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Chapter 465: Deception in the Night

Chapter 465: Deception in the Night
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When they saw the pit, the three bishops’ expressions got so ugly, it was as though they had just stepped on dog faeces.

This rascal... This rascal had taken his chance while they were chanting to hide in the ice fog and run off by drilling a hole in the ground? Then what had they been chanting so mightily for here?

"This cannot be, we cannot let him go free like this!" Having been tricked, the red-haired bishop was mad off the top of his head, but he did not forget to analyze Benjamin’s information. "He is not an expert at earth magic, it is impossible for him to escape too quickly. Following this hole, we can definitely find the direction in which this rascal escaped."

Hearing this, the other two people snapped out from their anger and nodded.

They must not let him go free!

And so, the three bishops started to use divine arts and rumbled towards the ground, ready to blast open the tunnel Benjamin had used to escape. Nevertheless, just as they had started chanting, suddenly, a bang erupted from behind them.

All three of them were stunned.

They could only see the ground behind the elderly bishop rumbled, and suddenly split open. After that, a very familiar figure leapt out from the pit!


The voice hit the bishops’ ears; all three of them of them showed expressions of disbelief.

It was Benjamin.

This rascal... This rascal had unexpectedly not use the tunnel to escape, but had hidden underground, and, while they were unprepared, had rushed out to attack them by surprise!

In a panic, the three bishops did not have the time at all to chant, and could only take out as many crosses as they could from their pockets, madly throwing them towards the elderly bishop and Benjamin, as though they had money they did not want.

Nevertheless, Benjamin had downed an alacrity potion and was extremely fast. Also, in his hands was not any ice blade crafted by magic, but was an extremely sharp, ordinary dagger with no magical fluctuation whatsoever.

—Such a melee weapon would not activate the crosses’ automatic protection.

The bishops had never imagined that, under such a situation where he had been intercepted and surrounded, it was enough that he had not single-minded escaped, but he even had the guts to turn around and reckon with them!

Because of that, they were all somewhat caught off guard.

In a flash, the crosses were thrown all over the place, but not one of them was activated automatically. The elderly bishop and the Benjamin were extremely close. He could feel the murderous intent in his eyes, and could not help but shiver.

The glinting dagger was but a palm’s width away from his heart.


The elderly bishop’s right hand trembled slightly; in agitation, he smashed quite a few crosses in his pocket.

For a moment, there was a magic disturbance; a shield of holy light had condensed next to him, protecting him firmly, and also blocking the dagger outside the shield.

At that instant, all three bishops gave a sigh of relief.

"You want to kill me? You..."

There was a muffled sound.

The elderly bishop’s ridicule after his narrow escape from death was cut short. Stunned, they looked yet again in another direction.

They only saw another cloaked figure appearing behind the red-haired bishop. Time seemed to freeze. At that moment, under the dim moonlight, the man in the cloak raised his chin, revealing a young face.

It was Benjamin.

He curled his lips into a cold grin.

Through the chest of the red-haired bishop, right where the heart was, the tip of the dagger had penetrated from the back; it was dyed red with blood.

The other two bishops were dumbfounded. In a shock, they turned their head, looking back at the "benjamin" behind the elderly bishop, but they could only see a phantom vanish before their eyes like bubbles.

It was... An illusion?

At that moment, they suddenly remembered that Benjamin could, indeed, create illusional copies of himself. They had been wary during the chase, warning themselves not to be misled by illusions.

But just then, as the unexpected happened one after another, they had forgotten this point.

"You seem to like researching about me, don’t you? Too bad... however, since you love analyzing my powers so much, you can return to your heaven and do your analyzing there slowly."

Faced with the three stunned men, Benjamin stuck only to the side of the red-haired bishop, whispering softly in his ear.

After that, with a light pull, he tugged the dagger out from the back of the red-haired bishop.

Fresh blood spurt out like an exploded water balloon.

With a painful whisper, the red-haired bishop’s body shook, and then, fell straight to the ground— with a thud, dust and earth drifting up, he could never move again. The barren land had yet another stiff body added onto it.

He was dead.

The other two bishops looked at Benjamin, their wide eyes revealing their disbelief.

Moment ago, they were still in a mad chase after the other, and Benjamin had not even dared to let them get within a hundred meters close. But now, Benjamin stood beside them, not even a few meters away, holding a dagger in his hand, fresh blood on his face.

Benjamin wiped off the blood on his face.

"Smells so bad." He used his sleeve to wipe himself clean, showing a disgusted expression, saying, "Vegetarians all day, you don’t drink, you don’t indulge; you’ve stifled your own blood into this stench."

"You..." Bishop Cameron’s face turned red at that moment.


The elderly bishop immediately pulled him back, turned his head and stretched out his hand, aiming at Benjamin; he said coldly: "You wicked degeneratie, you have committed enough sins. Receive you now the judgment of the holy light!"

Following that, the giant round disc of holy light slowly turned in the sky, and was once again directed at Benjamin.

Benjamin furrowed his brows.

He had already killed one, why had not the divine charm vanished by itself?

He immediately began to retreat.

What kind of a joke was this? Just now, when the beam of light had struck down, even he who was hiding underground could feel the destructive powers of the the disturbance— this was a divine charm that had never been heard of; the threat was not the beam of light, but on the mystical oscillation that emanating from the beam of light. That oscillation could, in an instant, destroy all magical structures; with one sweep, the ice fog had immediately collapsed.

At that time, he had been forced to activate a moment’s intangibility to survive that oscillation.

"Despicable fellow, I want you to be buried with Bishop Toure!"

Bishop Cameron had also regained his senses from his fury, and, together with the elderly bishop, coldly stared at Benjamin. They raised their hands at the same time, and began to control the round disc of holy light in the sky.

The round disc, under their control, once again split open in the middle.

"Have fun, you guys. I won’t be keeping you company anymore."

Benjamin felt a strong threat, and also saw the huge troop of priests in the sky, hurrying over slowly for back up. Because of that, he forced out a smile, turned around and ran.

With the water vapour and the magic potions working together once more, he was like a shadow, flashing through the night like lightning.

At the same time, the beam of light was also shot out from the round disc in the sky.

There was a mix of fury and hatred on the faces of the two bishops.

"This time, you must die!"

In an instant, the beam of light hit the empty ground behind Benjamin, and emanated another deadly oscillation. The speed of the oscillation was so fast that it very quickly caught up with Benjamin and swept past him.

At that moment, the bishops could clearly see Benjamin’s speed decreasing.

Seeing this, the two bishops had even thought that they had succeeded. The oscillation that could destroy all life had swept over, their divine charm had thoroughly cleanses this wicked devil who was capable of committing all sins.

Nonetheless, in the next second, Benjamin regained his speed, and with a whoosh, disappeared into the wilderness before them.