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Chapter 505: Return of the Real King

Chapter 505: Return of the Real King
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From this view of the window of the inn, the troops faraway was but a shadowy figure.

However, standing at the end of the city street, one would see a group of raging soldiers. In the dark of the night, they wielded oversized swords and charging at the sparsely scattered guards that was patrolling the streets.

At that moment, residents of the Long River Town woke up with a start. The row of pitch black windows were lit up.

"Wh-what’s happening?"

"Oh my gawd, there’s so many people. Could they be bandits..."

There was a mixture of fear and confusion. People quickly got up from their beds and closed their windows and locked their doors, they fished out their weapons hidden under their beds and held onto these weapons with their spouse and kids, shivering at a corner.

They did not know what was going on but they knew in their hearts that the guards of the town could not hold that many people.

As for those guards in the frontline of endless charging soldiers, their minds went blank for that moment. They did not manage to draw out their weapons. They held a torch and was still conversing with their partners a moment ago. In the midst of the chaos, they could only toss the torch aside and draw their weapon to deal with the enemy.

Alas, they did not even have the opportunity to utter a word and were flooded by these thousands of soldiers.

"Oh fuck! It’s an enemy invasion!"

The guards of this town wouldn’t limit to just these few. The rest of the people heard the bustle and were startled from their sleep. They carried their weapons and headed to the streets. Slowly, they gathered together.

"Who are these people? Why are they attacking here?"

"I don’t know... Where’s the mayor?"

"There’s no time for this, let’s charge!"

However, as they headed straight, making a few turns ad saw the troops of thousands of soldiers led by the King, they were stunned.

"My lord, why are there so many?"

"What should we do... Is it the troops? Has Icor advanced over already?"

Someone that looked like a leader amongst them let out a shout and overawed the senseless guards. Then, the leader took another glance at the faraway charging soldiers and gulped.

"W-we surrender."

The guards beside was dumbfounded, "This... can we? The mayor is not around and we surrender right now, if we are later questioned, we will be hung to death!"

The leader clenched his fists, trying hard to prevent himself from trembling, "It will be alright... I have heard the mayor said that if Icor attacked, it’s better to surrender. This is the order that came from above, there are a few of the cities that did this."


"Whatever, let’s just surrender! We can’t fight this many people."

"I... I..."

In the end, after a brief exchange in this group of about two three hundred local guards, they slowly let down their will to fight and looked onwards to the raging soldiers. They tossed aside their swords and held their heads with their hands while slowly kneeling to the ground.

It was said that... The troops of Icor did not slaughter innocent people — Or so they thought.

As long as they obediently surrender, the safety of the town was guaranteed.

Facing a group of guards in surrender, the charging of the soldiers at the far end of the street slowed down. Soon after, they suddenly raised the swords and like some sort of honour guard, they marched on while chanting,

"The fall of the nation! Useless fake king! Break the crosses! Return of the real king!"

Clear voices echoed over and over within Long River Town. It was heard in the ears of the surrendering guards, it was heard in the ears of the people like the sound of the grandfather clock when it struck twelve.

All of the people were awe struck at the moment.

Those shrunk in a corner were like spell bound as they rushed to the window sill with widened eyes.

Through the window, they caught a glimpse of the middle aged man that wore a heavily ornamented long robe and royal crown that floated in front of the troops with wide open arms. He carried a dignified expression, looking straight ahead.

"That’s... His Majesty?"

"S-so the rumours are true..."

The chanting of the soldiers still continued at this point, that it stunned them out of senses.

The King flew at the front of the team and led the team onwards — This scene fell into the sights of the people as they could only think of the word ‘lighthouse’.

The pace of the troops onwards was so steady that even if the troop of Icor mages were up ahead, they would trample them to ashes.

At this very instance, the guards that stood in front of the troop had the urge to cry in the heat of the moment. Their bodies trembled as if something tremored within their chests, itching to crack open.

... Is it really His Majesty?

They had heard of the rumours about the fake king. They themselves did not know whether to believe or not, but when the troops of Icor invaded and the royal family took no action, they still held a glimmer of hope.

They hoped... There was a real king that would came from above to protect their homeland.

Most of them did not dare voice this thought nor question the orders that came from that "King" in Gealorre Palace. But, they didn’t think that this scene would befall onto them in the night in Long River Town.

— This ordinary little town.

"Mummy, is that man really His Majesty?"

"It-it can’t be wrong! I have seen the portrait of His Majesty many times. It’s really him! He has returned!"

The places that the King and troops marched past from the beginning to the end of the street, doors that were shut tight, as though were casted magic, opened one by one. People wore their jackets and carried an oil lamp and they edge out their bodies form their doors, staring at the furthering troops, while lost in their thoughts.

The lights in the entire town lit up in a jiffy. The usual early sleepers of the little town was suddenly in bright lights like the red light district in the city.

The King flew past every streets as the people bowed down in respect.

"His Majesty has really returned..."

In the room of an inn, merchant Howl stood by the window sill and mumbled as he gazed on the troops and king that had just past this street. He has always believed the money he held in the palm of his hands but right now, he had a unknown sense of relief.

Now he could finally do business in peace...

He turned to want to say something to Benjamin but found he had already disappeared without a trace in the room.

Howl was stunned but soon broke out uncontrollably in laughter.

Whose credit was it for the King to fly up in the sky? Mage Benjamin of course had left. He was too absorbed looking out the window that he didn't notice that he had left.

Howl couldn’t help but shake his head.

But he didn't come for nothing to this Long River Town.

He held on the window sill and stared at residing figure of the King in the sky as he was deep in thought.

"Break the crosses? How arrogant! You’re just exiled bandits that stole the royal crown. How dare you say you’re the King. You sure have guts!"

However, as the troops neared the town centre, a question voice that seemed to be buffed with magic, suddenly echoed through the sky and suppressed the loud chants by the thousands.

Everyone was stunned.

The troops halted at this minute and the King turned to the source of the voice as he frowned.

It was seen that far off in the sky, a figure coveted with glistening holy light suddenly flew over. On closer inspection, no, it was two figures. An old man whose back bore holy wings and in his grip, was another old man.

Looking at the two uninvited guests in the sky, the troop’s chanting stopped and the sonorous atmosphere in Long River Town dropped to stone cold levels.

The guards behind the troops lifted their heads to catch a few glimpses and suddenly were in shock.

"That’s... the mayor? How did he get there? And... who is that person holding the mayor?"

The entire scene was at a screeching halt when suddenly another figure flew from within the troops. He wore a black robe and under the hood, was messy auburn hair. His pale face looked young.

"It’s you." Benjamin flew in the sky and looked at the old bishop, as he spoke slowly, "There’s a good place as Gealorre to rest in yet must you come to this little town? Can’t a bishop like you know your place?"