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Chapter 453: Holy Flame of the End

Chapter 453: Holy Flame of the End
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However, even as the wild wolf swallowed the flesh and bone in full, the Door of Oblivion in the sky still remained the same as it neared the earth, without any signs of dispersing.

"How can this be?"

Benjamin turned and looked at the wolf once more.

The wolf’s appearance was completely altered with his eyes glaring in red. He agitatedly attacked the walls of the igloo, ramming it with its head, trying to get out.

After hesitating, Benjamin casted his sensing technique at the wolf. He sensed a human like Spiritual Energy from the wolf and the lifeline on the wolf was gone entirely. It was without a breath.

The wolf was dead, but... the will of the flesh and blood was still there.

— Benjamin felt he was struck by a thought.

"This wolf….. has become some revenant being?" The other mages gathered around to observe for a bit and someone exclaimed in disbelief.

"There’s a possibility." Benjamin took a deep breath and helplessly added, "But the thing is, the key to lock the Door of Oblivion is on this wolf."

The Spiritual Energy of the two elders has oddly transferred to the wolf after their corpses were eaten up. In other words, the summoners of the Door of Oblivion were this soul of a dead wolf.

Gotta give it to them on the eerie way of transferring.

The only thing they could count themselves lucky for was that the wolf, although could control the Door of Oblivion, its intellectual capacity has not awakened, neither had its battle damage. It wasn’t that big of a threat to Benjamin and the rest.

But, what should they do now?

Eliminating this wolf or burning its flesh would obtain the same result as the very beginning. Previously, he has gotten rid of Luke’s body but the dark shadow did not vanish. This indicated that in order to banish the "will of the flesh and blood", it has everything to do with this "eating" ritual.

Then... everyone should gather together for some wolf meat steam boat?

Benjamin would not know that eating this revenant of a wolf might result in death.

"Oh gawd, it’s really a revenant being." The mages that were rescued saw the scene and lamented, "Don’t tell me the legend is coming true?"

Benjamin turned and asked, "Legend? What legend?"

"It’s that legend. The mages around here should have heard of it."

"We are not mages from the local Carretas." Benjamin was catching on to something, he quickly questioned, "What is that legend about? Please tell me."

"That... Alright then." The person in question was a little shocked but still responded, "There’s always legends about the origins from the Candela Mountains but one of them is that once the revenant appears on earth, the world will crumble, everything and every being will be destroyed and only the power of Abel can purify all sins."

Benjamin frowned.

The power of Abel... would be the holy light?

But they have been using the holy light in their attempts!

After much thought, Benjamin took out the cup again. He has exhausted all possible ways but nothing was discovered. The only thing that has yet to be tested was this thing the Church named as the holy thing.

From this simple gold cup, he could feel a source of holy and pure energy, as if the holy light — or light elements to speak, has been deeply engraved into its grain.

Benjamin stared intently at it, his gaze was so sharp it could penetrate a hole in it.

How should he use it...

He thought for a while before putting the cup on the ground and instructed the mages to toss grenades of holy light into the cup. The grenade of holy light was tossed over and blew away the cup. The cup almost flew into the Door of Oblivion and that gave Benjamin a scare that he quickly snatched it back with water steam.

Benjamin then held the cup in his hands to check for any damages. He let out a sigh of relief.

Wasn’t this thing able to gather holy light? Then why did the grenade of holy light hit it away?

His head started to hurt from all that thinking that he waved his hand to open up a hole in the igloo and tossed the cup into it. Wasn’t there some talk about the "Power of Abel can cleanse all sins"? Very well, then cleanse the shit out of this.

However, the movement he threw the cup in, the wolf suddenly stopped his head banging wall movement and opened its mouth to swallow the cup in whole.

Benjamin’s eyes widened in shock.

That... was a whole damn cup!

After the initial shock, Benjamin was filled with anticipation again. There’s a reaction, that means they were going somewhere and now thinking clearly, the holy light cleanse all sins, the "eating" ritual... Wasn’t all the points fulfilled together?

— It ate the holy light.

The dead wolf’s body started to rumble after eating the cup. He let out a shrill roar. Soon after, a golden flame appeared from his abdomen, blazingly burning like a blossomed flower.

The surrounding mages jumped at the sight.

"This... is the holy flame, the divine arts that only the pope can use."

Benjamin too, took a deep breath and stared intently at the flame on the wolf’s abdomen.

The flame spread quickly and not a moment too soon, it engulfed the wolf entirely and spread on the ground. Even Benjamin’s igloo could not withstand the heat and started to melt.

In a blink of an eye, the flames overtook a large area that Benjamin and the rest had to back up a few steps and watched anxiously as the situation unfolded.

The wolf quickly turned to ashes but the flame still did not extinguish. Instead, it systematically spread onto the ground, dabbling to the left and to the right, as if... it was trying to draw on the ground.

Benjamin was struck with a thought.

"It is trying to convey a message." The System suddenly said.

The golden flame soon was done drawing what it wanted and together with the wolf and the cup, disappeared completely from this world. The Door of Oblivion did not vanish though. The mages watched with their heads in the clouds while Benjamin couldn’t be bothered with physical pain and grabbed the System for questioning.

"What did it say?"

The message conveyed by the cup-turned-flame — could be the key to settle everything!

The System wasn’t very sure, "From the way I see it, it seemed to be... some code?"

Benjamin was dumbstruck, "What code? Speak clearly."

"I don’t know too. It was a pure instinct that told me." The System helplessly answered, "Wait here, let me build a file and run this code to see if I can get anything."


The System fell silent as it used its language program to analyze this thing. Benjamin did not know anything and could only return to reality to face a countless gazes of confusion with a headache.

How should he explain this to his subordinates?

Luckily, the System did not use up too much time. It quickly popped up again with excitement, "I-I know now! The flame conveyed the soul information of the two elders. This was the fragments of information that was left after the holy flame purified their souls."

Benjamin was flabbergasted.

Soul information….. How did it go in depth in a flash?

"Oh, this thing is pretty hard to explain." The System helplessly mentioned, "It’s almost like your memory folder. The way I see it it’s a bunch of data but how it turned into data, I’m not too sure."

Benjamin was deep in his thought before adding, "Then… since you have their soul information, then could you imitate their Spiritual Energy’s imprints?"

These incomprehensible things, they could leave it for research later. The matter at hand now was to take care of that big black hole in the sky.

Even Lara has mentioned that the control over the Door of Oblivion lay on the summoner’s Spiritual Energy’s imprint.

"I... think I can." The System answered hesitantly.

"Then quickly try it out!"

The System fell silent again. After a moment, there was a weird oscillation coming from Benjamin. Benjamin has yet to comprehend what was happening when the mages’ pleasantly surprised voices travelled from behind him.

"Tea-teacher, the Door of Oblivion, it has dispersed!"

Benjamin turned around in bewilderment. The large black hole in the sky seemed to be undergoing some change internally that it started to shrink.

"See that! That was all me! The power of the super undefeated artificial intelligence!" The System was shouting in joy in Benjamin’s mind.

But Benjamin did not even pay attention to a thing it said.

Right now, he was gazing intently at the phenomenon in the sky.

The surrounding dimension started to contort and black sands scattered everywhere, there were flashes of unusual light beams... it was a universal wonder. That giant Door of Oblivion was now slowly disappearing out of sight.

The empty night sky in the mountains returned to the quietness of a wasteland, as if nothing has happened before.