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Chapter 499: An Army Being Forcibly Kept Under Control

Chapter 499: An Army Being Forcibly Kept Under Control
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After killing the priest, the general quickly sealed off the camp, not allowing anyone to enter or leave.

Eventhough the whole thing seemed to have passed and the soldiers have accepted what happened without any doubts, but Benjamin understood that based on accent alone was not that persuasive. Not everyone was ready to sever all ties with Gealorre’s government, and he was afraid that... there might be traitors among them.

Therefore, he immediately demanded that the general blockade the camp.

The general also understood the reason behind that, so he did not have any objections. He quickly sealed the whole area before the whole situation get out of control and to eliminate the possibility of people sneaking out to inform the church.

After that, they returned to the camp.

"Your Majesty, although I can seal the camp, but at the end of the day, it is still impossible to bring the messenger back to life. So... I am afraid that Gealorre will eventually know about our meeting." The general said.

However, the King did not seem very concerned as he said: "So what? We will have to go against them sooner or later."

"That’s true, but turning against Gealorre means that we will immediately lose our food supply. The food storage in the camp can only support us for as long as half a month, Your Majesty, you have to come up with something "


After hearing that, the King scratched his head, instantly looking very embarrassed.

Benjamin added at the side: "Oh yeah, General Rexton's troops are the same, Your Majesty, you can take this opportunity to solve their problem with shortage of food too!"


King was left speechless.

The general who was standing at the side heard this and had an incredulous expression as he asked: "General Rexton? He actually sided the both of you?"

"You can consider that as a yes, but ... we will most probably not see him anymore." Benjamin shrugged his shoulders and said.

After saying that, he seemed to have thought of something and his face suddenly changed.

"Wait a minute, that messenger ..." He said in some solemn tone.

"What’s with the messenger? Isn’t he killed by your magic?"

After a moment of silence, Benjamin suddenly took a deep breath and said, "No, I’m not talking about him. Now that Gealorre sent a messenger here to try to secretly control you with the cross, then what about the other generals? The two generals in Carretas with an army, will the church send someone there too?"

After the general and the king heard this, there were both surprised.


They quickly figured out the possible consequences.

Nothing happened here because Benjamin was here to stop the "messenger" before he can make a move. But for the other two generals, things might not be that simple.

- They were most likely affected already.

"We need to find them." The king immediately said.

Benjamin nodded too.

If the two other generals with military authority in the country were under the control of the church, the situation will become very difficult for them. Not to mention the problem with food supply and the invasion of Icor, if the church start something like causing the soldiers to rebel, then they will surely be doomed.

"I will go ahead and take a look at the situation, it’s better if Your Majesty stay here and try to figure out how to solve the issue with food supply." Benjamin said.

"... I can go with you." Apparently, the King did not want to stay.

"The two generals might have already been under the control of the church, it will be too dangerous for Your Highness to be there. It will also be more convenient for me move around by myself."


Benjamin's reasons were impeccable, therefore, the King had no choice but to stay here and tell Benjamin the exact address of the other two military camps so that Benjamin can fly over as soon as possible.

Just like that, Benjamin flew on the sky and continued with his journey.

There was still no news from Miles, but at that moment, he could probably guessed what the church might be doing – and that was to take extreme measures to forcibly control the military forces... While facing the invasion of Icor, the church was trying to take control of Carretas’s army.

Trying to gather forces to fight against Icor? It was not impossible, but to be honest, they can just make use of the imposter king to give a command and the soldiers will naturally go to war. What was the point of going through such extreme measures?

Benjamin had a bad premonition.

Therefore, on the way to the other two military camps, he went around Carretas to have find out what was going on.

The news of the invasion had spread throughout the country, the people around were very nervous and worried. Most of the people on the outer region of the country were moving to the inner part of the City. Whereas Icor’s army also continued to invade, they even conquered a few cities and kill quite a number of people. In short, Carretas was in a state of chaos.

Benjamin can only be glad that the few base that they have were located quite far away from the border. Therefore, Icor will not get to their base that quickly.

This way, after spending about one whole day, he went to both of the military camps.

He was very reckless, after landing onto the camp from the sky, he immediately asked the system to scan the surroundings. Then, he left and did not care about the soldiers that was still on shock by his presence. Finally, the system told him the result.

"Yes, the two generals already have a cross engraved on them, they are most probably helpless."

After hearing that, Benjamin can only sigh.

He’s mentally exhausted...

According to the system, two of the generals have a total of 70,000 to 80,000 soldiers under their command, together with the royal guards, the church held more than 100,000 soldiers. This gave Benjamin a feeling of helplessness.

Under such desperate situation, he can only go back to the very first camp and tell the general and the king about the news

"Isn’t there any other way to save them after they are being controlled by the cross?" The king was very sad and he could not help but ask.

"Maybe," Benjamin said reluctantly. "Unfortunately, their life and death are in the hand of the church."

The situation now was a little tense. The church had a large number of soldiers under control and no one knew what they were planning secretly. On the other hand, Icor’s invasion was moving with great speed, whereas the soldiers who were being temporarily kept here cannot do anything and more problems will rise if they continue to be kept here.

"Have you found a solution to the military’s food supply?" Benjamin asked.

If they still do not have any clue, then they are better off dead.

"There is, however, it will have a certain amount of risk." The general said, "There are a few granary in the neighborhood, we can bring our troops over and snatch their food, then we will immediately have enough food."


That was such a violent approach.

Therefore, Benjamin nodded.

"Good idea, let’s do it then."

Getting into battle was probably the best option for them at the moment. Since the food in the granary were only used by the church, what was the point in keeping it there? Why not just snatch it.

In addition to that... ... in order to fight against Icor, this was one thing they must put on their agenda.

Since the church had not been defending against the invasion, Icor's army will invade the country very quickly. If this goes on, Carretas will fall in a matter of months and Benjamin and the rest of them will have nowhere to hide.

They had to do something.

Therefore, Benjamin took out the transmission woodpiece as he was planning to send a message to the hundred mages who were preparing to retreat to the steppe.

"After returning to the grassland, bring gather all the apprentice. We have a war to fight."