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Chapter 497: Halt the Troops and Wait?

Chapter 497: Halt the Troops and Wait?
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"Wait ... is this an order given to you?"

Benjamin took a deep breath inside the army tent and can’t help but to ask.

This was how he reacted to the general standing in front of him.

This morning, Benjamin left Kerr village with the King and they arrived at the camp closest to them in the afternoon. They continued to use the underground tunnel to sneak into the camp, but fortunately, the general that they met this time was not that unreasonable.

In fact, after the king stood up, the general immediately recognized the king's identity.

"As expected, I knew that there was something wrong with the order given by Gealorre. Now that I finally see your Majesty, it was my negligence which caused your Majesty to fall so low."

Without much effort, the general had already recognized the King. Then he kneeled and said.

The king instantly felt very relieved.

"Well, based on the fact that you realized you mistake quickly, I will temporarily forgive you, get up." When the King finally found a general who recognized him, of course he had to put up an act and said leisurely.

The general respectfully nodded and stood up.

Benjamin noticed another clue from what the General just said.

"Gealorre… what was the order given to you?" He asked.

The general answered: "Previously it was still fine, but yesterday, Icor had already invaded the country. Just when I finished writing the request for a battle assignment, Gealorre suddenly sent a document and ordered to... ... halt the troops and wait."

After saying that, he waved his fist and looked very unwilling.

After hearing that, Benjamin was dumbfounded, which lead to dialogue from the beginning.

"Wait ... This is an order given to you?"

The people of Icor had already invaded to the residential area, despite the fact that the church did not counterattack, but they even sent a document to all the generals within the country to halt their troops and not fight back.

Did the Bishops lost their mind? What were they thinking?

Not the mention, the Queen of Icor hated the Church. The Regina coup from before was also a trap set by the Queen to tear the Church down piece by piece. If Icor do invade the country, the Church will definitely suffer.

Then... could it be that the Church planned something big?

Benjamin could not help but to ponder deeply over it.

"Yeah, I was told to withdraw my troops." The general looked disgruntled, "The enemy are walking all over us, but I’m told to do nothing? At least, the King whom I used to know, was not such a man."

The king was very pleased with the compliment, so he said: "Of course!"

The general asked immediately, "So, your majesty, do you allow me to send my troops into battle?"

King nodded: "Do it as soon as possible, the sooner the better! We cannot wait any longer, every minute of delay puts the people in great danger!"

General was very excited and said: "Then Your Majesty, can you get food supply for the soldiers who are joining the battle?"

"Ah ...Food supply... This ..."

Suddenly, the King had nothing to say.

The general continued, "We only stock up on a small amount of food which was basically supplied by the north side of Stella City. If we are to send troops, we will definitely have to get food supply from the west side. Your Highness, they will listen to your command right."

"This ... that ..." The king was hesitating and could not say anything.

The general had a look of disappointment.

Benjamin who was standing on the side saw everything and he can’t help but to shake his head.

Dispatching troops into a battle was a complicated task. Even though they get to command Rexton’s armies in a matter of days, but if the King wanted to send them into battle, he need to solve the issue regarding the food supply shortage and to handle all sorts of military affairs.

Although Benjamin did not know how to lead an army into a war, but ... that was fucking common sense!

However, looking at how the King reacted, he probably did not take into account about this issue.

His head hurts.

Forget it ... He rather think about what the church’s plan. He will leave this matter to the King and the General to settle.

Right at this moment, all of a sudden, a report came from outside of the tent.

"General! Gealorre’s messenger is here again!"


Benjamin recovered from his thoughts.

At that moment, General also changed his look. He glanced at the king, then said, "Good! Please tell the messenger to wait a moment, I'll see him soon."

After saying that, he turned his head and whispered to Benjamin and the King: "Please wait for a while your Majesty, I'll be back after I send him away."

King nodded: "Go."

Therefore, the general turned and left the tent, leaving Benjamin and the king behind in the tent.

They both glanced at each other.

"The messenger of Gealorre ..." The king looked a little uneasy. "Could it be Bishop Cameron found out that we are here, so he sent someone bring me back?"

"Your Majesty, you do not have to worry about it, he’s most probably here to give the General a new command." Benjamin shrugged and said, "Moreover, even if he’s here for Your Majesty, I’m here, what are you afraid of?"

In his opinion, the most crucial issue was still the church's plan.

They first gave an order to withdraw all the troops, and now they sent a messenger ... ... What do they have up their sleeves? There were mages among the Queen's army who joined the attack, how did the bishop keep his cool?

Benjamin did not understand.

At this moment, he eagerly hope that Miles will be able to investigate truth and tell him the plan through the transmission woodpiece. Unfortunately, the woodpiece was still very quiet at the moment, just like the phone of someone single, other than the customer service hotline, there wasn’t any other news.

"Hey, that ... the Messenger who came from Gealorre, he seems like a priest." The system suddenly said, reminding Benjamin.

Benjamin was startled.

He immediately activated the water element sensing technique and looked outside of the tent. Somewhere not far from the camp, he sensed the general and the messenger dressed in official clothing. They were talking and from the look on their face, it seemed like it was not a pleasant conversation.

And the messenger ... Just like what the system said, Benjamin sensed several crosses underneath his clothes.

Most of them were life-saving crosses, but there was a cross that was unlike the rest.

It looked a little familiar to Benjamin.

Not knowing whether if it was his misconception, but that cross... ... it looked like the cross on Ferelden’s King’s forehead previously, which was a silver cross used to control life and death?

Suddenly, an unpleasant premonition came to his mind.

Whereas at that very moment outside the tent, the general’s conversation with that "messenger" seemed to have come to an end. He saw the general shook his head impatiently, did "please leave" gesture, turned around and left, he most probably did not want to continue talking anymore.

The soldiers at the side also came forward to send the messenger away.

However, even after being surrounded by several soldiers, the "messenger" did not have the intention to leave. Instead, he stared at the general from behind with a rather creepy look.

His moved his right hand into his pocket sneakily and held on the special styled cross.