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Chapter 482: Dragging and Ambushing

Chapter 482: Dragging and Ambushing
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"They…don’t seem to intend to continue going south."

Benjamin hid from afar, with a few other mages, they observed that group of priests. After quietly observing for a while, Tony frowned and said in a low tone.

"Indeed, they don’t seem to be hurrying to General Rexton’s encampment anymore." Benjamin nodded and agreed.

According to his thoughts, after he caused a mess at the camp, the Church was sure to send people to check. But right now, these few hundred priests did not seem to hurry there but was instead looking for something.

What was there to find?

Other than Benjamin alone, there was no other answer.

Looks like, their combat strategy has been seen through…

Thinking of this, Benjamin was helpless. The Church has become more and more cautious, if they sent people it would be in a large group, to prevent sneak attacks. At the same time, they could not be dragged along, and could continue guessing Benjamin’s next move, then deciding what to do.

The Church has probably guessed that Benjamin would head to the center, so they sent the priest troop to check.

"Teacher Benjamin, what should we do? Should we wait or try to sneak by?"

Benjamin thought for awhile and speak: "Let’s wait a while longer."

They had quite a number of people, so it was hard to hide, if they were spotted by the Church it would be trouble.

"There’s not point waiting anymore, why not...let’s try to distract them?" Tony suggested.

"Distraction…" Benjamin heard this, as if he suddenly thought of something, he was silent for a while and showed an excited face, "Not bad, this is actually a good idea!"

Tony was confused: "It’s just to make them go another direction, so we can move to a different place, why are you so happy for?"

"Just by moving it’s meaningful." Benjamin raised his eyebrows, slowly saying," They like to band together, we should play pulling, throwing smoke grenades, making them not so concentrated. When that happens, we have the chance to do something!"

Some of the mages heard this and looked at each other, showing smiles and rubbed their hands.

"We can finally fight!" Joanna suppressed his excitement and said this.

With this, Benjamin brought them back to the hiding cave to plan their next move.

This bunch of priests wanted to find Benjamin, if he appeared somewhere, they would rush there. As for what Benjamin wanted to do, if to keep appearing at different places to draw the priest’s attention.

Finally, this bunch of people would show some openings.

Where they are at now, is in a small forest close to the main road, there were villages left and right. So, Benjamin brought a few people and left that day, flying to the west village. The other few mages and all the disciples remained in the cave to observe the priests.

This time, Benjamin walked directly into that biggest village.

"My people, Carretas has entered a state of emergency. The foreign Church has controlled a puppet, kicked me out of the palace, and even telling the whole world that I am a bandit, this is something unforgivable…"

The King wore the crown and wore elegant clothes that were made in these few days, and gave a speech. Benjamin followed behind and used his water elemental sensing technique to look for suspicious people in the crowd.

Very quickly, they found a target.

"I can’t be wrong, those two on the left are eyes for the Church." Even the System spoke and said so.

They could see there were two people dressed as farmers, right now they hid in the crowd, staring intensely at the King, but did not know that Benjamin has already saw them.

Very quickly, the King’s speech ended, Benjamin used magic to help the village dig around ten irrigation canals. This gained the trust of the villagers, and left with three young people with magical talent.

They left the village and went north.

The two men watching them followed from afar.

Benjamin was not clear how they communicated, but, he felt that the Church’s big troop would be here very quickly. Thus, he exchanged a look with the mages behind him, then use magic to fly up, ditching the two behind.

Following them flying further up, all that were on the ground became less visible. Benjamin summoned fog and made it into the shape of a cloud to hide them within.

"The smoke bomb is released, let’s see if they fall for it."

With this, they sped and explained to the three newcomers about the situation. After circling for half an hour, they went back to the cave they hid in.

"So? What did the priests do?"

After going back, Benjamin asked the mages waiting in the cave.

"They just left not long ago, they went westwards an hour ago." Leila replied.

"Not bad." Everything was successful, Benjamin nodded in satisfaction, and continued, "Are you all prepared? We can go now."

The mages and disciples all nodded.

The time was close to evening, they left quickly westwards. The System analyzed the tracks the priests left behind and gave directions. With this, after half an hour, the priests finally came within the vicinity of Benjamin’s sensing.

And the team of few hundred people before, was only left with about a hundred now.

…That successful?

Benjamin saw this and suspected if it was a trap.

But, after sensing properly, he found that these priests were weaker than the rest. Light elemental magic were bound by certain laws, they could not match the speed of wind magic. Thus, these priests did not know how to fly.

--They could only rely on their feet.

"When the priests first fly, did they fly or walk?" Thinking of this, Benjamin suddenly turned around and asked the mage that was observing.

"Walk." Leila shrugged and said, "But, they left my field of vision very quickly, we did not dare to chase. Maybe they started flying halfway."

Hearing this, Benjamin nodded.

The priests were separated for sure.

Their first try was more successful than they expected, they separated the priests very quickly. But...things were explainable, so Benjamin decided to stop suspecting.

This of kind chance was rare, they had to act now!

Thus, after arranging the squad, Benjamin used non-verbal spellcasting and formed a field of icicles, which was the signal for the first wave of attacks.

These hundred priests did not feel the wave caused by the magic, no one turned around either. Thus, until the icicles reached their heads, they only reacted, turning around, shocked.

Sadly, with that little time, they could not chant anymore.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few hundred crosses all broke at the same time, helping these people tank the damage from the icicle rain.

"Damn! This fellow…he did it on purpose, he’s not at the west village at all, but was following us behind our backs!" The head priest showed a face of rage and ordered the other priests to start attacking.

But at that moment, another wave of magical energy came from their other side.

They saw a few hundred fireballs, within them were about ten fire bolts, which came flying out of ten mages and fifty plus disciples, all heading towards the priests!