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Chapter 496: A Country in Great Danger

Chapter 496: A Country in Great Danger
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Benjamin saw General Rexton walk into Gealorre Capital through the gate.

There was nothing that Benjamin could do if someone insisted to die. Moreover, even if he managed to stop him, the King had already held grudges against General Rexton, therefore, he will no longer be able to live peacefully.

However, if Rexton does fall dead in the Royal Palace, in the future when the King regains his position, Rexton’s family will at least be able to retain a little honor.

Therefore, Benjamin shook his head, turned around and left quickly with the token and the hand-written letter.

"The war has begun ..."

He silently said in his heart.

Benjamin did not understand Icor's plan to choose to attack at such moment. However, he knew clearly that Carretas will be turned upside down because of this.

He needed more information.

How many people did Icor send to launch the attack? What places did they conquer? How did the church react? Carretas... ... would it fall in the blink of an eye, or would it be able to persist a little longer?

Since they did not have any information, they will not act rashly.

Therefore, he took out the transmission token.

"Miles, what's going on over the border? Tell me everything that you found."

After delivering the message, Benjamin had a stern look on his face.

Under the dark night, Benjamin was having deep thoughts as he hurriedly continued his journey and ended up spending a few hours to fly back to Kerr village.

He handed the tokens and hand written letter to the troops stationed nearby.

"Five days later... If the general is not back in five days, would it mean that he will die in Gealorre?"

Benjamin did not want to be this straightforward, but he still nodded.

"... I see." The stunned soldier kept the handwritten letter and handed the token to Benjamin. "If the general really does not appear five days later, we will listen to your command."

Benjamin kept the token, turned around and left.

An army…...

Let’s just hope that the King will be able to support them.

Benjamin left the army's temporary camp and returned to Kerr village. The mages and apprentice mages under him were staying here temporarily. Whereas the king had the privilege to stay in the village head’s house. After all, since there was a change in circumstances, they gave up on their previous plan to continuously move around and hurriedly move to another village, instead, they stayed in this village

As for the next move, they had to plan it carefully.

Benjamin found lodging in a village house and slept for a few hours which slightly restored the energy that he lost from traveling around the whole night. The next morning, he rubbed his eyes and got up from the bed tiredly.

The transmission woodpiece in his bag was bright, which meant that there was a message.

Benjamin yawned, activated the transmission woodpiece and heard Miles's voice:

"Icor sent quite a handful of troops, there should be around tens of thousands of them and there are also a number of mages. They have already defeated the armies stationed at the country border on that day itself. The next day, they will probably continue to attack. All the armies around this area of Carretas are already wiped out, not even a shadow can be seen, and it seems like they do not have the intention to go against Icor."

After Benjamin finished listening to that, he could not help but frown.

All wiped out? What was the church trying to do?

As the actual ruler of this country, when enemies were invading the country, the bishops hiding in the royal palace should have been very anxious. However, from the information that he got, the Church had been very conserved, they even withdrew the armies around this area.

—— the withdrawal of the armies from the west was equivalent to giving that piece of territory to Icor.

This was not the Church’s style of work.

What were they thinking?

"If you are capable of it, try to sneak into Gealorre and investigate what is going on in the palace. It would be the best if you can find out what is their next move." Therefore, Benjamin said to the woodpiece.

He could imagine how Miles would respond to it —— "Do you really think that I am God? If you want to find out about it, check if by yourself!" Although Benjamin knew that his request was a little excessive, he had no choice other than asking for Miles’s help.

It was really hard to fucking predict the Church’s plan.

Benjamin put away the woodpiece and thought for a moment, then he gathered all the apprentice mages in this village. They held an important meeting in the head of the village’s yard.

They had so much to discuss regarding their next move and the future of Carretas.

"We can continue on to the next village. When Icor makes an attack, we can let the Church handle it, since the king in the palace is an imposter. After they are done the fighting, then only we’ll make a move."

This was suggested by Tony who represented all the mages.

"No, what if those from the Church cannot handle the attack? If they conquered Gealorre, then we're done. We must stop the army of Icor!"

This was the king's suggestion.

"Are we really going to fight ... I, I want to go home and have a look."

This was said by Ryan who represented the apprentice mages.

This was giving Benjamin a headache.

The king certainly could not tolerate his own country being invaded, he knew that General Rexton’s army would serve them, so he immediately suggested to defend Icor. Whereas after Benjamin replied, "Sure, Your Majesty will personally lead the army into war." he suddenly quieted down.

Was that a joke, the Church still hasn’t moved yet, how can he be the frontliner?

As for those apprentices ... they were all natives of Carretas, so they were sad about the invasion. Among them, a large group of people came from the western mountain. Since their hometown was part of the war zone, it was normal for their mood to be a little down.

Therefore, Benjamin had to dismiss all the apprentices, so that they could go and look for their families.

To be honest, his opinion was quite similar to the ten mages. But not to forget, they were also wanted in Icor. In case the church failed to beat the queen, then they return to the Kingdom of Helius to hide themselves and hand over Carretas to Icor, what should the mages do?

Therefore, they can not allow both party to continue fighting and try to gain benefit at the end.

Finally, after a series of reflection, Benjamin asked: "Your Majesty, where are all the generals in the country with an army? We need to take a trip."

After hearing that, the King was dumbfounded, then he had an excited look on his face: "As expected, I knew that you will not stand by and do nothing. There are three other generals in Carretas since the country is in danger, they will definitely not sit by idly!"

Benjamin nodded his head blankly.

None of them knew how it would turn out. But one thing he can be sure of was that he must bring along the king to persuade these people to go against Icor. Otherwise ... if the church does have some conspiracy, Carretas will really be done for.

Therefore, after the meeting, in order save time, Benjamin brought along the king and set off immediately.

The apprentices returned to their homes and the ten mages also left Kerr village and continued to move towards other villages. Now, they no longer try to gain popularity, they just continued their search for mages.

As for the hundred people in Miles’s team, at this moment they had already returned to the grassland, gathering strength to be ready to make a move.

Benjamin who was flying in the air with the King looked at the vast land below with complicated feelings.

Will this be the end of the country?