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Chapter 509: Castle in the Sky

Chapter 509: Castle in the Sky
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Hearing the voice, the bishop involuntarily shuddered, like a hare that has run into a wolf.

This kid… No! I cannot die here!

He has made it all the way here and the exit was now just in front of him. Thus, he conjured another layer of holy light to protect himself and charged straight ahead.

But, the mist that in front suddenly changed form.

Like a trained soldier, the icy mist condensed and countless of thin ice crystals stuck together to form a solid ice wall, blocking the bishop escape route.

The bishop flew too fast and could not avoid it, eventually slamming headfirst into the wall.


Of course, the bishop was not hurt thanks to the layer of protection; the ice wall, on the other hand, had a few cracks in it, but still looked pretty rigid. The force caused the bishop to ricochet off the wall comically.

The bishop took a deep breath and regained his senses. But he quickly turned to look back, terrified.

Luckily, he saw that Benjamin did not give chase.

Under these circumstances, he could not think clearly; he merely changed directions and got ready to go around the wall, ready to do anything it took to leave this icy mist behind.

But, the opponent’s magic everywhere. It was like a damn labyrinth.

When he looked back to look at his starting position, he was stunned. The cracks in the wall that he had bumped into earlier were gone!

He quickly realized that new layers of ice mist were growing over it and expanding the length and width of the wall.

Unfortunately, the bishop could not think fast enough, and the ice wall quickly blocked his entire field of vision. In a few seconds, there was an ice wall in every direction – every side was now sealed off.

Other than that, the original thick fog has also thinned. Its density decreased but its volume kept increasing, surging forward and making the ice wall grow thicker and thicker.

In the reflective ice, the bishop saw his own face of despair. He was trapped in a prison of ice, free to be toyed with by his captor.

What magic is this? How was this lad capable of it?

He had no clue. But right now, the only thing he was clear about was that if he did not break out of this magical cell now, he would probably spend the rest of eternity inside it.

The people of Long River Town raised their heads and looked at the sky, the strange phenomenon in the sky made their jaws drop and caused them to lose their composure.

"My god, is that...a castle?"

That’s right, a castle. From their point of view, the fog has condensed into thick walls of ice, arranged neatly to form a small castle floating in the sky.

Even though the details were rough - it was not perfectly sculpted or lined with round windows - the basic shape of a castle was easily recognizable. The neatly arranged walls and symmetrical design would even satisfy somebody with OCD.

The townsfolk were in awe.

It’s not that they never seen a castle before. But, this was a castle made of pure ice that was floating in the sky!

When the castle finished forming completely, the fog vanished, and the night sky was clear once more. Thus, the moonlight shone onto the castle and the ice refracted it to give it a hollowed look.

The townsfolk were left breathless. This was the most magnificent thing they have ever seen.

The king looked at the ice castle in the sky and was stunned, then slowly regained his composure. He touched his crown and took a deep breath.

"This fellow...if he’s won then he’s won. Why does he still have to do all this showmanship to spook the people? Has he not had enough of the spotlight yet?"

The general was calm as he kept away the farmer clothing, "Regardless of that, it’s good that he won."

From their perspective, the castle in the sky was indicative of Benjamin’s victory.

Inside the castle, the battle was not quite over.

"Why have you stopped running?"

The bishop desperately looked for chinks in the walls of ice as he heard Benjamin’s voice off in the distance.

The bishop shuddered, then took a deep breath and turned around.

This time, there was no icy mist and he could clearly see Benjamin standing nearby with a smile on his face. He watched as Benjamin started slowly walking over.

"You...God’s will fears nothing. You think that I am afraid of you?" The Bishop backed away but still forced himself to act brave.

Benjamin heard this and shrugged.

"You should be."

While they were speaking, a few icicles emerged from the wall behind the bishop’s back. With a crunching sound, it pierced the barriers around the bishop. The bishop jumped away and quickly flew up, narrowly preventing his chest from getting pierced.

Benjamin saw this but said nothing. The icicles shrunk back into the wall and the wall returned to its original shape.

"You...shameless bastard!"

The bishop had yet to calm down and conjured another protective layer around himself before scowling at Benjamin.

Benjamin smiled, "It’s just what I’m capable of. If you have any tricks yourself, feel free to show them now."

As he was speaking, countless tiny ice needles appeared in the air around the bishop. The needles flew to attack the bishop and easily broke the barrier that the bishop had just conjured.

"How could this be... how did my divine art become so weak? What did you do to the holy light?"

Benjamin smiled.

Facing a person that was about to die, he was too lazy to explain how he used his own water elemental energy to repel the light elemental energy inside the castle. He was lazy to tell him how the power of the divine arts was easily nullified.

This method was not as strong as the anti-magic water ball, but also did not require much mental energy so he could maintain it for a longer time.

Of course, it was not possible to maintain it for too long. Building an ice castle in the sky was magnificent, but required a lot of power. Benjamin could feel his mental energy burn up like a bonfire the entire time.

It was not wise for him to fool around.

The bishop was still gliding about, not daring to go near any walls; he had also conjured another barrier. Suddenly, his opponent has started chanting again, from the incantation, Benjamin could tell it should be a powerful high-level divine art.

Was this a last-ditch effort?

Benjamin smiled.

If the bishop could actually use it, it might cause him some trouble.

Sadly, there was no way he could.

Right as the bishop closed his eyes and starting chanting with all his might, Benjamin looked at him and clapped.

The bishop’s chanting came to an abrupt stop. A surge of pain interrupted his chanting as he opened his eyes and looked upwards.

Weird ice spikes had spread all over him like vines. They tore out from some parts of his flesh, before plunging back in through other parts; he had been turned into a human swiss cheese.

The bishop did not dare to believe what had just happened.

The holy light barrier was still fine and was unscathed.

So, how did this thing get him?

The pain surged through every inch of his body, yet, he did not understand. He used the last bit of energy to lift his head and look at Benjamin with eyes filled with hatred.

The last thing he ever saw was Benjamin shaking his head mockingly, "You were dead the second the shield disappeared, and you exposed yourself to the air."

The bishop could not respond.

He maintained that look that was a mixture of shock, confusion, and unwillingness; however, there was no time for hatred... his body grew cold as he fell to the castle floor, making a dull sound as he landed.

The townsfolks saw what had just happened through the translucent ice walls.


The bishop’s corpse lay coldly against the icy surface as if someone swatted a fly to death against a windowpane.