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Chapter 504: Allegiance of the Merchants

Chapter 504: Allegiance of the Merchants
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The Church has deployed more than thirty informants in Long River Town. Excluding those that were in the public places, the rest has been sought out by Benjamin and — terminated.

The entire process was pretty relaxing. With his current ability, these small fries were no match for him. It took around half an hour for him to silently clean up Long River Town.

The remaining few that were in tavern and sort of public places so Benjamin couldn’t exactly attack and let them go for now.

However, while passing by an inn, he didn't think he’d meet with someone familiar.

"How’s the goods storing coming along? Although the fight has not expanded here, but the prices of goods would crazily rise soon. Harold and the others have been stock piling, we can’t be slower than them..."

Entering the corridor of the inn, Benjamin raised his brow hearing a indistinct voice coming from a room.

Through his water element sensing technique, he could see that the person in the room is merchant Howl.

— Benjamin was his home mage tutor a couple of. times. During the time he could not enter Gealorre, it was this merchant that helped him deliver a letter to the King who had yet to escape.

Benjamin couldn't help but recall that previously he was still cooperating with the merchants’ community of Carretas through imparting magic. It was too bad that in the end one thing led to another, he lost touch with these merchants.

But now... The King would soon establish his base. It was the perfect time to reconnect with the merchants.

The King would need their help.

Therefore, he stood outside the room’s door and knocked.

"Who is it?"

A vigilant voice came from the room.

"An old friend." Benjamin replied in smiles, "I come with no ill intention. I just would like to know how young master’s learning progress. The book I left for him the last time, where he’s at now?"

The room came to an instant silence.

Benjamin wasn’t nervous and patiently waited.

After a brief moment, the door suddenly opened. A housekeeper like person had his head down as he exited from the room. And in the room, merchant Howl poured a glass of champagne and flashed a friendly smile at Benjamin.

Benjamin nodded at this sight and entered the room, shutting the door behind him.

"It’s been a long time indeed." Merchant Howl spoke at this moment with an unexpected good manner, "Mage Benjamin, I have heard much of your heroic events in the past few days."

... Oh?

It struck a chord in Benjamin as he took over the champagne while he kept his cool, "I’m flattered."

The two clinked glasses and took a small sip. Howl immediately continued, "Mage Benjamin, I will not beat around the bushes. His Majesty has escape out of Gealorre and hiding with you somewhere in Carretas, correct?"

Benjamin nodded.

"Where is His Majesty? Is he still alive?" Howl asked more questions.

"Of course."

Howl seemed to have breathed a sigh of relief. He took another few sips before adding, "Mage Benjamin, when is His Majesty planning to return to the capital?"

Benjamin raised his brow, "Why do you think His Majesty will return to the capital?"

"Because he is His Majesty." Howl put the glass down and with utmost seriousness, "He’s the royal bloodline. As long as he’s still alive, he will try to return to the throne."

"Interesting..." Benjamin smiled, "Why are you suddenly interested in His Majesty’s safety? I have told you before that the Church will take over the palace and control His Majesty but you maintained your preference to be on the fence."

"That’s different." Howl immediately shook his head, "His Majesty was still sitting on that throne but now that the person on the throne is someone else, it makes a big difference."

Benjamin was quite surprised at the remark.

Disregarding the granary chamberlain earlier, he didn’t think that this merchant was a firm advocate of the legitimacy of the royal blood. This had nothing to do with his social class!

Benjamin wanted to woo the support of these merchants, but... this party’s attitude was too much of a difference that he couldn't help but feel a little suspicious.

"So you’re saying that you support the move of His Majesty returning to the throne?" He narrowed his eyes and paced himself as he enquired.

Howl nodded.


Howl laughed and with an awkward expression, "I won’t lie, with the situation in Carretas now, it’s getting harder to do business."

"How so?" Hearing the conversation outside the door, Benjamin couldn't hold back his tongue, "Wit the war raging, the prices of goods go up the roof, isn’t the best time to reap some riches?"

"Yes, it is the best time." Howl explained, "But because of the order from Gealorre, we are losing this golden opportunity. The ban entering and leaving the city is going on far too long. Each visit is subject to heavy security checking. The sales team under me has been delayed numerous times. It’s not just me, the merchants in the entire Carretas suffered grave loss and look towards the day the ban would be lifted."

Benjamin pondered long and nodded, "So... it’s because the Church is stopping you guys from making money?"

"Not just stopping us from making money." Howl was dissatisfied, "Although the ban subdued to tightened security checking but you should know how these soldiers are in these places. They see that we’re the merchants and have the money so every time we pass by, how could they miss out the opportunity to knock money out of us? Mage Benjamin, do you know how much loss we have suffered in these past months?"

Benjamin came into light.

The tightened security at the city gates still maintained to prevent Benjamin and the rest from sneaking in. But now, Benjamin was not even entering the city, but the merchants suffered and were dissatisfied due to this ban.

However... The Church obviously did not give a damn on what the local merchants thought.

This was really pushing these people to their side.

"So I see." Benjamin took another sip of champagne, "The Church is like this. As long as they do not leave Carretas, nobody will stop suffering."

"That’s the thing." Howl nodded too, "Mage Benjamin, when will His Majesty come out from hiding? Only His Majesty can put a stop to this. Although we can’t do anything but we’re still able to sponsor one or two things."

Benjamin finally let out a smile.

Before he entered the room, he didn't think that obtaining the support of the merchants would be this easy. He was only here to sell an idea but the merchant were already in the wagon before he could open his mouth.

At that moment, he suddenly realised that the appeal of the monarchy power was larger than he had imagined. Before he had to run about to obtain that little support but now just using the King’s name, and others came rushing to help.

... He felt a slight helplessness.

The sudden lax of things had him quite uncomfortable.

"Mage Benjamin, you should give an answer." Benjamin’s delay in response had Howl in pins and needles, "When is His Majesty going to return?"

Benjamin returned to his sense and smiled.

Just then, a crowd noise in the streets could be heard from the windows of the inn.

Howl turned his head in surprise and looked out the window. It could be seen that a normally peaceful night in the city was suddenly bustling. There was light flickering in the far off city streets and cries of battle could be heard indistinctly.

Cries of battle...

As if he recalled something, Howl turned and looked at Benjamin in disbelief.

Benjamin still had a calm smile on him.

"What’s the rush? Hasn’t your King just returned?" He said.