrollable? Then how did the summoning mage controlled it?"

Lara answered, "By using unique imprints of the Spiritual Energy. The core of the seed structure has the summoner’s Spiritual Energy. Through the resonation of the Spiritual Energy, the mages could control the Door of Oblivion to a certain degree and move it towards a specific direction or cause its internal structure to crumble and diminish."

... Finally reached the main point.

Benjamin took a deep breath and spoke in a slow pace, "If that’s the case, we could imitate the Spiritual Energy imprints of the two elders and have this thing crash from within?"

Lara seemed helpless, "If that was doable, then we could do mind control."

Benjamin was mind boggled over this.

She was right, the issue with Spiritual Energy was that it has been a mystery even in magic theory. There was still no result on researches and has been thought as energy consumption for casting magic. To imitate someone’s Spiritual Energy would be a whole new level.

This was so problematic. They hit another dead end...

"How about this." After giving it more thought, Benjamin spoke again, "The magic world has little research on the Door of Oblivion, right? Then, we could start researching now. The magic everyone knows is a lot and all of you should cast magic on this thing one at a time to see what kind of reaction it makes. I will record the result of our experiment."

The Door of Oblivion now, still has some way to go before it caused the end of the world. Therefore, they still had time for research and trial and error.

The mages were still in a daze at the suggestion but since it came from Benjamin, they would follow suit.

All kinds of magic were summoned at the black ball. Benjamin ordered the System to carefully measure the changes of the Door of Oblivion to the extent the data was meticulously calculated down to three decimals for analysis.

In the end, the Door of Oblivion ate four hundred and sixty seven types of magic in total in fifty two minutes. Its entire volume increased by a single fold.

"This is the result of the experiment." The System was done measuring, and reported to Benjamin, "Every magic that was casted, it increased its volume. The increase depended on the volume of elements in that magic. There is no unit of measurements for the volume of elements in this world so I can’t give you a definite factor but I can tell you the four elements, fire, water, earth and wind’s factor are the same. The dark magic is four times that while the light magic causes no impact."

... Light magic?

Benjamin was struck by a thought.

"If we keep tossing grenade of holy light into that thing, would be become small or collapse entirely?"

"You can try." The System undeniably answered, "But based on the result of the experiment, it would most likely not change a thing, The light magic factor towards the Door of Oblivion is 1 and based on the law, it will not shrink."

"Whatever, let’s just try first."

Benjamin didn’t have any other thought and this was the only lead they could find. So, he ordered the mages to toss grenades of holy light into the Door of Oblivion.

It was after all, a divine art, so the majority of them has yet to learn. They had to depend on live teachings from a few of the mages that were proficient. And so a group of mages stood within the mountainside, learning this divine arts at full speed. It was such a spectacle.

Seeing the mages stumbling in summoning the holy light, Benjamin pondered long and deeply before taking out a cup from his bag.

If they were going to use divine arts... maybe this thing the bishop treated as a sacred item could help them.

But how do they use it though...

By now, the Door of Oblivion became quite large and the shield formed by sacrificing the Spiritual Energy was scathed by one of the edges of the Door of Oblivion. The next moment, the entire screen broke into pieces, revealing a floor of corpses and the prison pit.

At that sight, Benjamin placed the cup back and headed that way.

"Hey, is anyone still alive?" He endured the weird stench and walked deeper inward while shouting.