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Chapter 512: The False Messenger

Chapter 512: The False Messenger
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Benjamin darted about in the sky and did not stop changing directions; very soon, he had lost the priests who had caught up.

Descending behind a rock on a mountain, but his emotions at this time could not be said to be much relaxed.

The Queen and the Church were striking some sort of deal— having just known this, how could Benjamin relax? The Queen and the Church getting into a fight, with himself repairing the cracks behind the scenes: this was the correct way the plot should have unfolded!

Although he did not know what the specifics of that deal was, but by Benjamin’s guess, these two parties could join forces to go against them.


He had not gotten much news about the situation inside Gealorre, and was still not clear about Miles’ whereabouts, and in the end, an even more serious issue had come up now. It was quite mentally exhausting.

What could he do?

Benjamin gave it a lot of thought, and still felt that he needed to break the union between these two parties.

"You could also get the King to send a messenger there." The System suddenly sounded out, "They are, at any rate, siblings. The Queen would not go so far as to hate this brother of hers more, would she?"

…...send a messenger?

Suddenly, Benjamin nodded thoughtfully.

"This will be interesting..." He spoke to himself.

"What? You also think that this is a good idea?" The System brightened up for a moment, saying, "Really, if you had listened to my opinions more often, the Church would have been long knocked down ago, we wouldn’t have to be so jumpy and overly cautious now."

Benjamin came to his senses and shook his head: "No, I don’t plan to get the King to send a messenger to the Queen."

"Then what are you up to?"

Benjamin revealed a smile: "I can go to the Queen myself."


The deal between Icor and the Church was obviously not yet complete, and the youth who was branded with the sign of the cross was also sent to deliver the message verbally. And now, having been messed up by Benjamin like this, the delivery of the verbal message would probably be delayed for some time.

This would give Benjamin the opportunity to put a stick in their wheel.

—he could disguise himself as the Church’s messenger, and rush forwards first to mislead the Queen, so that the Queen would think that the Church wanted to reject the deal this time.

The relations between these two parties had never been that good, and even if they had maintained communication, it would have been very weak. All Benjamin had to do was to deepen the prejudice just a little further, and who knows, it may destroy their dealings.

Thinking about this, his feelings began to become restless.

"Quickly, that messenger’s certificate, you should have recorded it in the database, right?" Benjamin said to the System. "We can find a bit of material and make a copy of it."

Hearing that, the System was silent for a moment, before saying helplessly: "You are such an unruly fellow, all you think about is causing trouble and doing weird things, are you not scared of getting into trouble?"

"Just trying it out. If anything happens, I can use my intangible form to escape."

"Whatever, then... The certificate is here, you can take a look yourself."

The System presented the document in the form of a screenshot. Benjamin examined it for a moment and discovered that this document was not easy to forge: The quality of the paper and the embellishments were very unique, not to mention the stamp that only the Royal family had. He was really unable to make a copy in such a short period of time.

But Benjamin did not give up.

If he could not forge a fake, he could snatch the real thing.

He immediately flew into the sky and backtracked by following the road, looking for the team of "messengers" from Gealorre. After half an hour or so, he found the three priests who were travelling together. Thus, he did not hesitate to attack; shrouded in an ice fog, he very soon turned them into three ice statues.

From these three ice statues, Benjamin found the identification documents that he needed.

Keeping the documents away and dealing with the corpses properly, a cunning smile crept on his face.

The Church might know that he had killed these three priests, but the Church would definitely never imagine what the purpose of him killing these priests was.

He immediately flew to the skies, and at his fastest speed, set off towards the Icor army, stationed in the west of Carrestas.

Early in the morning, on the next day.

In the west of Carretas, a city called Hill City had just been conquered by Icor not long ago.

In the town hall of Hill City, the Queen sat in a room, shuffling through some documents.

"Your Majesty." With a knock on the door, a man dressed as an army officer walked in and bowed, saying, "The messenger from Gealorre has arrived."

Hearing that, the Queen raised her head, smiling indifferently.

"He is quite fast... Let him enter. In a few moments, I will receive him in the great hall."


The army officer turned and left. The Queen closed the documents in her hands and stood up. Under her bidding, a few maidservants walked into the room and assisted her in changing into a set of magnificent robes. After that, she left the room leisurely, and entered the great hall.

Sitting down on tall armchair in the great hall, she looked forward; a plain looking, brown haired man had been waiting long.

"Her Majesty the Queen."

All she could see was the man nodding, in a manner that was not very respectful, and did not look as though he was going to bow at all.

"Insolence! What conduct is this, this is Her Majesty Our Queen, that she has graciously received you is an honor beyond imagination, how can you not have the slightest bit of good etiquette!" Seeing that, a maidservant, standing on the side, immediately snapped in a raised voice.

The man, however, drew a cross with his hand, revealing a sincere look, saying: "I represent the will of God. I will not bow to anyone who yields to the powers of darkness."


The Queen and the maidservants were not the only ones at the scene; there were also many guards and mages on the sides. Hearing that, they looked to the messenger in unison, with a very unfriendly look in their eyes.

The Queen, however, simply waved her hand.

"It’s alright." She smiled, saying, "You have your beliefs. I respect you."

"Thank you for understanding, Your Majesty the Queen."

"Nevertheless..." The Queen suddenly changed the topic, fixing her stare on him, "Since you are here, what is your answer?"

Hearing that, the messenger suddenly straightened his back, saying: "Concerning the matter that Your Majesty the Queen has raised, our apologies. We have our principles. We will never be involved with those who are degenerate. If Your Majesty wishes to discuss terms with us, all the mages in Icor must first be locked up."

Upon hearing this, everyone looked furious; some were even about to step forward and strike. The Queen, nonetheless, did not look angry. She waved her hand and stopped them mid-action.

"To lock up all the mages, that is impossible." She said slowly, "I think Bishop Cameron might have misunderstood me. I do not wish to work with you. Carretas is in such a disorganized state now, I simply do not wish for you to fight me to the death, and let some other party gain an advantage."

Nevertheless, the messenger shook his head, laughing as he spoke: "You think too much, Your Majesty the Queen. The problems in Carretas, we can solve them ourselves. If there are any issues, let us still meet on the battlefield."

Finally, the Queen was also stirred up; she stood up from her seat.

She looked upon the messenger condescendingly, squinted her only visible eye, her right eye, and said, in a threatening tone: "Saying such words… Do you know how much danger you are in now?"