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Chapter 488: The Siege Has Not Ended

Chapter 488: The Siege Has Not Ended
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"...They have succeeded."

After about an hour, Benjamin packed up the Transmission Woodpiece, nodded his head and said to the mages around him.

At the moment, they were under the mountain. Students and mages together, there were about sixty to seventy of them, crowded inside a narrow hall that had been dug out not too long ago.

—This was their new hiding place.

There were often troops of priests flying in the skies; hiding in the narrow path was definitely not a long term plan. Because of that, they had used this bit of time to dig a secret underground room, and then used rocks and turfs of grass to block the entrance, temporarily hiding here.

The whole environment was exceptionally terrible, and they were squeezed in uncomfortably.

Because of that, when Benjamin knew that the other team of mages’ plan in Amber City was successful, he was very happy in his heart.

It could be considered that they were able to go out now!

"They have succeeded, does that mean the priests outside will leave very soon?" Hearing that, the students on the fringes asked in a hopeful tone.

Benjamin smiled while nodding: "Yes, if nothing unexpected happens."

The students’ faces all expressed looks of relief.

Amongst them, the newest members had only followed Benjamin for four, five days, so not much of a relationship could have developed in the first place. Furthermore, up till then, they had been living ordinary, trivial lives. To be able to follow Benjamin and experience all these was definitely a very difficult thing.

Of course, this was also attributed to Benjamin’s continuous storytelling - it was like chicken soup for the soul.

"Then... When can we go out?" Lara patted her hair, which was full of gravel, and asked helplessly.

"Wait a while longer, let’s be careful." Benjamin said, "Tonight I will go out and take a look at the situation, if there are no problems, we can then leave without trouble."

Just like that, everyone kept their patience and waited as time passed by, bit by bit. In this piece of boring underground world, Benjamin could only continue to tell the students’ stories, and had practically finished telling them the story about them traveling from the Kingdom of Helius to Carretas.

Hopefully, their stories could inspire these novice students…...

Finally, after a few hours, it was nighttime. Benjamin crawled out from the tunnel.

The quiet night sky, with light rain falling with a pitter patter, brought Benjamin a lot of confidence. Covering the entrance of the tunnel properly, he flew to the skies, and, turning on the water elemental sensing technique, started to carefully examine the area.

Over ten minutes flew by. The troops of priests flying about in the skies had vanished, and Benjamin did not see anything suspicious.

…...Had they really left?

For a moment, he sighed a breath of relief.

He did not think that this ‘real or fake Benjamin’ plan would have gone so smoothly.

However, as long as the mages pretended to be Benjamin and appeared at the detention center, the Church’s men would definitely have a big shock; not to mention the fact that they had even killed everyone at the detention center. The Church did not know of the existence of Miles, so from their perspective, who else but Benjamin could have done that?

At the same time, the distance between Amber City and here was not too far; the people the Church withdrew from here could rush over there and try to track down ‘Benjamin’s whereabouts.

Also, because of that, various factors had worked to guarantee the success of Benjamin’s plan.

Confirming that the priests had withdrawn, he hurriedly returned to the underground hideout and relayed this news to the mages and the students. They could finally come out from under the ground, everyone was very happy, and eagerly crawled out from the damn place, which had been more crowded than a train station.

"Thank you everyone for not shooing me away." A student, whose body was rather fat, sighed and said sincerely.

Hearing that, everyone shook their heads and smiled understandingly.

"Alright, let us leave this place first." Benjamin said, "The Church’s people has been drawn to the other side, we cannot miss this opportunity. There are still many villages in the east, we must hurry there as quickly as we can."

"No problem!"

Everyone nodded in high spirits.

However, right as Benjamin thought that this plan had ended smoothly, suddenly, the Transmission Woodpiece in his bag lighted up at that moment.

Was there news?

Benjamin was startled; he took the woodpiece out, and used his spiritual energy to activate it.

Varys’s voice sounded out from inside:

"Teacher Benjamin, we have a situation. The Church’s men seem to have discovered us, and blocked all the roads here. There are even many priests disguised as soldiers patrolling the place. We have disguised ourselves as a mercantile caravan, but... I’m afraid we cannot hide for long."

Hearing this news, everyone was stunned.

Benjamin also could not help but furrow his brows.

Okay... Sure enough, things were not as easy as they had thought.

They had gotten out of trouble, indeed, but the Church has moved quite fast! In such a short time, they had sealed off another district, trapping the other group of people.


"Teacher Benjamin, it must be very difficult for them to escape by themselves, we must go and save them!" Realization hit Joanna as she spoke uneasily.

Benjamin was silent for a moment, and took a deep breath.

"You don’t have to worry, I will rescue them." After some consideration, he said thus.

"You... You want to go alone?"

Benjamin nodded.

"How can that be, I want to go too!" Joanna said immediately.

"If you follow me there, then how about these students?" Benjamin shook his head, saying, "Furthermore, even with everyone gathered together, our numbers are still incomparable to the Church, what is the point of having one more person?"


Benjamin continued to speak: "So, we must divert the Church’s attention. You guys bring these students and the king, get someone to dress up like me, and continue to the villages in the east. Confuse the Church. As for Varys’s side, me going alone is enough."


"Not a word more, the plan has been set. Each of us has something to do. Only if you play your part well can Varys and the others break out successfully."

Finally, under Benjamin’s firm tone of voice, the mages lowered their heads and accepted the arrangements.

In reality, this was the best choice they could make now.

This was really all a ‘real or fake Benjamin’ act. The Church had sealed off the outside of Amber City, but if there came news of Benjamin from the eastern villages, the Church must feel extremely doubtful. And under such doubt could they have the opportunity to bring the people out.

Just like that, Benjamin made arrangements properly here, and spoke a bit into the Transmission Woodpiece so that the people on Varys’ end would not be anxious. After that, he flew to the skies, and at his highest speed, flew towards Amber City.

The mages and the students watched as his figure slowly moved further into the distance, and could not help but express worried looks.

"Alright, we must also leave quickly." At this time, Tony could only stand out and say comfortingly, "Let’s reach the targeted village sooner and relay the misinformation to the Church; their chances of breaking through successfully will be greater."

Hearing that, everyone nodded quietly, turned around and hurried towards the east.