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Chapter 500: Leading an Army

Chapter 500: Leading an Army
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"In just three days ... this is the fourth city we've conquered?"

In the evening of Kerr City, along the border of Carretas, the Queen stood on the top of the city wall, turned around and asked a mage standing behind her who wearing a long robe.

After the mage heard the Queen's question, he seemed a little nervous, but he still took a deep breath and nodded.


"Four cities, it’s either after surrounding it for a while, the leader of the city will surrender themselves, or, before we even start attacking, all the troops in the city are all gone already." After listening up until here, the Queen suddenly sneered and asked, "In your opinion, what's going on?"

"This ... ... of course it’s because Icor’s army are too powerful and the enemy are unable to defend against us, so they can only retreat."

The Queen smiled, shook her head, then she suddenly moved closer to the mage and whispered: "The reason why I’m asking this question is not to listen to some old-fashioned answer."

The mage quickly took a few steps back, hesitated for a moment and said: "This ... the reason why they are not resisting, maybe because Carretas already have other arrangements."

After hearing that, the Queen turned around and looked at the vast skyline outside of the city wall.

"Is this what you think?" From the tone of her voice, she seemed disappointed.

"No ... I, I think they might still be busy with their own civil strife, so they do not have time to react to our attacks." The mage took a deep breath and his mood seemed to have finally calmed down, then he slowly said, "There have been rumors around saying that the king is an imposter, the so-called real king seems to be recruiting troops everywhere, getting ready to regain his throne. Under such circumstances, how can they deal with us?"

"So, they will continue to allow us to attack?" The queen asked again, with cold and monotonous voice.

"This ... maybe ..."

"Forget it, I should not have asked you since the beginning." The Queen shook her head, turned around and walked down to the stairs beside the city wall, "Send a messenger. A tangled warfare is the most difficult situation to control, if there are already three forces in the Carretas... we must surely eliminate one of them first. "

The mage was shocked.

He understood what the Queen was trying to say, so he quickly asked solemnly: "Where should we send the messenger?"

"Of course to Gealorre."

The Queen said and left without turning back.

The mage recovered from the shock, watched as the Queen left, then turned around and faced the soldiers at the side of the road: "Quick, didn’t you hear? Your Majesty have given an order, send a messenger to the palace of Gealorre and tell them that the Queen of Icor has a deal to offer."


The soldiers nodded and left hurriedly.

The sun started to set and the sky was getting dim, only the mage was left alone at the top of the city wall. He glanced at the towns below him, shook his head, turned around and left.

At the same time.

On the other end of the Carretas, the general and king had chosen the granary that they planned to attack.

They did not know what did the Queen decide on, but they knew how much their next battle mean to them – it was not just for the food, but also to proclaimed war against the world, claiming that the King is back!

Therefore, they need to be fully prepared.

"The granary at the north side of long river town is one of the largest granary in the eastern region of Carretas. When the town around the eastern region turn in their food, at least one fifth of the foods will be stored in that granary for time of emergencies. If we can get our hands on it, we will not have to worry about food supply anymore."

Within the army tent, the general pointed on the huge map being placed on the table and said.

After hearing that, the King and Benjamin both nodded.

During these few days, the King had been busy with leading the army. He visited every barracks, greeted the soldiers and ate with them ... After doing all these, he won over the soldiers’ heart, gotten their support, made sure that the army will fight for him and not betray him for the imposter King in Gealorre during critical moments.  

Conquering the granary was just their first battle, as the mental support of the "republican army", the King will definitely not miss it and he will get into battle with his army.

As for Benjamin... Although he had something else that he wanted to do, but this operation was very important and the king wanted to make use of the power of magic. After being requested multiple times, he had no choice but to accept and fight with them.

It was already in the late afternoon, the soldiers were all well prepared, and during the night, they will start moving.

They did not need that many people to conquer a granary. Therefore, they planned to bring only two thousand people and after they have taken over the granary, then only more troops will come.

"There’s no problem right? After making sure that everything was okay, we can depart." 

  Half an hour later, the soldiers involved in the operation were ready. The general looked at the sky, turned around and reminded.

"Well ... We can start moving now." The king took a deep breath and slowly said with a dignified and low voice which they have never heard before.

Under such darkness, Benjamin and the King left the camp with the two thousand soldiers.

The granary was located not far away from their camp, but to be honest, their relationship with the granary had always been quite good as they always get their food supply from there. Who knows what will the soldiers at the granary think when they find out that they were planning to attack them.

"Mage Benjamin ... Is this the first time you've been on the battlefield?" On the way there, the King seemed nervous and suddenly asked with a soft voice.

"Not really." Benjamin shook his head and said, "During the time in Ferelden, I had ambushed the church with hundreds of mages, killed the bishops and wiped out the enemy’s army."

"... Amazing."

Benjamin smiled and suddenly said: "Your Majesty, what are you worried about? We are just conquering a granary, it is not considered as a real war."

"Of course it is counted as a war." The King suddenly said unwillingly, "I finally got a chance to lead an army, do not take this operation lightly, I will be considered as someone who has been on the battlefield soon."

"... As long as your Majesty is happy."

They were all quiet during the way there, there were only a few moments when the silence was broken when the King was too nervous or excited, so he can’t help but to say something to release stress.

In fact, the group of soldiers’ marching speed was consider quite fast. Thousands of them moved quickly in the dark for more than two hours, it was a burden to the king physically. Benjamin also suggested that he use magic to take him on a ride, but was rejected by the King.

"These people are my soldiers and I want to be with them," said the King while he wipe away the sweat on his face.

Benjamin nodded and stopped saying anything.

Finally, after two hours of marching, they have gotten near the granary.

"Your Majesty, please give us a command."

The entire army were ambushing in the dark forest and the general turned around and said to the King respectfully. At this moment, all the soldiers’ attention were focused on the King.

King looked towards the front.

The granary wasn’t just a simple granary, not too far away from them, there was a small army camp. There were many warehouse-like buildings within the camp, there were also people in uniform walking around back and forth and some soldiers holding a torch patrolling around.

It was a heavily guarded place.

After seeing that, there was clearly fear in the King's eyes.

At that moment.

"Your Majesty, it is time to take back what was belonged to you, one by one." Suddenly, Benjamin went behind the King and whispered.

King regained his senses and took a deep breath.

After a long moment of silence.


The King clenched his fist and stood up with the two thousand soldiers. At that moment, he roared with a hoarse and unpleasant voice, like a beast who lost its cubs, launching toward the hunters with hatred.