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Chapter 466: A successful mission?

Chapter 466: A successful mission?
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The church used the whole night to search for Benjamin in the area.

In one battle, he killed the red hair bishop and disappeared… Benjamin’s actions undoubtedly angered the two bishops who were left. But after losing the strength of one bishop, even if they casted their magic together, they could not fly as fast as Benjamin and catch up with him.

This was why they could only turn back and gather resources from the church in neighboring towns, lock down the south of Geolorre and search the area thoroughly.

The south of Geolorre is a piece of wasteland. At most, there were a few hills. There were not many places for hiding.

But until the end, they still could not find a trace of Benjamin.

"Evil… where is this guy hiding?"

Bishop Cameron furrowed his brow and flew around the wasteland, observing every corner of it to search for the shadow of that cursed man.

Their search only ended after a piece of news came from Geolorre.

"Master bishop, something bad has happened! Those … those five mages whom we hid in the palace have suddenly disappeared!:

Hearing the sound that seemed like it came from the eye of god, the two bishops were stunned.

It was only at this moment they suddenly realised that this was why Benjamin suddenly appeared in Geolorre and used magic brazenly.

It was not to challenge the church, to incite a debate about the round of hailstorm, nor to get rid of the red hair bishop… these were all collateral damage. Benjamin’s original motive was to save the five mages.

"This bastard…"

Bishop Cameron found it hard to cast away his doubts. He really thought that Benjamin already gave up on the five mages.

In addition, the most important question was that while Benjamin was facing them in person, who rescued the five people? The palace still had a large amount of guards, who had the ability to secretly bring them out of the palace?

He inadvertently thought of the mysterious person who tried to assassinate him.

Not long after they brought the priest to Carretas, Bishop Cameron experienced an assassination once. The instigator was very agile and exceeded their expectations. If it were not for the protection from the many holy knights around him, he would have died in the hands of that person.

During the incident, Bishop Cameron was terrified and wanted to find out about the mercenary. Unfortunately, he expended a lot of energy but still found no information. Gradually, he thought the mysterious man disappeared so he let go of the matter.

But… now…

What if the person has always stayed hidden in Geolorre, and never left?

Bishop Cameron felt goosebumps down his spine.

"Let these people continue the search, we will go back first," he turned his head and told the old bishop with a serious face, "There are some issues in Geolorre, we have to go back and settle it."

The old bishop nodded.

So the two bishops carried the last bishop’s body and returned to Geolorre. Hundreds of holy knights continued to stay in the area and search this vast wasteland.

Suddenly, one holy knight raised his head.

"Yes… they already left, later we should find an opportunity to leave and meet Miles," he looked at a shadow far away in the horizon and spoke to himself under the helmet.

It was Benjamin.

That’s right, after killing the red hair bishop, he never escaped but instead found a chance to kill a holy knight, wear his armour and hide in the searching team.

It was not that he wanted to get into any shenanigans; it was just because there was nowhere else to hide.

The bishop used the "God’s eye," a short distance and rapid communication tool, to call for help from the area and surrounded the wasteland. At that moment, Benjamin did not get a chance to escape the wasteland.

So he could only use this strategy to hide behind a huge rock, kill a holy knight and barely join the crowd.

Fortunately, these holy knights do not like to socialise, and their faces are hidden under the helmet. Benjamin only had to follow the group, walk around, and pretend to be seriously carrying out his work. Until now, he has not been suspected.

Observing the expression of the two bishops when they left, Benjamin had his own conclusion.

--- This must mean that Miles succeeded.

Otherwise, weighing the two bishops’ hatred of him, they would be willing to search for a full day and night, how could they just leave like that?

With this situation, his unorganised rescue plan… should have succeeded?

Benjamin felt relieved of a burden.

However, as he was observing the surrounding and was ready to leave the group, suddenly, another holy knight walked towards him and patted him on his shoulder.

"Hey, I want to discuss something with you…"

Benjamin was speechless in his heart.

What does he want…

Everyone was wearing a helmet, why did this guy walk towards him? Unless their names are on the helmet? In addition, why did he only come when Benjamin was ready to escape? He was definitely doing this on purpose!

Fortunately, the helmet covered Benjamin’s face, otherwise his expression would have betrayed him.

"Erm… I’m not free," he lowered his voice and mumbled. He turned around and pretended to head towards another direction for the search.

"That’s impossible, only you can help me," The person followed him and lowered his voice as well. "The job at the detention center, you know of it right? Can you replace me for my shift for one day?"

Benjamin did not know what he was talking about, and continued to say with a lowered voice: "... no."

"Don’t reject me, that job is very easy," the holy knight was surprisingly unrelenting. "Aren’t you on leave in two days? It’s just one day, you can help me cover my shift and I will give you the money for that day plus another ten gold coins!"

Benjamin was a little annoyed and was too lazy to talk, so he just shook his head.

He shoved the person away and tried very hard to convey his rejection through body language.

However, the holy knight seemed as if he was daft and could not get him.

"Don’t be like this, I know what you’re afraid of," he pulled Benjamin again with alarming strength. "Those mages have been locked away from a few months and have been taught by several bishops, they are slowly being corrected. There will not be any issues there, you just have to stand there, it is very simple."


Benjamin’s senses were triggered.

Wait… what did he say?

Detention center, mages who were locked for a few months, rehabilitation from several bishops… putting all these together, an image formed in Benjamin’s head for no reason.

A lockup that looked like a mental hospital, a group of people in cuffs with unsettled expressions, walking along the corridor blindly. Suddenly, a person wearing the robe of a bishop walked out, pulled the shoulder of one prisoner and said: "Your thinking has not been corrected, come and let us electrocute you."

Benjamin was frightened by his own mind.

"Your imagination is quite good," the system said nonchalantly.

Benjamin shook his head and tried to forget these correlations. But… regardless, the holy knight’s words revealed a whole new message -- the church was doing something else.

He was suddenly interested.