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Chapter 480: Upright General

Chapter 480: Upright General
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Although it was late, the general in the tent had yet to turn in for the day. When Benjamin and the King emerged from the ground, he was at his desk, taking care of military-related files.

Under this type of circumstances, the duo appearing on stage with a zap was similar to that of an alien descending onto earth.


The general flipped over the desk and pulled a sword that was hanging on the wall. His body lunged low in battle mode. His eyes, glared at the duo in bewilderment.

It was fortunate that Benjamin had already soundproofed the tent with magic. Or else the soldiers outside would have dashed in in a heartbeat.

"General Rexton, please calm down. We are not here to assassinate you," He quickly explained.

The general frowned at his words. Under the light of the lamp in the dark tent, he had the duo under closer inspection.

The King then came forward.

"It’s been a long time, General Rexton." He came forth with a supposed king’s posture and paced his words, "Carretas is at its impending crisis. I need your help."

Rexton looked more alert, "Who are you?"


It was an awkward scene.

Benjamin cleared his throat and spoke like an official in support to the King, "General Rexton, please watch your attitude in front of His Majesty of Carretas."

"His Majesty?"

His expression instantly became doubtful.

The King immediately took out his crown and emblem to display to the general, adding, "It’s quite alright. General Rexton was personally appointed by me. When Father was still around, we have went hunting together. He would surely recognize me."

General Rexton looked at the crown and emblem and inspected the King’s face carefully. Soon after, his expression turned odd.

He did not speak nor did he retrieve his sword. It made the plummy voiced king seemed awkward.

... He still wasn’t believing?

The King started to panic a little and spoke again, "General Rexton, you..."

However, he was only halfway through when the general took a few steps backward and made a dash for the tent’s entrance. Not only that, he ripped open his vocal chords, "Men! There are assassins!" Obviously trying to call in the soldiers outside.

The King was caught at the moment.

General Rexton’s actions was very sudden that he didn’t have time to react to it. However, once the general made a break for the nearby tent entrance, a sudden storm raged by and the water steam surged the general, halting him.

Benjamin appeared behind him.

"General, this place has been isolated with my magic. You can’t leave. No one will hear you no matter how hard you scream. It’s best you calm down and listen to what we have to say."

The latter turned around and stared at Benjamin with hate. He suddenly swung his sword at Benjamin.

Benjamin helplessly shook his head.

With the acceleration of the water steam, he slightly edged his body and avoided the general’s attack. He quickly followed with a water ball spell that evolved to a large bubble. Before the general could defend against it, the bubble wrapped his entire body into it.

"You..." Trapped inside the bubble, General Rexton’s face flipped upside down.

He continuously swung his sword, in attempt to burst the bubble but Benjamin’s magic was not that easy to penetrate. The general’s sword was a mere object without the blessing of any magic. No matter how hard he swung, it was easily blocked by the bubble’s soft film.

After having a hand at it for quite a while, he stopped his counterattack and coldly stared at the duo.

Benjamin was also helpless and sighed, "General Rexton, we bear no ill intentions. Why wouldn't you just listen to what we have to say?"

"I have nothing to talk about with you." The general was with hostility, "Not only did you stole the crown and royal emblem. You planned to use it to usurp the entire kingdom of Carretas. One day, you will be beaten by your own ambition."


Benjamin was rendered speechless.

Fuck this... This guy actually believed the notice published by the Church.

What a headache.

It looked like this general has not been bought off by the Church. He would have made the perfect candidate for a union. It was a shame that he believed the announcement by the fake king and failed to recognize the real king in front of him. It was a bit of a problem.

Benjamin was out of ideas. Hence, he could only turn to look at the king.

It was at this moment, the King spoke, "General Rexton, you have been fooled by them. The Church has infiltrated into the palace and installed a fake king. These announcements are by this fake king. I am the real king that appointed you ten years ago!"

"That’s enough! Stop trying to trick me!"

The King didn't buy it, "General Rexton, don’t tell me that you can’t even recognize me?"

The general was firm in his attitude and reproved with a stern voice, "You think that just because you looked similar to the king that I would recognize wrongly? Save your breath, how could His Majesty of Carretas be a boorish looking cheating rat like you?"


His heart was crushed into a million pieces.

The King was enraged to the point he couldn’t say anything for a while. Benjamin could only helplessly palmed his forehead.

This fella was a little insensible.

Such a real pain.

In the current state they were in now, it wasn’t the end for Benjamin and the King. The general was trapped in here and could not escape. The soldiers outside, too would not enter. They had enough time to slowly convince him. But... Could they really convince though?

Even scholars couldn’t win arguments when confronted by a soldier. In this world, not everyone could be talked with sense into.

It looked like the King and General Rexton was not quite familiar with one another. So probably the "Hey! I know the secret about you peeing your pants at the age of five" kinda way to verify their identity.

What more could they do?

Soon, the King finally recovered from the "boorish looking cheating rat like you" hit and started to persuade General Rexton. It was, however, ineffective.

"... General, why won’t you believe me?"

"Enough! It is my fault that I let you sneak in. Just kill me already. Don’t waste your breath, I will not help you taint Carretas!"

As time passed, the argument between the two became heated.

Suddenly, as the general could not take it any further, his face changed and pulled out a dagger from his waist and stabbed towards himself.

"Even if I die, I will not let you have your way!"

Large amounts of fresh blood splattered about. Soon after, the general held the dagger that stabbed through his abdomen and collapsed within the bubble.

Oh fuck...

The King and Benjamin had a fright.

How anal was... this general?

The King’s long speech was getting a bit boring and so Benjamin’s attention started to wander off at the end, thinking about the situation on the outside. Therefore, when General Rexton drew out his dagger to die, he did not react in time to stop it.

He could only watch the general drown in a pool of blood with his eyes wide open.

"Qui-quick, save him!" The King was scared to death and shouted at Benjamin.

Benjamin really had his hands full and could only disperse the bubble and summon a couple of healing water balls to see if this person was salvageable.

However, it was at this moment when the general who was earlier unconscious on the ground, suddenly leaped up and agilely fled towards the tent entrance.

Fuck... Another cunning one!

Benjamin was momentary stunned and quickly came back to senses to start summoned the surrounding water steam to stop him.

However, General Rexton unexpectedly forcefully pulled out the dagger from his abdomen and flung that same dagger with a powerful swing. The water steam that blocked the entrance was instantly cut in half!

Benjamin finally revealed a face of disbelief.

This was a... magic tool?

As it could diminish his magic, that dagger was no ordinary weapon. It was perhaps a customized magic tool.

What a miscalculation. He didn't think that this general would have own such a treasure.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. The King had yet to realize what has happened. General Rexton pressed on his abdomen as he dashed out of the tent. A loud roar like a wild beast echoed throughout the whole camp site.

"Hear my call—! Gather up—!"