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Chapter 507: The Murderous Mist

Chapter 507: The Murderous Mist
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Benjamin was shocked.

Did he plan this?

He immediately realized that is was all an act when the Bishop used the divine arts to bind him then turned around to boast to the spectators.

As a result of his blunder, seven crosses were now aimed at him. Benjamin felt great pressure, he felt as if he was about to be solidified by the elemental energy around him, along with everybody else in the general vicinity.

Then, the crosses started making buzzing noises like before.

Benjamin’s hairs stood on end as he thought of how the giant hand of icy fog was decimated; he quickly used the intangible form once again to escape from the Cross Formation.

He distanced himself from the bishop and the seven crosses vanished into thin air.

The bishop saw this and frowned.

"That strange power...he can still use it."

After flying far away, Benjamin stared at the bishop, in no hurry at all to launch a second attack.

Neither of them wanted to move first. According to his previous experience, this elderly bishop should not be hard to deal with. But right now, he had so many unexpected tricks up his sleeves then Benjamin was thinking twice about confronting him head-on.

More importantly... why is the bishop even here?

After observing each other for a long time, both parties still did not hurry to dish out more attacks and the battle reached a stalemate. After some thought, Benjamin took out the crystal ball from his backpack.

Immediately, he could see the bishop’s face change.

"This thing...you think we don’t have information on it?" He narrowed his eyes and said.

"I know you do. But, nevertheless you are all still afraid of it, right?"

Benjamin raised the crystal ball but did not activate it, instead just tossing it around randomly like a basketball. The bishop was noticeably nervous, to the point where he was making sharp movements in case he needed to dodge the ball.

The people below saw this and were confused. They did not know what this dull crystal ball was, but upon seeing the bishop’s reaction, they deduced that it had to be something powerful.

To be honest, the battle in the sky was hard to watch. When one of them had the upper hand, and victory looked imminent, the tides would turn, and they would be at square one again; this made the people unsure whether to be happy or nervous.

"Your Majesty, we already prepared a farmer’s outfit for you in case something goes wrong." The general walked up to the king and said, "You can find a way to escape if you wear it and pretend to be a peasant. We will stay behind."


"Your Majesty, please take care of yourself."

"...I understand."

The king took the clothes from the general, but could not help but raise his head and look at the two in the sky nervously.

In the sky, Benjamin studied the bishop’s awkward movements and felt the pressure from his opponent decrease.

The opponent was worried.

If he was that afraid, then things would not be so difficult for Benjamin.

"Enough!" After a while, the bishop could no longer take it. He stared at Benjamin and spoke slowly, "Don’t assume that a small crystal ball like that can defy God’s will."

Benjamin smiled.

"Let’s see about that."

He poured all of his mental energy into the crystal ball and activated this weapon that the bishop was so fearful of.

The crystal ball shone dimly.

The bishop saw this and chanted; one after another crosses were condensed around him - even after conjuring seven crosses, more and more continued to appear without stopping. The crosses shone with holy light and surrounded the bishop, making him look like a small sun in the night sky.

...He can create an unlimited amounts of crosses?

Benjamin took a deep breath but did not throw the crystal ball. Instead, he conjured more icy mist.

The icy mist was like a giant plain of fog that drifted down from the sky above Long River town, covering the whole battlefield. The citizens below raised their head and found that the sky was now covered by a blanket of fog, making the two no longer visible.

There was a dim light shining from within the fog which signalled to the people the bishop’s position. However, Benjamin was nowhere to be found.

The king and the general were confused.

How were they supposed to read the situation? Should they just run?

The people below were all confused, but the bishop in the icy mist frowned. The crosses surrounded him and stopped the icy mist from reaching his body. But still, he could not tell where Benjamin was.

So, he had no choice but to get rid of this troublesome mist first.

The bishop waved his hand and pushed out seven crosses, making them go in formation. They buzzed for a second, and a giant part of the fog evaporated into thin air. But it was useless! The rest of the fog drifted over and quickly filled the gap that it left. It was pointless to do this.

The bishop was starting to get a headache.

He was afraid of Benjamin hiding in the mist and suddenly throwing the crystal ball out. If that were to happen, he would not be able to defend himself.

The bishop shuddered at the thought.

According to the priests’ report, the crystal ball had some sort of eerie energy in it.

He did not dare to test its abilities with his own life.

"Cowardly child, do you not dare to show your face?" He opened his mouth and tried taunting his opponent into revealing himself. But he got no reply from the icy mist.

This silent icy mist was now beginning to look very dangerous. After some thought, the bishop controlled the crosses and flew downwards, ready to fly out of it.

This kid could hide in the mist, and there was nothing he could do about it. However, the king below had nowhere to hide!

Although his main goal was to get rid of this mage who had been a thorn in his side, killing the king would be a nice little bonus.

Thinking of this, the bishop’s eyes shone with killer intent.

But, at that moment.

"What’s the hurry? Where are you going?"

A soft voice called out at the bishop, followed immediately by a loud ‘swoosh’ as if something had flown right past bishop’s ear. The bishop was shocked and instinctively dodged to the side, trying his best to avoid this invisible attack.

But, after the thing flew past him, it turned around and started flying at him again.

The bishop looked properly and saw that it was not the crystal ball he was dreading, but just an ordinary ice ball that looked similar to it.

This damned kid…

He pushed out a holy cross and blocked the ice ball, then turned to the location of the voice. He did not think that Benjamin would come flying straight at him out of the icy mist. He held the crystal ball in his hand, which promptly smashed into the bishop’s head.

Immediately, the bishop’s face changed.

This damned kid but did plan to use the ball to deceive him, but to attack him directly!