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Chapter 516: The Luminous Arc and The Entrance

Chapter 516: The Luminous Arc and The Entrance
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Benjamin carefully observed the three runes.

Actually, starting from a very long time ago, he had always been curious about the nature of these magical runes. From the process of their creation, the continuous accumulation of the water elemental energy, and finally forming runes under the stimulation of spells— this seemed to indicate that runes were some special polymer of elemental energy.

However, from these three runes, Benjamin could not feel any signs of the accumulation of water elemental energy.

It did not seem like the product of anything arranged in a special way, but rather a naturally formed ensemble. There was no structure on the inside, so it was not dissectible, and even more so it could not be seen what material it was made out of. It... was just itself.

Faced with such magical runes, Benjamin felt really troubled.

Before this, as long as he did not stop meditating, the runes would bring him greater control over magic, so he had been laid back about giving it more thought. But now, the runes had suddenly stopped, and Benjamin did not really know what to do next.

He could only meditate, as before, and accumulating enough water elemental energy inside the bubble, and create a rain of water elemental magic.

Raindrops splashed out from the little bubble, falling onto every corner of the space of consciousness. The triangular runes flashed in the rain, absorbing the water elemental energy around them without stopping.

Benjamin also started to examine, very carefully, the entire process.

He had always felt, since before, that the runes absorbed the water elemental energy to strengthen themselves. However, looking at them now, he discovered that after the water elemental energy had been absorbed, they did not remain in the runes, but mysteriously disappeared.

Where did the water elemental energy go?

Benjamin thought and thought about it, and finally, the Pure Blue World came to mind.

"Hey, you come here." Speaking of the Pure Blue World, Benjamin could not help but pull the System over; with one smiley face in each hand, he held and faced them towards the triangular runes, asking, "Unleash the potential in this physical body of yours, and sense where the water elemental energy has all been absorbed to."

"...I don’t know."

"Wrong answer. You have two more chances, if you fail, the consequences will be scary."

"They… They’ve been sent to the elemental plane?"

Benjamin was stunned.

The elemental plane... Was it referring to the Pure Blue World?

He expressed the question he had in his heart, however, the System answered: "I am also not sure. This is only a term that my brain had suddenly come up with. But... It should be. In that world, I can feel the will that comes from water elemental energy."

After hearing this, Benjamin was even more confused.

To be honest, the few times he had entered the Pure Blue World, although he had known that the place was definitely connected to water elemental energy but he had never felt any breath from the magical elemental energy.

"What is the will from the water elemental energy, explain that clearly to me please."

"I can’t really explain it, it’s like… Some feeling, you know that."

Benjamin’s face was despondent.

"Forget it, let’s not worry about this." He shook his head, and said, "Why is it that before, when the runes absorbed the water elemental energy, I got stronger, but now after absorbing the water elemental energy, they don’t change?"

"Uhm... Might be stuck."


Benjamin was silent for a moment. With both hands, he threw the two yellow things out with a whoosh. There were some weird, pitiful cries as the System got thrown into the distance.

"You can slowly jump back here yourself." He said expressionlessly.

Saying thus, he forgot about the System, and looked back at the triangular runes.

Elemental plane, huh...

He suddenly remember the murmuring he had heard in the Pure Blue World. In the entire world, there was just that one simple word reverberating about, and the meaning of the word also seemed to surge out from his heart, alive— "Water".

How was it that he just could not remember how the word was pronounced?

Benjamin subconsciously felt that, if he could only speak the word, the problem before his eyes would be solved.

"Hey! Come over here and see, there’s something here!" However, as Benjamin was trying hard to remember, suddenly, the voice of the System sounded out in the distance, interrupting Benjamin’s thoughts.

"Now what?"

"What can you see staying over there? Come over!"

Benjamin furrowed his eyebrows.

He went towards the voice, but did not see the System. It had not jumped back at all, but rather had spoken to Benjamin using a method similar to a spiritual exchange.

But... What could it have found?

Outside of the space of consciousness, there was an infinite darkness with no end. He had confirmed this from the very beginning, but the System’s tone of voice was rarely this serious, as though it had really discovered something.

Having no choice, Benjamin flew towards the direction where the System had been thrown.

—That had been a really strong throw, and something was off about the physics inside the space of consciousness, the System... Seemed to have gotten thrown quite a distance.

After flying for more than ten minutes, slowly leaving behind the three runes, Benjamin looked into the darkness that he was flying into. There seemed to be a bit of light in front.

Benjamin was momentarily livened up.

The space of consciousness… Looked like it had really undergone some changes?

Flying closer, on the side of the light, he saw the two dots, jumping and leaping. And right in front of the two dots, there was a luminous arc, shaped like a crescent, being very eye-catching in the darkness of the space of consciousness.

"What is this thing?"

Benjamin held the System in his hands, looking at the luminous arc.

"All your fault, you just had to throw me up. After I landed, I felt like I had bumped into something, then right after that, this light appeared."

Benjamin was stuck for words.

…...He had thought that the space of consciousness had changed, but in the end, it was just something the System had bumped out?

He felt slightly let down.

No matter what, a strange thing had come out in the space of consciousness. He definitely could not sit back and ignore it. Moreover, this luminous arc might give him some sort of enlightenment now.

He first summoned a water ball, and pushed it experimentally towards the luminous arc.


The water ball and the luminous arc came into contact, and made a soft sound similar to the vibration of the magical runes.

At that moment, Benjamin felt his vision blurring out, his world spinning around. When he came to, he discovered that he was no longer in the dark space of consciousness; the world around him had been formatted into a shade of blue, and there were strange runes suspended all around him.

He had once again entered the Pure Blue World.

Realizing this, Benjamin could not help but feel somewhat dumb.

The previous few times had been enough, but now just by simply throwing the System, he could bumped out the entrance of the Pure Blue World in his own space of consciousness? This was too much.

He looked around, but did not see the System; the two small, yellow balls did not seem to have followed him through to this place.

Alright... There was no way to get that omniscient perspective of a god now.

Benjamin felt somewhat regretful, but he still started to take a few steps, walking forwards. Whenever he explored this place, the time he had was always very limited; things always seemed to happen, and then he would get crashed out. He must not let this opportunity slip by.

However, after just a few steps, he felt that something was not right.

"This feeling... Seems to be too real, doesn’t it?"

This was different from the dream-like experience he had had before; at the moment, Benjamin felt as though he was treading on the streets of Long River Town, it was too realistic. And he could also open his mouth and speak. He did not feel the strange pressure; there was nothing obstructing him from running and jumping. This freedom was somewhat startling.

It was like... It was like he lived in this world. Like an independent, two-dimensional, artistic game, he was akin to a paper man, bouncing up and jumping down in this horizontal world.

Benjamin was a bit alarmed at his own thought.

What kind of a joke was this? He was not some little character in a comic book, but a living soul.

Chasing that thought away, he continuing walking forward again for a while, and realized that he was completely free from any hindrance. The roar-like whispers, the strange binding forces... No mystifying, strange toys had appeared. It was as though he was taking a walk, going wherever he pleased.

Such freedom?

Because of that, his thoughts slowly loosened up. Thinking for a moment, he suddenly stretched out his hand, and touched the rune nearest to him.