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Chapter 464: Being Targeted

Chapter 464: Being Targeted
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Hearing the sound from behind him, Benjamin could not help but turn around to take a look.

Damn it… why were they so fast?

The golden wings on the back of bishops were sparkling, giving them the impression of some angel that had descended from heaven. Their speed had also increased to the point where they were now even slightly faster than Benjamin.

Not to mention, the effects of the magical potion had a time limit, if this continued, he would definitely be caught!

To be honest, Benjamin did not have the confidence to forcefully withstand the attacks of the three bishops. Moreover, if a fight really broke out, the priests behind them would slowly come to their aid – if that happened he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Under such dire circumstances, he could only continue to run while tossing water bombs backward with the intention of slowing down the bishops. However, the three bishops were unfazed; throwing out a single cross was enough to block all his attacks, and they continued forward at the same pace.

Seeing this, Benjamin could not help but feel troubled.

Faced with this sort of situation, he thought of taking out the crystal ball and using it on his opponents. But he knew that if the crystal ball was thrown out, he might not be able to get it back. There was no way he could let it fall into the hands of the enemy

Therefore, he could only continue running forwards with all of his might, accumulating large amounts of ice blocks inside the space of consciousness while doing so.

He sped up even more, to the point where the wind started to cut at his face and body.

"Curses… How can this lad run so fast?"

After another few minutes of the chase, the old bishop that looked the oldest of the bunch could not help but say.

Even after a few minutes of intense chasing, the bishops had done nothing but shorten the distance between them slightly. They could not catch up with Benjamin and were starting to get frustrated.

"Be careful of his ball." The red-haired bishop said while chasing, "Our men have reported that he has a strange ball-shaped magical tool with extremely high attacking potential - apparently it can penetrate every shield in an instance."

Hearing this, the other two nodded and watched Benjamin in front of them with even more alertness.

Benjamin faintly overheard their conversation and felt his head ache even more.

It was very obvious that these people had done more homework than he had imagined in order to capture him. The anti-magic waterball, the crystal ball… All his tricks had been studied beforehand by his opponents. It would be very difficult to catch them off guard.

He was yet again at a disadvantage when it came to information. The Church knew about all his abilities, but he knew absolutely nothing about what cards the Church held in their hand.

Turning his head to take a look at the three bishops, the oldest of them seemed to have started chanting, seemingly getting ready to attack Benjamin.

Feeling a great magical disturbance, Benjamin could not help but feel startled.

This would not do… He had to make the first move!

At that moment, the ice blocks in the space of consciousness were released, turning into an icy fog that covered the skies, temporarily enshrouding Benjamin’s figure inside it.

Seeing this, the three bishops furrowed their eyebrows.

"Be careful of the fog, it has very strong freezing powers, and its offensive power is not weak either. Best not to come into direct contact with it." The red-haired bishop seemed to specialize in collecting information about Benjamin. He had immediately opened his mouth to speak when he first saw the ice fog diffuse outward, "We can use the spirit barrier to keep the ice fog outside."

The other two men nodded and started chanting in unison. In the blink of an eye, the holy light around them concentrated and became a gigantic shield, blocking out the ice fog that was spreading all over the place outside.

However, the volume of the ice fog was more than they had imagined and very soon, it was enveloping a huge area. Furthermore, as it was night time, the light was dim, so when the thick ice swept over, it was like a great mist that blocked one’s sight.

The three men immediately sensed that something was not right.

"Oh no, he wants to use this fog to escape!"

Coming back to their senses, they immediately soared upwards, instantly flying out from the ice fog. They flew high into the sky and looked downward, trying to use a bird’s eye view to spot Benjamin.

However, they found nothing.

Around them, wilderness stretched as far as the eye could see. But from their height, they could see everything other than the great fog that was slowly diffusing. There also did not hear any heavy footsteps that would have been made by Benjamin’s mad run.

Which meant…

"He is still hiding in the fog and has not run out." The old bishop gave a cold snort.

"No matter." Bishop Cameron, however, put his hands behind his back and spoke indifferently, "Then let us get rid of this ice fog - along with his sins."

Although the ice fog was still spreading, and the area it covered still growing, but to them, one divine charm could take care of the problem.

A high-level divine charm, that is.

"Let us chant here and see if he dares to continue hiding in the fog." The red-haired bishop nodded and said.

And so, the holy light between heaven and earth started to converge at the location of the three bishops. They lowered their heads and watched the ice fog beneath them intensely while chanting a lengthy spell, looking as though they were preparing for an ultimate move.

But the ice fog beneath their feet continued to spread out calmly; it did not show any change or reaction.

The entire chanting process lasted about five minutes. Throughout these five minutes, Benjamin did not exit the ice fog, nor did he retaliate at the priests in the sky. He did nothing at all, as though he was not the least bit worried about the upcoming attack.

Although the three bishops had not yet finished their chant, they could not help but feel somewhat uneasy about the situation.

Was this lad really hiding in this fog?

However, magic must be continuously maintained by a mage. The fog had still not dispersed, meaning Benjamin must not have gone far. They did not have to worry about the possibility of Benjamin using the fog as a cover-up and slipping off secretly.

Regardless, their spell was now complete; everything would come to light after they cleansed this criminal’s ice fog.

Thus, the three bishops raised up their hands in unison.

In the pitch black night sky, numerous beams of holy light shined down on the heads of the three men, lighting up the night sky in the process. The holy light seemed to be weaved into lines, interlacing, and intertwining without stopping. As though forming a strange matrix, it whirled around slowly in mid-air, slowly growing bigger and bigger. The holy light also began to sketch out many mysterious symbols in the sky.

The end product was the construction of a gigantic round disc, like a magic circle in the sky. They looked at the round disc, nodding their heads.

"Let the cleansing begin."

The eldest bishop said this before aiming the round disc at the ice fog beneath his feet. And yet, the ice fog remained unmoved.

The round disc of holy light suddenly lit up and the middle of the disc split open, as though some huge doors had been opened. A beam of light burst forward from within and immediately hit the ice fog beneath them.

In a split second, the ice fog was pierced by the light beam. Subsequently, a shapeless disturbance emanated and spread out, as though the elemental structure of the magic had been damaged. The ice fog collapsed, and like a piece of ice tossed into a flame began to melt.

The entire area shrouded by the ice fog appeared before the eyes of the three bishops.

But… It was empty.

The wilderness was still the wilderness and the ground was flat; there was no sign of Benjamin other than the footprints he had left earlier in his run.

"How can this be?"

For a moment, the bishops’ eyes grew wide.

They started to descend from the skies high above, sweeping the area with shocked expressions. But no matter where they looked, they could not find any trace of him; it was as though Benjamin had evaporated off the face of the earth.

All three of them were very surprised. Could it be that he had run off? But… They still felt that something was not right.

"Wait... what is that?"

Having descended low enough, the three of them were scanning the ground when they suddenly discovered a hole; not too big, not too small, the size of which was just about right for a person to squeeze through.