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Chapter 483: Attacking in a Cycle

Chapter 483: Attacking in a Cycle
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Facing the inferno that covered the ground and the sky, the priests could not help but panic and started chanting their barrier divine arts. They relied on the crosses on them to quickly conjure up holy light shields, only then could they block the attack.

But….their Crosses of Protections have been almost used up by these two sneak attacks.

--This was Benjamin’s intent.

The inferno was just over, but Benjamin has already prepared a second wave of icicles. At this moment, the smoke that the inferno brought has yet to dissipate, the priests have yet to recover, and the icicle rain already struck the barrier on top of their heads.

In an instant, the holy light barrier flashed, some parts were not strong enough and were broken.


Screams of terror came, in just the short time of half a minute, there were already casualties in the priest squad.

Benjamin saw this and nodded to himself.

How to combine attacks with his followers, that has always been difficult for him. Those that were specialized in fire magic were the majority, to make it suitable, his mages would conjure an inferno to attack. Benjamin only knew water magic, so if he spell casted with them, it would weaken the attack.

Right now, they finally found the answer.

I do a wave, you do a wave, with this rhythmic cycle, using each other’s attacks to reduce the time the opponent had to chant, and finally, annihilating the enemy between fire and ice.

You could see their battle plan was working.

The icicle rain was just over, the priests have already been struck dumb. Some of them died after being speared by the icicles, some were wounded, and some lay near dead on the ground. Those priests that were still in perfect condition did not know whether to heal their companions, or to run or to retaliate.

A squad of casters with more than a hundred should have a leader.

But, the head priest could no longer give orders.

Was there any point to ask? After the icicle rain ended, the mages and the disciples were also done chanting. Thus, a new wave of inferno came rushing at them.

This...did it not suffocate the enemy?

The priests had panic in their eyes.

They were suppressed fully, and had no chance--this made them feel horrible.

But, what could they do?

At this moment, the priests opened their mouths, and could only chant for the holy light barrier. Even though there were small fire bolts that composed of the inferno, but there were also fire balls and even chain exploding fireballs, its power was incomparable. They could not stop putting up the shields, if not they would die in this sea of fire made of magic.

After the sea of magic was gone, what awaited them?

The priests already knew the answer.

--Another sky full of icicles.

But, with this kind of expectation, it made them despair even more. They knew what Benjamin would do, and could only watch as he did so, not being able to do anything in return.

Even though most of the priests had combat capabilities, but right now, they were hanging on for dear life.

"We can’t fight, let’s run!"

Finally, after blocking another wave of icicles, the head priest found the opportunity to speak, and shouted. He started first by running at the direction where there was no one.

"Chase after them, don’t let them escape!" Benjamin saw this and also shouted.

They rarely found the chance, of course they had to kill as many as they could.

Under the command of the head priest, the whole squadron was split. The hundred priests ran in all directions, so Benjamin’s attack cycle could not continue.

The disciples split and expanded, trying to form a surrounding circle, then threw magic at the priests’ backs. The ten mages flew up and started bombing the priests with area of effect spells.

As for these priests...had someone not mentioned before? They could not fly, and ran slow, so they became this squad.

Walls of fire, small gusts, and splitting earth...right now, the mages did not care about countering each other, they just expressed themselves freely, they just casted whatever they thought of. In a flash, the whole place became chaotic, as if it was end of the world in a disaster film.

As for the priest caught in between, they were no different than being in hell.

They could still put up shields to block the magic attacks, but they could not escape, there was flying fire and ice all over, which obscured their vision, plus the earthquake spell, they could not tell which direction was which, running around like headless chickens.

To prevent anyone from escaping, Benjamin laid icy mist around the area.

In short, in Benjamin’s eyes, these priests were as good as dead.

But, at this moment, his face changed.

He looked west, then spoke: "Let’s stop and leave!"

The mages and disciples heard this and were also stunned. They did not understand, they were almost done destroying the priests, why are they about to retreat now? Under the order of Benjamin, they still took back their magic and quickly turned around and ran.

Benjamin casted a spell as well, using water vapor to speed up everyone, allowing them to run faster.

Thus, in just half a minute, Benjamin and company were gone from sight. The priests remained there, shocked. They recovered from the magic bombing just now, their souls not yet calm and watched Benjamin retreat, not knowing what happened.

"They, they’re gone?"

"God...it has to be God’s will, God saved us...these mages are too horrifying!"

They looked at the corpses of their companions, and showed pained expressions. In that storm of magic, if a person did not put up their shield in time, they were swallowed completely, instantly, with no chance of survival at all.

Thus, these people could no longer be saved.

They gathered around and looked at the direction which Benjamin and his people left to, fearing that they would return and bring hell upon them again.

This moment, a voice came from behind them.

"What’s going on? What happened here?"

The priests turned around and saw in the sky, another squad of priests in the sky. In the squad was the elderly bishop, he looked at the ground full of corpses and showed a surprised expression.

"Lo-Lord Bishop…" The priests that were alive saw this, and almost cried out.

"Tell me, who did this?" The bishop shook his head and said coldly.

"It’s...that man." A priest with a shuddering voice said," He appeared at the western village, but returned and came to sneak attack us. We...were utterly outmatched."

The elderly bishop heard this, his fists tightened.

"...Where is he now?" he suppressed his rage and said.

The priests that were lucky to survive turned around and pointed at the direction behind them, saying: "They...ran."

That moment, all the priests there could see, the elderly bishop took a deep breath, his masseters were raised, that face was probably the worst face they have ever seen.